Does anyone else have this problem?

Kitten1313December 17, 2013

The new kitchen is officially up and running. All the appliances are hooked up and working but I refuse to cook in it. LOL My husband wanted to make an inaugural breakfast this past weekend but I wouldn't let him use the range. What am I waiting for? I'm crazy.

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That's very funny! I can't wait to use mine (this weekend I hope -- I'm so sick of eating out and take-out).

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It's all virginal and perfect and you're afraid to break the seal?

I'm like that with everything I spend time or money on: appliances, clothes, furniture, cars. I'm afraid I'll ruin it. Kitchens are supposed to be used. Go ahead, use it.

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Such a good problem to have!
Please, go enjoy that new kitchen after all the hard work and time i'm sure you put into it.

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I'm afraid to even take up the cardboard & expose my new floors, let alone actually use the appliances. We are not hooked up yet but should be in the next week. I will have a bit of reading to do to figure out how to use our new range & ovens. I have lots of notes on how to clean them & have bought all the appropriate cleaning supplies. I've made no notes on using them, hmmm.

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I was so happy to finally have a nice kitchen I started cooking immediately.

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Yes, that's crazy.

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No. I couldn't wait to use my new kitchen but had to wait several days for the gas line to be hooked up to the rangetop after we moved back into the house. Then I quickly started making messes like this one. Just do it. You'll feel better afterwards. :)

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Breezy, that's what my kitchen looks like now, x10. They dismantled the old kitchen yesterday so I had to clear out my pantry, but the new pantry shelves haven't been installed yet. :/

I had to "break the seal" last night - although it was just to boil water for pasta lol. We are headed out of town and I've run out of food.

Anyhow, thanks for confirming what my therapist already knew: I'm nuts! :D

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Having my son and his g/f come home for T-day got me up and running. All the kitchen stuff was in his bedroom, so I had to work hard to get things out and unpacked the weekend before. I only have one workable outlet, but I put a multiple strip there, and managed to make a turkey and all the fixings. Exhausting.

I think you need to invite people over, so you have a reason to stop keeping the kitchen in its pristine state.

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Breezy, I'm so happy to see how happily messy your kitchen can be! That picture cracks me up; it is so different than what we typically post around here. And so much like my kitchen IRL

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I am cooking a huge breakfast, lunch, and dinner on REAL plates with REAL silverware as soon as my kitchen is ready.

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I'm actually opposite I tend to find reasons to use new appliances. I really hate that I do that sometimes though

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen lighting

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Kitten--I remember what my week was like without pantry shelves. (((Shudder)))

Kksmama--that's about what my kitchen looks like most nights after dinner. Then I clean it all up back to neutral. I do wish I had 2 DWs for all that mess. I average about 2.25 loads a day, with the bulk of it coming at dinner time. It's a working kitchen after all!

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We replaced floors, counters, and appliances in our kitchen. We did this over the span of about a year, as we had the money for each step. We just purchased a refrigerator a few weeks ago to complete the project. We also painted and refreshed the kitchen in other minor ways along the way. So it wasn't a totally brand new kitchen like most of the big kitchen renos here.

Nevertheless, I found myself being very protective of the kitchen. While I didn't hesitate to start cooking there and, in fact, was excited about it, I was much more careful when cooking my first few meals. Frankly, I'm still more conscious of quickly cleaning up spills and I'm being more careful when I'm cooking---not a bad thing in my mind. But I've noticed that being so deliberate in how I cook everything has increased the time needed for meal preparation somewhat.

However, my weird thing is is that I don't really want anyone else touching things in my kitchen. For example, I've had the flu for a few days but since no one else here cooks, I've been putting together simple meals despite being sick. DH bought an unbaked pizza to give me a break from cooking. Normally, he can and will follow the directions and heat up the oven and bake the pizza. But he's never used the new oven and wasn't sure how to even turn it on. Normally, I would have told him how and relaxed while he did it. But this time I insisted I could bake the pizza (although I didn't tell him, it was because I don't really want anyone else touching my SS appliances and getting them all smudged). I inwardly cringe every time my rather messy daughter goes to get a drink out of the refrigerator, even though I tell myself it's ridiculous. I hope this feeling goes away soon, but in the meantime I'm just concentrating on not letting others see me cringe.

Another example---when we have friends over I really don't want them to help with the dishes after a meal (even before the kitchen update). I've always said that I prefer to visit with them while they're here and I'll do the dishes later. But now I have to restrain myself from flinging my body between them and the sink, as I'm afraid a stray platter might chip the edge of the granite around the sink. Maybe once I've put the first chip there I'll relax more. I really hope so.

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Breezy, now THAT's a happy kitchen!

I jumped right into mine, too. The first night the cooktop was in, I went right at it and made a mess of it. :-p

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I had about 50 people over for a party the other night and had an Indian food buffet. One of the guest couples, who I didn't know asked where was it ok for them to sit and eat their food. I told them to sit wherever they wanted, that it was all just stuff. I had to repeat it twice! Either they are afraid to use their own furniture or have friends who are afraid. Seems like a sad way to live ...

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Yes, I understand completely. For me, it's about more cleaning/housework, which I hate but is even more necessary now that I have a higher standard. For a long time, and still somewhat now, I don't mind cleaning bc I love the new k so much. And flinging oneself in front of the sink, of course.

At the same time, I love playing house in my new kitchen. Huh?

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