Mini Reveal- farmhouse modern and plea for lighting ideas

localeaterDecember 9, 2012

Our cabinets were installed over Thanksgiving break, while we were away. The countertops have been templated, and the install is this Thursday. I may actually have a sink and a dishwasher by the weekend! You have all been so helpful during our process that I wanted to share some early pictures and beg for some lighting assistance.
From 2012_12_03 From 2012_12_03 From 2012_12_03

While I am sure you all love the bare bulb over the island, I bet more than a few of you think I should put in something a bit more elaborate.

First lighting question: I love the cute little sconces I have over the two windows, but do you think the finish is a mistake? I could paint them matte black, or do a rubbed on black finish to antique them. Black will match the pulls I have planned and the cast iron grate on the stove. I am fine with mixing metal finishes, but I feel strongly that all the light fixtures in the kitchen should be the same finish. Since the island light will be more visible, which finish do you think will look best there(it can't be polished anything because my husband and children loathe all things shiny and we are totally a non-bling family)?

Second lighting question: Help me find a light! I can hang one fixture over the island, there are post and beam constraints. The center of the island is centered between to beams and in the center of those two beams is one box. The island is 94" x 38". Some of the lights I have considered are in the style called "island lights", like these: From lighting From lighting From lighting

But then I wonder if I should go in a completely different direction like this:
Love the shape and the industrial feel but I think I might tire of it.From lighting

Or this one, again love the shape, but the bare bulbs would bug me I think, From lighting

This one has a rustic feel, but is still modern and I am intrigues by the idea of a round shape in my very straight edged space, but could it work
From lighting

One major concern is that the space is busy with the beam and I don't want too much visual clutter overhead. I just keep going round and round on finish and style and shape, I really need guidance and look forward to all your brilliant thoughts and perspectives.

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Love it so far, love #4 out of the 6 for lighting, and i would do the black for the sconces fits in more with the rustic farmhouse, then the polished.Good luck!

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I too love #4, think it would look fantastic with the beams. What will your countertops be?

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YAY, two votes for the same thing- keep the votes coming and I promise not to cry if someone says they are all wrong, that's actually what I am worried about.
That light is actually in a finish called antique silver, which is probably an excellent compromise between the brushed nickel and matte black. Also, I think I can take my existing sconces which are in brushed nickel and apply an antique finish and have them come out to be very similar.

annsch: My countertops will be brushed Madre Perla quartzite with an eased edge. There is a tall hutch cabinet in the right corner of the sink wall, but it sits on the countertop, so it's not installed yet. Also, on the sink wall there is a high backsplash of Madre Perla the length of the window to the window bottom. Haven't figured out backsplash on the range wall yet.

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Love #4.
What are your existing sconces above the window?

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Love #4.
What are your existing sconces above the window?

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Sounds lovely. I am inclined to think that you wouldn't need to do anything to your existing sconces to make them match. The silvery tone in the shades of the pendant (maybe mercury glass?) ties in perfectly to your sconces. Just a thought.

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Also voting for number four.

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Number three is my vote. It compliments the lights already up on the walls. And leave them shiny silver...all of them. Number 4 is not right for your place and that you said "but I think I might tire of it." is reason enough not to choose that one. Nice kitchen :)

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I like 3 & 4 for your space..... leaning towards 4 since I have a thing for insulators. ;) Since they appear to look like insulators, what is the size of that piece? Is it big enough for your space and would it give off enough light?

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I sense a trend.... but don't feel constrained to the options I posted feel free to suggest others. I am resigned to not having a light by Christmas but Valentine's Day might be nice.

annsch: good thoughts about the two finishes blending, if I decide to go with that light I will definitely wait until after it is hanging in the space before I undertake any changes to the sconces.

alexx: my existing sconces are "seaside" by Kichler. It comes in a couple of different finishes and sizes. Mine are the very smallest size(7" x 6.5") and are brushed nickel.

sassafras: Thank you for your vote of dissent, it keeps me thinking. As an FYI nothing actually is shiny right now, the sconces are actually brushed nickel. While I voiced my concern for #4, I have concerns about all the lights I posted as options.

