Window not quite centered--thoughts? How far should the BS go?

alexxDecember 7, 2012

Attached is the stove wall of my galley kitchen. To the left of the fridge is the door to the garage (we don't bring in groceries from there, just go to the laundry and outside freezer.) The right side of the kitchen will be a wall of pantry cabs and the opposite wall to this picture is going to be mostly a half wall with sink opening to casual dining and living room.

1) We are shortening the length of the current window so that we can run counter below it. Ideally, we'd keep the other three sides the same since it is already framed. That said, with the current cabinet placement, the new window plus 1.5 inches of molding leave a 2.25 inch reveal on the right and a 3.75 inch reveal on the left. Is it okay to not have this window centered? Should I add 1 or 1.5 more inch of filler between the fridge and the first upper cabinet (going left to right) so that it would be even?

2)In pink I have indicated where I think we will tile (BS still tbd but either glass subway or crackled ceramic 1x6s type) Does that placement of the BS seem right--would you go higher or lower around the window?

Thanks everyone!!

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I would go 2/3 of the way up around the window frame. I think that proportionally, that's more pleasing.

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What color are the cabinets, the backsplash and the window frame? I think that matters in terms of how much the difference would stand out.

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Since it sounds like your back splash will not be a busy looking one, I think I would tile all the way up and around the window. I think it would look more cohesive and make the area look bigger because it would be one continuous element. I also think the "not quite centeredness" would be less noticeable.

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The cabinets are just off white shaker style, the backsplash will probably be very pale green ceramic or surf/vapor glass subway tile (light green/pale blue)

The window frame would probably be swiss coffee white to match all the rest of the trim in the house.

Paint color (not that there is much to pain) might be something along the lines of Paul Revere Pewter BM (the room right outside it is a taupy BM color but I don't know the name right now.)

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Countertops are Silestone Altair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silestone Altair

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I agree with badgergirl. I'd take the tile all the way up around the window. I bet you wouldn't even notice the window isn't perfectly centered. I'm not sure how you could end the tile around the window without it looking a little awkward. If anything, it would make that whole area stand out more. Tiling all the way up won't make your eye focus on that spot.

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I would either
1) go all the way to the ceiling on the whole wall; or
2) I would go up to the height of the windowsill for the whole backsplash, and go all the way to the ceiling behind the range and hood only.

Think about how much room you have between the window trim and cabinets and whether tile or paint would look better there. If it's a narrow space, you might not like the look of many tiles cut small in that area when the rest are full size - but that's a personal thing. I would probably choose 1) regardless.

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I wouldn't add a filler to the cabinets. I redid our kitchen earlier this year, shortened up the window to move the sink area. Had to use a fudge factor because of a similar situation.

You're in a good spot, _if_ you haven't ordered the window yet. Since you will be adding framing for a shorter window, all you need is 2"x material on the one side. You will then have equal area between your cabinets & window, since 2"x is actually 1-1/2".

You may want to reconsider the space and want a greater area, making the window even less wide. 1-1/2" trim isn't very wide, the smallest casing I've seen is 2-5/16". I used 3-1/2" casing and left a 3" space between the cabinets & casing. I suppose that's a personal thing tho.

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Roof35: I have asked my contractor to see if we can make the window a couple inches smaller on the right and he seems to think this may be easily doable. Thanks for the idea.

Still trying to figure out whether to tile all around...

Thanks! Now need to decide on the bs. More coming soon.

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Greetings alexx!

Hope this picture turns out.

Just a thought for your BS. On mine, I ran the tile up under the cabinets & light rail, then put the nosing. I had notched out the sill so as the tile could fit behind it. After tiling, I added the window apron to complete the look. Of course the side & head casing was installed b/4 tiling.

This isn't the modern look, which I see on a lot of kitchens, but I was going for the look to please mama! :)

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I think it would look nice to go all around the window with the tile, giving balance to the tile all around the hood.

I would not worry too much about the symmetry of the window as visually you have good symmetry with the cabinets and hood, which seems to be the focal point.

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