Uneven overhang problem: what to do?

OlneyDecember 7, 2012

We had our Cambria countertops installed 4 days ago. Even though DH was there during the measurement and installation checking that it was done properly (he�s a very detail-oriented engineer) there is a problem. The left leg of the U-shape has a shorter overhang than the rest of the U, by about a half inch, which was not apparent to us until closer inspection by DH the evening of the installation. We were blinded by how beautiful the countertops are, by the way they made the one seam totally invisible, and by the fact that at last we had countertops! What can I say, excitement got the better of us.

We had the head of production at the countertop place come look at the problem this morning and he said that they can remove the defective side, recut, and replace it so the overhang is the same all around. We however, keep looking at the beautiful seam and fear we might not get another one like that since even the guy this morning seemed amazed at how perfect it was. DH thinks we might regret rocking the boat by having them take that piece out with a heat gun and try to get the seam to look like that again, not to mention having to cut the silicone and scrape it off the cabinets so they can re-glue. Then again, we paid almost 5k for the countertops (which is not an insignificant amount for us) so we feel for that much they should be perfect.

What to do? Let it go or take a chance?

Pictures of countertop attached. Overhang problem is on the opposite side of the stools, sorry, can't see clearly on the picture.

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Another picture. The seam is where the coffee maker is.

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How would you feel about a having a 1/2" bigger hole for your DW? You may be able to have them slide your corner cab and peninsula over by 1/2"....

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We had Caesarstone removed because the installers messed it up with Barkeeper's Friend. We got an even better seam because their best guy came out and matched the epoxy better. They used one of those machines that pulls the seam tightly together.

The only problem from the reinstall is a small chip out of the top of one of my cherry cabinets. It's pretty well hidden underneath the countertop and took me two months to notice it. Our cabinet maker had mentioned the possibility of damage to the cabinets.

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It looks beautiful and you are thrilled with the one seam. I think this may be one of the things you scrutinize everything thing as it happens and when it is all done you won't notice it. I agree with your DH, this is something that probably isn't worth rocking the boat & risk damage to the stone and the cabs. That said, it is your kit, if you can't get past it and you see it everytime you enter then the risk of damage may be worth it to you.

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Hmmm... tough decision. One question is how confident is the fabricator in replicating the good (the perfect seam) and fixing the bad?

Just curious, any reason why the flooring does not go all the way to those cabinets on the left side?

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I just can't figure out where the area of concern is. It looks smashing the way it is.

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Yes, I forgot to say that the different overhangs are not obvious to me even when I look for the problem in the picture. So, if you don't tell anybody, it'll just be your secret.

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Fori is not pleased

If it were a wet area I'd say get it redone no matter what. But there? I guess it depends on how it looks in person. If it's something you'll only notice when inspecting a brand new counter, I'd leave it. If it's something that you notice every time you aren't admiring a brand new counter, I'd fix it.

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The floor is being replaced, this is the old one. We moved the cabinets off by 8 inches.

The overhang problem it's really not obvious unless you point it out.

The fabricator seems confident they can do it. I think DH is leaning towards taking a chance.

Thanks for all who have taken the time to reply. It's been helpful.

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When you just look at it could you tell the half inch difference? If its only when you measured it I, would leave it. If it were a inch or more than maybe.

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You can tell without measuring it. Then again, we didn't notice until DH carefully looked, so someone visiting probably would not notice right away (except for all the people DH has been venting with :)). So basically it's an internal problem. Does it bother us enough to do something about it and take a risk that something else gets messed up.

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I had soapstone installed and had a similar issue. I had originally spec'd 1" overhangs and then made them all 1.5 inches. But when it was all finally installed, I didn't notice the missing quarter inch until that evening when I walked around with a measuring tape. I haven't told anyone, not even DW. It's been over a year now and I'm still the only person who notices it. It's subtle enough to be easily overlooked. We store most of our everyday flatware and dinnerware in the peninsula and it hasn't been an issue. Come to think of it, I think the shorter overhang might have worked out a little better for the top drawer with the flatware. I think this is one of those "it's up to you" things where it's not really a show stopper.

ETA: I edited the above to change it from a half inch to a quarter inch. I remeasured it when I got home. In my case, a quarter inch is negligible. See I even forgot how much the difference was until this thread prompted me to remeasure.

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DH annotated pictures to show the problem.

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View from the bottom.

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Another one.

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I am an anal engineer and I wouldn't touch that! It looks great.

If you are going to be bothered by it forever than fix it, because I know exactly what it is like to have the little imperfections bother you! But I am getting better at letting it go and not fretting over them and pointing them out!

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I would probably leave it, unless you think it will bother you forever. Your kitchen looks beautiful. I have lived in my current house for over 10 years - we bought it new, totally completed, from a builder. It was only when I was prepping our house for sale a couple of months ago that I happened to notice a small countertop defect similar to the one you have. It's possible that if you had moved into the house with the kitchen already in place you might never have noticed it.. but I know it's hard to let go when something you have planned so carefully for goes awry (even if only a little).

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Ten years ago I had Silestone counters installed over older cabinets in a layout similar to yours. Fast forward 8 years, I was getting new cabinets in a new layout and the granite people asked me what overhang I wanted. I went to measure the overhang I had with the Silestone, and noted that, like yours, mine were not the same on each side. Never noticed.

Of course no one can tell you you should not be disturbed, but I can almost guarantee that after your kitchen is all done you will never think of it again and no one else will ever notice. You will, however, be able to admire your beautiful seam every day.


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Too bad you can't move the cabinet back that 1/2"...

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I may not be understanding correctly, but won't the repair add a second seam?

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I would ask them for $100 off the bill and call it a day. Then buy something nice for your new kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

Hehe. I like the way Debrak thinks.

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Will the overhang cover the doors/drawers and knobs/pulls? If so, then I think I might ask for a discount (or wait for them to offer me one - it might be bigger...if it's not, you can always dicker with them...) and let it go.

However, if the doors & knobs stick out past the counter overhang, then you need to do something b/c spills could go into your drawers or cabinets and down your doors & drawer fronts - possibly causing damage over time.

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Did you decide what to do? I have a similar problem, except the overhang is even smaller, so it's hard to clean crumbs off the counter ( catch them in your hand while wiping down). Test that out...otherwise it's hard to tell it's off. Good luck!

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Also curious what you decided to do.

And I was also curious enough to go measure my own counters which are 8 or so years old (also Cambria). The overhang ranges anywhere from 1.5", 1.25" to 1" and I never even knew it till now! It's never been an issue and obviously, nobody has ever noticed.

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I would rather have a perfect seam than the 1/2" discrepancy. I think in time you won't even notice that unevenness, but I would notice a poor seam job every day.

Your kitchen looks beautiful!

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