Actually sassafras pegged it when she said that light #3 matches the shape of the sconces. I think I found light #3 when I was seeking a light to match them. Unfortunately, while the shapes match, I feel that its spirit doesn't. With the sconces I get a feeling of function and simplicity; they feel like home. However #3, which I almost didn't include as an option, may feel like someone else's home. I worry that it might be too big, too metallic/cold, too ornate- when I picture it in the middle of my kitchen I get a little tense and/or claustrophobic. Maybe it is not as airy as some of the other options? Should I rule it out even though it does match nicely?

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I like number 3 also!
Here is the Hubbardton Forge in a similar style as some above

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lolauren, we must have been posting at the same time.
Yes #3 is insulator glass- so cool. It is a good length, and it has 5 bulbs each with a max of 60 watts, since I only have 60 watts now and am just fine cooking after dark, it will be more than satisfactory. I am a little concerned about the height needed but those cables look like they can be adjusted by a handy person.

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Wow those beams are the bomb, what a great space! I like #4 the best, and would do the scones in a rubbed black to give them a slightly antiqued look, playing off the chandelier's finish.

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Pesonally, I would love to see something take up more space in there. You have a gorgeous home and lots of air-space to fill.

Rather than posting lots of pics, go to Google, and do an image search for Aiden Gray Chandeliers. I think a lot of those might look really nice in your space.

Or what about an oversized rectangular lantern? Something from Pottery Barn maybe?

I just think that that the elongated ones you are picturing above are not filling enough space. If that makes any sense.


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I vote for # 3...Maybe in Copper to complement the black hardware and the future painted sconces. Hubbardton Forge 2nd choice.

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I meant perhaps the insulator lighting isn't wide enough to work in that space... along the lines of beekeepers' thinking. I know insulators are small, so that fixture is probably not very wide... With that said, have you done a mock up and hung something from the ceiling to see how the size works in the room? I would cut out some cardboard and hang it from the ceiling just to make sure the size is right...

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I love it already. I can tell it's gonna be awesome. Another vote for #4.

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localeater, yes...rule out number three because of all the tings you said about it.

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Number four, number four, number four!!! I absolutely LOVE your space. The beams, I wanted beams. I shall live vicariously through your beams.

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Bee brings up a good point. Maybe the question should be, how high are your ceilings, and what is the length and height of your #4 pendant?

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Thanks all for the continued advice and feedback.

Bee: I did google Aiden Gray Chandeliers, there are quite a few different styles, so I wasn't sure what you were referring to. There was one oval, wrought iron chandelier that I thought might work, but a concern I have with many chandeliers is that they are just up lights. I would prefer bulbs oriented down, for some task lighting.

Bee/Lolauren: ahhh, width. Ok I will mock something up but my island is not very wide either, only 38" so I think it will be ok. And, (looking confessional) I do have some hangups about clutter, visual and otherwise so a more airy look could be preferable. That said, I don't want it to look just plopped there either.

One thing I may do it take the insulator light concept and customize it with a local craftperson. If I decide to go that route, you can all just go crazy with ideas!

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Hey! It's looking really good in there! You might want to check out this website for some lights. Beautiful stuff. I've kinda fallen in like with a few things.

Here is a link that might be useful: beautiful lighting site

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Localeater, I was thinking of something like this for my island, but it's 32" round which I don't know if would be too big, also, don't know about amount of light from filament bulbs. But, I love it...

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

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Thanks all. Yes, we love our beams too. Have to make sure they and the other natural elements of our home shine through.

Thanks deedles. love that site, lots of beautiful fixtures.

Annsch, Bee, Lolauren: still working through potential of the insulator light idea. Our ceilings height is 94 1/2" to the bottom of the beam, the beam itself adds another 7 1/4". The #4 light is 5.75"W 42"H 44.5"L. Based on the mockup I did for length on the island top, the length works. I know the height does not, but I am pretty sure I can bring that to a lighting shop and have it adjusted, if I can't handle the re-wiring myself. I think the width works, but there is no really good dimensional drawing so I am not 100% sure. I will try to contact the manufacturer tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the help, inspiration and motivation.

