Marmoleum owners - questions for you

MarinaGalDecember 7, 2012

We are installing sheet Marmoleum in our kitchen, and I am trying to choose the color. One of my leading candidates is Eternity, which I have read in a couple of posts (dianolo and one other I think) has shown scratches. Which leads to my questions - in your experience, do the darker colors show scratches more easily than the lighter colors - my guess would be yes, but not sure based on some previous threads. Second, has anyone ever heard that there is a difference in the surface of the sheet vs. the click in terms of its resistance to scratching? A friend of mine mentioned that to me but I can't find anything on line to back that up. I will call the co. as well. Thanks!

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I have a dark marmoleum.. very dark brown. Haven't noticed scratching yet, however we haven't moved in yet either.

My best advice for you is to make SURE that whomever you get to install it knows what they are doing. It would be better to get a look at their work. Our install was a nightmare that I thought was fixed until yesterday when I noticed bumps and ripples in the flooring that wasn't there before. Something is telegraphing up through the marmoleum now and the seams of the underlayment are telegraphing through as well. I'm pretty disgusted with the installers in our area and have given up on having any more put down for that reason alone.

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We have a pretty dark color (Volcanic Ash) and it doesn't seem to be showing scratches. We've had it in since September.

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we used to "flip" houses and the dark colors definitely show seams, dirt and scratches more. you need a good installer for any color. we put marmoleum in our kitchen last summer and used an excellent installer. it looks great and i love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: marmoleum

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Thanks all. I do have a good installer, I think. I saw his work locally and got three separate recommendations that he is "the" guy to use. He came over and consulted with us on the underlayment and has been very helpful in as aspects of planning for the install. I am torn about the colors - I want a darker floor (my Eternity was my next choice. I am having a lot of trouble finding the right color!

YoungDeb - on the Volcanic Ash, does it show everything (dust, footprints, etc.) the way a dark wood floor does?

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I've had mine in for a month or so; sheet in Caribbean, which is fairly light. My butt seam runs off center down the middle of the kitchen. I don't see any scratching yet, black scuffs rub off with some elbow grease. My seam,while barely visible when installed, has darkened a bit and my guess is it is dirt. I can't imagine scrubbing at a seam on a weekly basis would be good for it, and no one seems (no pun intended) to notice it except me. It really looks no wider than a thread. Hard to see any dirt or dust thanks to the swirly color.

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I have Eternity click. It definitely shows scratches although you do have to be looking for them. It goes quite blue in color instead of the purer gray I was expecting. I have two 60 lb fast moving mutts who create the scratches although I have one 3/4" gouge/scratch of unknown origin right in the middle of it. I've only been in the house since the beginning of October. Curious what it will look like in a year.

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I just realized my response was garbled b/c I accidentally deleted a line - should have said "my first choice was the Volcanic Ash but I was concerned about how dark it was, and Eternity was my next choice."

Bookmom41 - I can see that Caribbean would be a great choice for hiding dust and dirt - I wish the color worked for my kitchen.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a warm grey Marmoleum that is medium dark and has more brown or green undertones than blue undertones?

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I used the forest ground (13 x 13 tiles, but it comes in sheet too) with a 1.5" stripe of dark bistre around the perimeter of the room. My cabinets are walnut and counters are calacatta caldia marble. The marble has veins of green and brown and gold and it goes really well. If you call Forbo, they will send you samples.

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Thanks nycbluedevil - good suggestion, which I had overlooked before. I have about 20 samples from Forbo already, but so far nothing has struck me as right. I have cherry shaker cabs and Caesarstone Blizzard and Pebble countertops.

I just took a cabinet pull and scratched the heck out of my samples - this was a sharp metal edge so not typical wear and tear at all, but I wanted to see what happened. Volcanic Ash and Walnut did not fare well, pretty visible scratches from a distance. Eternity, Sliver Birch and Shitake also look pretty beat up. A lot of samples show very little scratches and, interestingly, I can barely see scratches on Caribbean and Silver Shadow unless I hold them up to the light.

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Fori is not pleased

I had Eternity in a sheet. It didn't really show scratches.

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Volcanic Ash does show dust and crumbs dropped on the floor - all the stuff that's easy to sweep up. It doesn't really show scuff marks, I haven't seen much in the way of scratches, and spills, etc don't seem to show.

We had light vinyl before this, and if I didn't mop every third day I'd get these areas where spilled stuff attracted little areas that looked dark and dirty. We don't get those anymore.

I'd much rather sweep than mop, so I'm pretty happy.

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Thanks, youngdeb and fori. This is all good to hear as Eternity and Volcanic Ash remain top choices for me. I wish I could do the click and have more of a pattern, but my installer strongly recommended against anything but sheet for my kitchen given various conditions we are working with.

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I have Caribbean and it doesn't show dirt or scratches. It is the best floor and color that I can imagine. I know you said it won't work with your other choices, but I am not sure about that. It has a perfect tone of rust in it that goes great with wood cabs. It also has a gray in it that would be very complementary to the Pebble counters.

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Hi Senator - I have a large sample of Caribbean and have given it a lot of thought b/c I can see how many excellent attributes it has. However, it's got too much yellow given the colors I want in the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

I am almost positive I am going to use Dove Grey, possibly with Eternity as an accent color.

Thanks to you all for your help and suggestions. I look forward to posting photos when the flooring is installed.

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