Cabinets to Go/Findley and Myers?

heidiaDecember 30, 2012

Thoughts on these? Anyone use them? I am looking at the malibu white(so worried about paint chipping if that is an issue) and the montauk cherry, both findley and myers shaker profiles...

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Sophie Wheeler

Crappy Chinese quality coupled with cheesy marketing that borders on the unethical.

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Hollysprings, can you elaborate? Especially on the unethical marketing?

Currently, my kitchen design is a mix of custom cabinetry, made in usa, and chinese cabinetry(river run).

The cost of the custom cabinetry is alot, and I am not even getting real ply frames-that is a big upgrade...

For cost, I will consider chinese cabs, but I would like the better brand-I know they will not be as nice as wood custom USA made, but compared to the chinese brands, I wonder where they fall?

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We did our whole kitchen in the 'cherry' about 18 months ago and are very happy with our decision. The flat pack construction is really easy to assemble, way better than anything ikea sells. They are real wood construction have held up well. The in store prices are less than the website too.

A contractor friend did a kitchen in the 'malibu white' as well and has nothing but good things to say.

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Thank you Tehias!

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I will add that if you go for the 'cherry' there can be an added headache. The factory quality assurance is poor. You may receive some cabinet doors with blemishes or areas that were 'filled' with putty. You can just bring them back the doors and they will exchange them. I swapped a door or two out, and if I had gone over the rest of them more closely, may have swapped a few more.

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