Please share your online sources for affordable backsplash tile..

lcskaisgirDecember 28, 2013

Cabinets and counters are in and I need to choose a backsplash. I am getting tired of searching and searching online (and ordering many samples) to find something that I like and that is not overly expensive as I have already gone waaaaaayyyyyy over budget in almost every area...ok, in EVERY area! Of course I love all the expensive looking handmade glazed subway tiles...Waterworks, Ann Sachs, etc. Would also consider a marble but haven't seen one yet that works with my kitchen.

Anyone have any online sources for good looking tile on a budget??

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I have not ordered any tile yet, but this site has some very good prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic Tile Supplies

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I ordered several sample sets from and found their prices to be good and shipping, fast. How many feet of backsplash do you need? I saw some surprisingly nice choices at Lowe's. And you should definitely check out any tile outlet type places in your town.
Hang in there, you are almost done! I'm excited for you, how 'bout a sneak peek?

Here is a link that might be useful: glass tile store

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I was going to mention Lowe's, although actually their prices weren't that much better for comparable tile (to other tile stores). How much do you need? Just bringing you back to reality - if you only need, say 20 SF (as I do), the difference between $10 and $20 SPF is only $200. Obviously, it grows incrementally.

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We found our tile at a local tile store but then looked on line and found the same subway tile at Lowes (online only) for a much lower price.

Are you looking locally?

btw I did ask the local chain store to price match and they were very b*tchy about everything when I returned the sample so I did not feel bad about ordering on line instead. I previously had purchased a large amount of tile from them.

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I concur with those that said to also look locally. Tile looks so much different online than in person. Also, you might try calling the bigger places (Ann Sachs, etc) & ask about sales, discontinued tile. Some of the sales people are quite helpful & might be able to find you something you love in your price range. I have a friend that got a hand glazed (she said painted) at Ann Sachs for $12 sq. ft. Do you have a color range your looking for?
I'm with kksmama about that sneak peak.
I know you like the Encore. They have a line called Bravos that is more affordable & might be a quicker ship.

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After looking online and at designer showcases, we wound up with tile from the Tile Shop. Funny thing is, our KD got lots of compliments on it from other KDs! Doesn't have to be expensive to look great. Also, Tile Shop had a great return policy: they bought back every full sheet that we didn't use.

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Here is a shot that shows the counters and gray island cabinets. I haven't joined Flickr yet so can't post multiple at a time.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I guess I will hit the local shops on Monday!

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Iroll, I am looking at the online store you linked...their prices are so affordable! I will be ordering samples for sure.

Kksmama, I ordered samples from the glass tile store and am anxiously waiting their arrival!

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Oooh, your cabinet and counter look lovely, can't wait to see the rest!

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If you find a tile you like you can google it and usually find it cheaper online.

I was impressed with the customer service at South Cypress out of Birmingham and would have purchased from them but there was some glitch I can't remember(not their fault) so we had to go elsewhere.

I also like the tile from Trikeenan Tile.....they have some unusual tile but you will buy from a local dealer I think.

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You're countertop is gorgeous! I love the edge. I'm so happy for you as I know how hard you worked to find the right slabs & edge profile. The color of your island is beautiful too.
Now we (the rhetorical we) have to find you the perfect backsplash! I'm not trying to push Encore but I've noticed that carries it & frequently runs sales.
The Bravo line which Encore states is more affordable & is available in 7-10 business days comes in about 9 colors, silver (my color), truffle (taupey & I saw a tile board made with truffle, very pretty), smoke, etc. I didn't know about the Bravo line when I ordered. The field tile sizes are a little different from the 6 week wait tiles- 2x6", 3x8", etc. Might be worth checking out. Homeandstone has a 1-800 number to get pricing.

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If you look at Encore, see what looks better for your kitchen, silver or smoke. Both colors look terrific in samples.

There is a big mark-up on tiles. When I was shopping for new tiles for my pool, the man who was doing the decks let me use his discount. Price went from $28 per foot to $8, though still paid him full price in labor.

