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donaleenDecember 2, 2012

i find myself wondering what happened in many stories. do people go back and update their threads with the end of the story?

some examples are: what happened when beekeeperswife had her party? what happened to A2Gemini's cabinet where the screws pulled out? did beekeeperswife ever find out who was sitting next to her dh on the plane? did marcolo find his stools? did katieob get the smell out of the microwave?

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LOL! That would be on the Garden Web Soaps channel.

We do sometimes find out what happened. I was very happy to hear what happened with hobokenkitchen's reno after the baby was born. I always send out a mental thank-yous to those who let us know how things worked out or which thing they finally chose. Concerning the parts of people's lives that aren't strictly speaking kitchen related, like family illness that puts things on hold, I'm always glad to hear how things are going down the road.

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It sounds just like those dramatic cliffhangers at the end of soaps! Or at least the parodies of soaps I've seen.

I'm just dying to know what happened with the Mortarmixers kitchen, that needs to be on the list!

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I actually try.
People are kind enough to not only read, but to offer experiences, advice, common sense and sometimes just some plain stupid stuff. However, it's all in good heart and intention.

I figure I can update. Like buying my oven. Or picking up some of the reuse center stuff and what becomes of it. Or just having a mind-blowing crappy holiday. [LOL]

Good questions, though! I think some show up later as "after" pictures, having forgotten many of the posts they'd made asking for help to reach that point!

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Good point donaleen. Sometimes when I am following a particular poster, I will give a shout out to see how they are doing.
It is fun to see how problems or issues are resolved. Or, as you put it the ending to the story.

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Hey, let's add to that list of cliffhangers--

How is Donaleen getting along with whatever is on her wrist? And has the black and purple all gone from her eye?

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eye is much better. not a great photo, but you get the idea.

the short answer is doing pretty well, thanks for asking.

i met a woman in the park yesterday who broke her wrist a week before i did...she fell over her own vacuum. her break is worse and she had to have surgery and a metal plate.

i am still taking one of those pills once a day or so, mostly when i get to the point that i want to claw the cast off.

i wrote a post today with more detail.

Here is a link that might be useful: more detail here

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Looking better. Let's see a smile next time!

No, marcolo did not find his stools yet. I won't actually need to use them until April. However, I was really trying to figure out whether I could use a vintage-y adjustable stool that would spin up to island height and down to table height. The answer is, sort of. But I haven't found the right piece yet.

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I never had the party!!!!


on December 14th we are having some neighbors who are just on our street that are part of this same Phase we are in. We thought we weren't going to invite the whole neighborhood, but just the newbies so we could have a chance to get to know each other.

I'm trying to stay calm, and hey, now that the granite is collapsing in the one corner of the house due to the joists drying out (see other thread) I'm just hoping that there is even a place for people to put their drinks!!!! Kidding. We are planning on making sure food is located not on the island but rather in the dining room, and drinks are set up somewhere besides the kitchen island, maybe the kitchen table will be the bar.

Maybe I'll swing by the plexiglass aisle today at Home Depot. I have to go there anyway to swap out some recessed light bulbs...not sure why the electrician really thought using long neck bulbs was an awesome idea.....but I digress.

Your eye is looking much better!

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donaleen - you said in your blog, "i walk a couple of times a day but am afraid of falling and of someone bumping into me." My mom broke her hip a few years ago (at 90), so ended up in a rehab place for a few weeks. In this very nice facility she had PT/OT twice a day. The therapists told me more than once that the biggest issue with older folks and a bad fall was regaining their confidence, and I think this applies to younger older folks too. So, 1) your anxiety is perfectly normal and 2) it will get better. As for the associated aches and pains, I think that is par for the course too. Think of them as sprains, which is probably what they are, and realize that sprains often take longer to heal to comfort level than fractures.

Have you read any Dick Francis? He usually writes about English horse jockeys. Being jockeys, they regularly fall and break something, or sometimes (being in a Francis mystery) they get beat up by the bad guys who break something for them. His jockey characters, who need to get up and ride again, often choose to go without a cast for exactly the reasons you cite. They're terribly heroic in their pain, but according to Francis, the end result is more satisfactory if you happen to be a jockey. For the rest of us, the cast makes more sense, but Francis is a fun read.

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Good question Donaleen. I think about it often. I try to post when I feel like I have something to really contribute, but I know just a 'good job' or 'looks great' is nice too. I probably should try to do those more.

I'm hoping to build our house in another year or two, and I am on here almost every day just looking through the postings. I figure if I see what other people are having good/bad luck with, questions about then maybe that will spark something in my mind I hadn't thought of.

Like many say the people on this board (bathrooms and new house build) as well have been invaluable.

I'm sure like many of you I get attached to stories (I'll admit I'm still a little sad about AMC and OLTL getting canned, but that's life) so I too wonder what happens. I'm always afraid of people thinking I'm a stalker. I do like the shoutouts though.

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Donaleen--Shucks, the eye almost looks as if your eye shadow brush got away from you.
Marcolo--I am tempted to say that my goofy and occasionally eagerly incontinent best friend labradoodle has taught me to be a pretty good stool finder.
But I won't.
Smiles, all.

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nice to get some updates and points of view. it looks like i am not alone in wanting to know how the stories end.

suzanne, that was interesting. i have read some dick francis, years ago...did not rememeber the jockies avoiding casts.

bellsmom, i have a cat like that.

marcolo,i am practicing my smile,

bee, hoping for a full report on the party. didn't you also have a photo shoot?

doesn't anyone else have updates?

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This just in...

Meeting with my cabinet guy Friday to see his renderings of my probably final plan! He wants to show me a few things about the cabinets, and hopefully I will have a new estimate too. Won't be ordering this time around, but should be the last meeting before we order.

So excited! Not as interesting as some of the stuff going on around here, but I am so excited I wanted to share. I can't wait for May...I'm already picturing the new kitchen in my head when I'm cooking.

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williamsem...sounds pretty interesting to me.

it's easier for me to accept our slow down because i have my sink and faucet in the house and the fabricator has the quartz makes the dream more real.

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I second the request for mortarmixer and mrsmortarmixer updates!

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