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Susie3d: I do love that light, and something like that is what I have in mind when I think of custom work.
I need a that light, in an oval or more linear shape, with insulator glass not bare bulbs. I wouldn't mind an antique silver finish instead of straight up matte black wrought iron.
Oh well, calls to make tomorrow. I am fortunate that I live near a great custom wrought iron chandelier maker who also has, from what I hear, fairly reasonable prices. I guess I will find out if my reasonable and others' perspective of reasonable mesh when I make the call.

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I definitely prefer the last three over the first three, and would vote for number 4 I think. It is gorgeous. I don't know why you'd tire of number 4 any sooner than numbers 1-3, as they are far more commonplace I think.

Your kitchen looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see the final product.

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I like #'s 3 and 4. I am partial to #3 because I like larger fixtures and I think #3 is more dominant in size (3 larger lights on #3 vs. 5 smaller lights on #4).

Did you stain your beams? Are they knotty pine?

Kitchen is looking great. Finishing touches is the hardest part.

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Check this site. This guy does some interesting things with insulators!

Here is a link that might be useful: railroadware

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Love the beams...I say number four! I like the "turn of the century look"! Lots of character in your space!

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Those beams are droolworthy. I love the modern farmhouse vibe you've got going on. I too love option number 4 if you are into a visually light look.

I also think someone, maybe Beekeeperswife, suggested a light with a shade. I agree with that suggestion as well. I think fabric would add some softness. Maybe a big, modern shade of some kind.

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I guess it all comes down to whether I can handle a large light, or if I can't. Thank you all for your assistance. I will do mockups and more research today.
Dilly NY: Our beams are fir, and they are stained. The original owners stained them to look like aged fir.

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Gorgeous kitchen. Anything will look great. Supermodel in burlap sack. That sun room is to die for. I cannot wait for your reveal and the details of your home - not just the kitchen!

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Localeater - I have light option #3!!! While I think it would look great in your space, I think option #4 would be even better.

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We are currently working on the design of our kitchen with a beamed (and tounge and grove) ceiling. For me as I look at source stuff and inspiration, I find myself wanting to go mostly clean farmhouse with the insertion of just a touch of lmore modern, with a little edge. I'm worried about looking too....well, too any one thing.

So, I vote for a variation of the last one, #6. I don't think ithat fixture will work, as it looks too small for the space, but I think adding a little modern, something....will make it personal and nice.

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Wow. Those beams stopped my breath!

I also vote for 3 or 4.
You mentioned painting the sconces.
You'd have to look at #3, but could you paint a part of the light? Leave the shade part silver, but the upper black to match the sconces?

I was just surprised I liked the 4.

I can't wait to see this done. How gorgeous.

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I am all alone out here but I love #6 it has a "hand forged on the farm by the blacksmith who makes the horse reigns" feel to it. it would be great in sets of 3 if it is too small on its own. What are the dimensions?

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As I learned the hard way, a light like #5 (the erect bare bulbs one) will cast shadowy pools underneath where the base of the bulbs obstructs light. Not a good idea for an island, or, as in my case, for the DR table!!

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Did we get a final reveal of this GORGEOUS kitchen? Waiting for the final chandelier and the other finishing touches with impatience. I love this look so much!!!

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no help with the light but your kitchen is going to be fabulous!! I can't wait to see it.


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Oh yeah! Did I miss the reveal?

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Thanks for asking about an update. You are all too kind. I am still in love with my kitchen but, alas, still not finished. I did find my over the island fixture- and I love it, but its arrival has made me less in love with my sconces. I am now in the process of trying out replacements. So far one is sitting in my sunroom, deemed to large, one is en route from Schoolhouse Electric.
I did do a Mostly Done post, which I updated this AM with pictures of the island light and I have linked it below

Here is a link that might be useful: Localeater's Kitchen -Mostly Done post

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