Is it possible to have a wall oven next to a refirgerator?

cz_scrapDecember 27, 2013

We are already in the permitting stage of building our home in California. I'm not even sure we can change the layout of the oven and refrigerator but am wondering how much trouble it will be to have the wall oven and refrigerator next to each other. I had questioned my husband and the architect about it and was assured it would be okay, but I'm having doubts. Has anyone else done it? When we met with the architect, our purpose was to maximize the ocean view as much as possible. We will see the ocean from the window over the sink, the window next to the sink, and possibly from the window on the left of the cook top. We received the document from the architect of all the choices we have to make in the next few months about cabinets and appliances etc.. Feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I'll try and post the layout.

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We had a wall oven next to the refrigerator in our last house (SF Peninsula) for 26 years (pre-remodel and post-remodel) and it was not a problem at all.

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While it's possible, the layout shown is not very user friendly. Like a lot of architect layouts. I bet your guy doesn't cook. It will be very pretty to look at though. Check with your husband about potentially making changes. If you can, now is the time to do it. Especially if you enjoy cooking.

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Mine are next to each other. They have been for 20 years before remodel and eight years after. Not a problem. If it were my kitchen, I would take a tiny inconvenience as a great tradeoff for all the ocean views. Just think: a few extra steps giving you a look out at the Pacific while you cook--priceless.

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I'd take a less than ideal layout for a die for view, but if the layout is bad, you won't be using it enough to enjoy the view when you can avoid it. I've had two kitchens so bad I nearly stopped cooking. Perhaps you don't cook and this is more for looks. I still think you can do better. Our kitchen was delayed by unrelated events, and that additional time spent thinking, researching and imagining led to one new appliance possibility and a couple of very important ideas. Best thing that happened to us.

I'd spend some more time in planning. This is not a great kitchen to work in or to entertain in.

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Generally speaking, yes. But I would never have the hinge side of the door next to the oven. A friend of mine had a big dent put in her fridge door when someone opened the fridge and the oven door was down. At the housewarming party. $400 for a new door -- she lived with the dent

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Sophie Wheeler

It's not going to function very well having all of those space wasting angles and barrier island to dance around all the time and the pinch point single entry and NO real prep space and.......................

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You've gotten some wise counsel on layout here, I urge you to hit the brakes and learn just how important are the comments of live-wire-oak and hollysprings. Yours is one of the prettiest drawings I've seen, and I love angles, but even I could see that the pinch point entry and lack of a place for prep were problematic.
Is there a deck right outside that window above the sink? Couldn't be, because if there were you would surely have glass doors from the kitchen onto the deck, and a way to sit at the island or counter and look out towards the ocean, right?

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If you're going to have them next to each other, you need to be careful in what appliances you pick. The handles on the oven need to be small-ish else the door of the fridge (if FD or SxS) will bang into the oven handles every time you open it. And you'll also have clearance issues on the left side with the pantry door.

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Please see your other thread (about prep space) for more information and a very important question we need answered b/f we can continue to advise you...

Also, is it possible to show us the "view"/line of sight? If the ocean is in front, I would want windows where the cooktop is as well as the two corner windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Suggestions needed for best prep zone

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Our existing layout is similar to yours where you have the pantry, then fridge, then double oven. Our sink is where your cooktop is (with dishwasher to the right, too), but we have a huge island and the cooktop is on there. The rest of the room is open. For us, it works. We plan on leaving the same layout when we redo the kitchen.

And our sink area overlooks our backyard, which overlooks the mountains and golf course, so it is nice having a view there.

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If the guardrail is 42" high, and the counters are 36" high, there probably is a line cutting off the bottom six inches of your view anyway.

We're redoing our kitchen now, and I've struggled with the architect who keeps wanting to block my view of our private garden, the tree tops, and the sky to the east and south. We don't have the ocean, but we want the feeling of light and openness. We'll have a deck, a rather low one, with cable railings much like sailboat lifelines. Our entire back wall to the deck will be tall plain windows, echoing the ones on 3 walls of our south-facing sun porch.

Just saying. You might consider the oven LOW instead of up high. Sometimes we get so caught up in a symmetrically shaped structure that we don't see the forest for the trees.

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I would want a landing area next to the frig (as well as the oven). Could you swap frig or ovens with the microwave?

Stick to your guns about what will work best for you (if you're the one doing most of the cooking in the kitchen). It's a lot easier to change things now rather than later (and less expensive).

And I second the idea about having a window where the cooktop is . . . wouldn't it be great to have prep space there, overlooking the ocean, while you do the time consuming things like prepping?

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Thanks for the input-very helpful! I will use the other thread for my questions regarding layout, but I really just wanted to know about the fridge and wall oven. I'll post a layout with view of ocean in other thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suggestions needed for best prep area

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