Chip in My Kohler Whitehaven Sink

2LittleFishiesDecember 7, 2013

Hi all,
We've had it in for a year. Noticed this last week. I'm assuming this isn't supposed to happen? I have no idea how it did. It's small but you can feel it.

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There isn't a sink make that's impervious to some type of damage or the other. Stainless scratches, and can dent with a heavy enough impact. Cast iron can chip or rust. Silgranite is very scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. It can crack with a heavy enough impact as well. And fireclay can also chip and crack with impacts as well.

It's why most people use a sink grid. It helps to protect from chipping. And some people lay a towel over the edge when using it to protect the edge as well.

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Hm, all I can say is that my 22-year old Kohler sink does not have a single chip. I'm using it daily to wash pots and pans as well as the gas top grid and occasionally my barbeque grids. I've never had a sink grid. Every now and then I have water with a bit of bleach sit in it, which makes it bright white again.

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I have two Kohler sinks and they both developed small chips ... I have no idea how they happened. The good news is that they don't look worse over time

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GreenDesigns- Yes but it says "guaranteed not to chip,crack, or burn" I believe the warranty says they will replace, but I could be wrong. I'll call Monday.

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Truly timeless

Constructed from durable KOHLERî enameled cast iron, Whitehaven sinks will give your kitchen style for years to come. Plus, theyâÂÂre guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn, so you can cook, clean and prep in a sink that will withstand the test of time �" guaranteed.*

*KOHLER enameled cast iron sinks installed in North America carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home. For complete warranty information, visit

Actually, come to think of it, my first Kohler sink was replaced after a few months, second one has been chipless for 22 years now.

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I have the same guarantee on my new Kohler cast iron/enamel sink. I will be interested to hear what they say. Good luck.

Do you use a sink rack in the bottom? Just curious.

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No, I don't use a rack. I'll see what they say : )

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I'm curious what they say as well since I have the same sink. I do use the overpriced Kohler rack and as of yet, have no defects to report.

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I am looking at mine wondering how in the WORLD they would get it out to replace it!!!


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springroz- I was thinking the same thing!!! However, maybe they just send you a sink, in which case it could be saved for a time when it really needs to be changed out. Anyway, the woman apologized, and had me send pics and they will get back to me in a day or two. I'll let you know what they say. The chip is super tiny and looks worse in the pics than in reality, but I figured it's best to address the situation now and see what their course of action is...

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Glad you let us know...just in case we need to know!


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Kohler called. The rep said it's a chip and being there is a LIFETIME guarantee on not chipping, cracking, or burning they will send me a letter that I will take to the plumbing supply where I bought it to get a new one at no cost.

He said even if it were 10 years from now they'd replace being there is that guarantee. I fear switching it out will be a real PAIN in the butt, but for now I'll hold onto it until the sink gets more worn.

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They will replace the sink but they will not reinstall it. I am in the same boat and have a brand new Kohler replacement sink in my basement. They were very kind and extremely gracious in replacing the actual sink. It's not the same model as yours, but it's a white cast iron. Since I bought my sink from one place and the granite from another the granite installers will not touch the sink except to start all over again, I can't blame them. Note to self, buy sink from granite placeâ¦. So for now until I can afford new granite I will just use the sink. They told me I couldn't leave it too long since it's a crack and it will eventually rust through and leak. A chip would not do that though. Good luck!

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Right. I'm thinking if anything we'll end up with a sink in the basement. In it's box. : /

Great warranty but if you can't get it in without spending a fortune it's kind of a waste. I'll see what happens! Thanks!

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