I ordered locally, in case tiles come in broken. I've already had fridge man here, and need to call again, as it makes too much ice. Oven bakes unevenly and MW sounds like a dying animal. My point is, if you get a terrific price on-line, just order extra tiles, "in case".

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I haven't seen Encore in person, but based on the the recent reveals and reviews here, I would definitely check it out.

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I had good luck with plumb I worked with a rep named Jim Backer and found him to be very helpful. I had searched for tile everywhere and finally found an interesting series on display at a local tile shop but way, way over budget. Found it a plumb tile for about 35 percent less.

For my fireplace, we worked with the tile shop and found the prices to be very good plus no restocking fee and they accept returns, which is hugely beneficial. I ended up using the fireplace glass mosaics as a finishing piece for the kitchen backsplash, so saved a little bit more there. I am attaching a photo.

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Daltile is a very popular option. I ordered it in Arctic White Matte and am pleased with it. You can order it from Home Depot and it's very reasonable. Also, in case you care, it's made in the USA.

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I have the same counters, so I will be curious to see what you choose, since I have not done my basksplash yet. I'm curious if you went with the same edge as me? it looks the same but I'm not sure? looks great so far! Michelle

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just wanted to chime in that I have been very disappointed with a big sample purchase from (mentioned above). I ordered the week before xmas and still didn't have them the week after xmas. .The lady who answered the phone was not nice, almost snotty. Told me they had been closed the entire week of Christmas. I told her that this was not mentioned to me when I ordered. The samples I got were very cheap looking. Some iof their mosaics were not glass, but a super cheap looking plastic.

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Well, I'll be interested to see what I choose for my backsplash also! It's not as easy as I thought it'd be. The edge on my island turned out a little different than I originally specified. I'm not exactly sure what it's called. I will post a close up of the edge at some point. It is a stacked edge with an ogee on the top. Anyway, this backsplash is becoming a thorn in my side. I'm hoping to make a decision by the end of next week...
What are you thinking of doing Michelle?

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Thank you erinb. I guess that would explain their super cheap prices. I think I'll skip that one!

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I thought your edge looked really pretty in the pic you posted. I also love the color of your island. Don't pressure yourself to choose your backsplash. Nothing wrong with being in the ABB club. DH & KD made me find tile, but it took me months and it felt like backsplash he##. You'll know when you find it.

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Carree, I could've sworn I posted a response to your photo but I don't see it there. Beautiful tile with so much character!

I am looking into each and every source that everyone has taken the time to post for me. Thank you!

Romy, I do like the edge, it's just a little different than what I originally told the fabricator I wanted (ogee stacked on straight edge). He came to template and installed the perimeter counters the next day. At that time he discussed with me his idea for the island edge (it is only slightly different) and I told him to go for it! I will post pics shortly but the ceilings are being sanded and it's quite a mess right now. Hopefully everything but the backsplash will be done by the end of the week and I will post then. You haven't posted final pics of your kitchen yet, have you? Want to make sure I didn't miss it!!

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I haven't posted a reveal yet-waiting to remove the cardboard. Our family room is attached & we're still doing some work in there. It's easier with workers coming in & out, especially with the weather, to keep the floors protected.
Good luck with your backsplash. I have quite a few extra tiles. If you want me to send you some, email me.

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Romy, that is so nice of you to offer. I actually considered it as my local tile shop only had the truffle color to give me a sample of. However, they have located samples in silver and smoke and they will be in Tuesday.

Michelle, are you having as hard of a time as I am matching something to your counters? Hardly anything matches or looks good with them I am finding. Their background is not white like most marbles and the color of the gray is not typical. Ugh!

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My tile came from The Tile Shop too. It's a white marble with lots of swirly grey...not stripey...but very swishy. Know what I mean? I have a very similar countertop as you: Silestone Lagoon: Here's a pic of my backsplash....called Meram Blanc. Let me know if you want to see other pics. I have some tile closeups that show it better.

I know what you mean about having trouble finding marble that would go with a carerra white looking top....everything was too pinkish, yellow or brown. This one is white and grey. Every now and then a tile will have flecks of brown, but you can choose not to use those.

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That's really beautiful kompy! We have a Tile Shop sort of nearby...I will check it out! It looks great with your counter!

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