Redoing oak dining room table - best finish?

hrumorDecember 27, 2013

We have an oak dining room table that looks very sad in our newly renovated kitchen. I am planning to sand/strip the table top and try Minwax White Wash Pickling stain.

Last time, we used regular wood stain and two coats of Minwax poly to seal the table. Unfortunately, the poly did not seem to hold up very well over time.

Is there a better way to finish the table? Also, has anyone here used the white wash stain - how did it come out?

Any advice/experience is appreciated.

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You may want to post this over in the Woodworking forum.

I recently redid an oak student desk: strip, sand, stain, topcoats. I used General Finishes stain and poly and am very pleased with the result. A lot of people on GW don't like Minwax. I don't have any experience with it one way or another, but based on the comments here, I decided not to use it.

I used General Finishes High Performance water-based poly, 3 coats on the desk frame and 6 coats on the top and drawer fronts. I also let it cure over two weeks before using it. Whatever you decide on, with a table you'll want a good, protective finish.

GF oil-based stain is a dream to use.

Good luck. I love refinishing wood furniture.

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linelle-any pics? Did you go darker or the same color stain as it was before? We are toying with refinishing our oak dining table...

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