Silgranit Sink with Disposal Flange

Mugsy42December 1, 2012

Still knee deep in the kitchen remodel. Loving every minute of it. (OK not really.)

The Delicatus granite is in with the Silgranit Sink in Cafe Brown. My GC was wondering about the sink flange with the Insinkerator disposal. He thought it looked shiny. What did you do for your sink flange?


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Blanco makes color matching flanges for both the disposal and the regular strainer basket side. Or, you could color match your faucet with a brushed nickel. (DON'T ever use Barkeeper's Friend if you do.) But, honestly, the stainless is very functional, and looks nice, and you can save $50 by just keeping it.

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I like how your sink looks with the stainless flange, better than it would look with a Blanco color flange. I've also read that sometimes the Blanco colored flanges have the color chip off the flange or get scratched off over time. Don't worry about the stainless flange; the shine is nice, and you probably have bigger decisions to make for your kitchen!

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Thanks so much for the advice. It's gonna stay how it is.

Too many decisions. I read too many people say the Blanco flanges are made out of plastic. That scared me.


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I heard the same thing about the Blanco flanges - we went with an outside source and used an Antique Brass flange with our cafe brown - but then our faucet is AB
You could get a flange that has the same finish as your faucet - looks like yours is some form of brushed nickel or chrome.
I don't remember the flange company but could look it up - there are many on the internet

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Now we're nitpicking. The shine doesn't last. Give it 6 months.

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I have the Cafe Brown sink and it has the chrome sink flange also. It looks fine.

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Just take a green scour sponge or an SOS pad to it, and voila!'ll have satin or brushed stainless which will look just like your faucet. Or if you're patient, like may flowers says, just wait, and in a few months it will look like that anyway...

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I did the same thing you did with my truffle sink. Works for me!

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