Where can you find discount cabinet pulls online?

MamaDocDecember 18, 2012

Are there any favorite websites or places you recommend going to purchase cabinet pulls and knobs that are of decent quality? I have to purchase a large quantity for my new construction home--both for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Thanks for your input!

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We purchased ours from "the knob shop" on ebay recently. The whole kitchen for about $60. They are installed and there are no issues with quality. Really happy with how they look.

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I purchased Amerock pulls for my kitchen and I couldn't find them discounted anywhere. They were the same price everywhere I checked. I ended up purchasing them through my contractor who passed along their wholesale discount to me. I paid just over $800 for my pulls and think I saved about $68.

Just a word of caution about ordering pulls online. Make sure you're able to see and touch them in person before you buy all that you need. Pulls that look practically identical can feel very different. Just want to make sure you're happy with them. I thought I was going with one pull until I saw it in person. Realized it was too small and it wasn't comfortable to grip and open drawers. Went in another direction and am very happy.

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We bought ours on Overstock.com We looked several places and couldn't find anything we liked (style, color, size, etc) for the price. We needed over 50 drawer pulls. I went to Overstock on a whim. They have a large selection and ours were made in USA. The photos and descriptions were accurate and helpful. We bought a pack of five knobs and 5 pulls to see if we liked them. They are solid and feel great in our hands. We liked the knobs so much that we decided to use them on our cabinet doors instead of handles.

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modern life interiors


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I saw pulls that I liked at a local cabinet and door hardware specialty store. I then checked every website that carried them. The local store actually gave me a better price than any of the online places. They were also able to get sizes that weren't available on most Internet sites. The local store personnel were very knowledgable and helpful. So if you have any hardware specialty stores in your area don't be afraid to go into them and see what they can do for you you might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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I did the same thing. I went to local places (like Lee Valley, Home Depot and a cabinet store) and looked at their pulls. I then researched the style name/number online to find the best price. In the end the cabinet store had a box of cup pulls for my drawers that he no longer carried and he sold them to me for $1/pull. Can't beat that price. :)

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I ordered our pulls from GlideRite. You can purchase direct from the company or from ebay. We did our whole kitchen for under $100. I first ordered several different pulls to see which ones I liked. Since they were all between $1.50 and $2.50 it was affordable to do this.
After already being over budget, I loved being able to purchase something durable, that matched perfectly for the kitchen, AND was low priced.

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I have ordered my pulls from pulls direct.com. I ordered a few to choose from first and was impressed with them. The rest should be here tomorrow and I'm excited.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pullsdirect.com

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