What width do you think this post is?

seosmpDecember 2, 2012


I'm planning on pulling my cooktop/oven out and putting an angled piece on either side. I'm currently thinking of doing something similar to the attached picture.

I'm having a hard time trying to tell how wide this post might be. I don't want it too narrow (I've seen examples where they look too narrow for my taste), and I think this one looks good. I need to make sure my cabinet plan would accommodate a room for a post about this size.


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I would guess 3 or 3.5 inches... leaning towards 3 inches.

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Ok. I give.
What post?

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Thanks for the reply!

I may have used the wrong term - I guess it is called "column" as well??

I'm referring to the angled piece directly to the left and right of the cooktop cabinet. The "column" looks to be slightly narrower than the flat angled piece that it is attached to. I'm assuming the column has been cut in half and the halves used on each side.


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To add to the clarification, my guess is for the flat, square piece above the column.

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