Stainless experts I need finish advice please!

mpaninopDecember 11, 2012

We building a new home and the questions could be endless, but today I am looking for some wisdom from those of you with stainless steel expertise. I fell in love with and already ordered the Elkay Avado EFT402211 sink (nice photo here Elkay says it is a "brushed satin" finish. I won't actually get the sink until sometime in January, as it has to be shipped from the mfg. to the retailer. It is a drop in. It is going to go into an island and my plan was to have a stainless steel countertop fabricated for the island. Now I am starting to really worry about matching finishes. More specifically, I keep reading that you want to avoid polished finishes on the countertop because of scratches. Hmm . . . I cook a lot. I will use the heck out of that sink and countertop. For those of you know satin finishes, after a period of time, is any difference in finish really going to matter, or is it all going to get about the same patina in the end anyway? I know that sink isn't going to stay shiny no matter what Elkay does when they finish it. So should I be worried, or just roll with it knowing that in the end it is all going to "even out" so to speak?

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I have stainless countertops with integrated sink. It is awesome and I love it but you do need to accept that brushed stainless will show scratches. Lots of restaurants used brushed stainless in their kitchen -- see if you can get a look at some of their counters, that should give you a good idea of what to expect.

I have a friend -- an architect -- who has stainless counters and he said once they got pretty thoroughly scratched up, he did a pass with a random orbit sander to change them from brushed stainless to a more matte finish. He said they turned out well -- I haven't seen them in person, so can't comment. Possibly something to think about though.

If you're getting a steel countertop fabricated, you might be able to have the fabricator weld in your sink -- we did this and it looks great: the seams are finished so they're invisible. However, I think you might need an undermount to do this. If that sounds interesting, you should definitely check it out with your countertop fabricator.

There are some photos of our integrated sink in the thread below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless counter with integrated sink.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I just re-read my initial post and realize that I wrote that the Elkay sink is brushed satin. Obviously I have been spending way too much time reading about SS and have become delirious lol! Actually it is polished satin, which is the whole reason I was worried about a mismatch since I've been advised to avoid polished for the counter. What I'm hoping is that in time they'll both get enough small scratches that they'll look the same. I WISH that the sink were brushed. I also like the look of an integrated sink. But that Elkay is so fantastic that I am willing to put up with the drop in to have it. I just hope it's polished satin finish doesn't eternally look horrible up next to the countertop.

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