Oven Problems! Have You Baked Ham In Counter Top Roaster?

mcraneyDecember 23, 2010

Has anyone baked their ham in a counter top roaster oven? Any tips you would like to share? The ham is a a pre-cooked ham so it really only needs to be reheated and have the glaze get nice and yummy.

My oven is on its last legs. It is still able to bake thanks to advice from Rhome and others who recommend keeping a baking stone in the oven to help regulate the temperature. However, I can't keep it on for hours or the cooktop controls stop responding. Since other dishes won't need more than 45 minutes or so to cook, I can use the oven for them and still be able to use the burners.

The refrigerator quit working earlier this year and was replaced. The dishwasher quit at Thanksgiving and has now been replaced. My kitchen is telling us it is time to get the remodel finished!

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I've done it, but a long time ago. It turned out fine as I recall. As you said, you're just heating it through. I don't remember what temp I used, but I would just follow pkg directions. HTH!

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I have an 18 Qt. Nesco, and I've done many hams and turkeys in it. They come out beautifully, moist and juicy. The outsides don't get as brown and crispy as in a conventional oven, but they were always so good on the inside that we didn't care! Things tend to get done faster in the Nesco than in a regular oven, so I'd use a meat thermometer to be sure you don't overbake.

I have to admit, even though I now have TWO ovens that function beautifully, I still considered whether to use the Nesco for the Thanksgiving turkey this year! In the end, I didn't--but I did buy the buffet insert (a whole $20) and used the Nesco to keep the meat warm while we ate. So, the Nesco is still a valuable member of my cooking arsenal.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Fori is not pleased

The cooking forum might have further advice but I don't think you need to worry. I don't suppose you have the weather for grilling?

But yes, your kitchen is talking to you. :)

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I used a slow cooker to warm up a whole ham for Easter during our remodel and it worked out fine. I put it on in the morning and by mid-afternoon it was warm. You shouldn't have any problems.

Does your roaster have an instruction booklet that contains tips and recipes? It might be useful.

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Fear not...the ham will be delicious. The last ham I baked I did a little differently than normal. I put it cut-side down, glazed it with an apricot/mustand/honey glaze and wrapped it up tight in foil to bake. that was the BEST ham I ever had. It was moist, delicious and flavorful. Yum!!

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I've cooked a turkey in them but it took a lot longer than a regular oven so plan accordingly. Since they recommend that the roaster be plugged into a dedicated circuit and they take up so much space you might want to consider using the roaster it in a different room (I put mine in my laundry room). I think your ham will taste great. Merry Christmas.

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Echoing everyone else... you should be fine (though I don't know anything about roasters specifically). I cooked a 7 lb pork roast (Boston butt I think) in a Crock Pot a few days ago. I left it 6 or 7 hrs on low and it was 190-200 degrees interior temp, falling off the bone tender, and crispy on the outside where I'd rubbed my salt/sugar/spice combo. It was fantastic!

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My sister-in=law did a turkey in one for Thanksgiving. It was much more moist than it would have been in a traditional oven.

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Thanks flwrs! And Cj - Knowing you both had success with using the roaster is reassuring. I use a brown sugar and bourbon glaze and I don�t think anyone will notice the ham isn�t very brown. My biggest worry is that the ham is only 8 pounds and might get too dry. I promise to use my electronic thermometer.

Fori, I don�t think I could talk my DH into grilling. Our current forecast is:
"Snow beginning around midnight tonight and ending around noon (CST) Friday with 2-4" in most places. Isolated higher amounts are possible near the 5-6" range." He might grill for us if we only get 2 more inches � more than that and you could probably hear him laugh all the way to your house.

Beuhl, I am intrigued by the thought of using the slow cooker. I have an older one that has a metal container that sits on a griddle style base. I know the ham would fit nicely in there. I wonder if the glaze would do better in the roaster or the slow cooker.

The instruction booklet has been missing for years. As I remember it was only 3 or 4 thin pages with very little real info.

Cindy, may I have your apricot, mustard and honey glaze recipe. I promise to wrap that ham in foil before baking. It sounds delicious!

I think my brown sugar and bourbon would stick tight to the foil and everyone would be tearing off bits of foil so they could lick the glaze off.

I see you are due for a high of 52 degrees tomorrow. I do miss South Carolina winters!! Here in my part of Iowa we are promised a high of 20 tomorrow, which really isn�t too bad. (My southern bones can�t believe I�m saying that.)

Northcarolina, I use my roaster to cook 15 to 18 pounds of pork (I also use boston butt) for BBQ all the time. The next time I�m making a smaller amount I will try the slow cooker. Hmmm � New Year�s BBQ. I think I will try your sage and sugar combination with my spices. I have been wanting something with sage lately. I love the aroma of sage cooking.

Jakabedy, I like cooking a big turkey in the roaster because it does seem cook up more moist than in the oven. But my old Panasonic convection microwave cooked a very moist turkey in half the time.

Thank you all for taking time to reassure me.

May all your holiday meals be wonderful!

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Here's a link for the recipe. I really love this one! It was so moist and delicious. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: all recipes apricot ham

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Skyedog, thanks for reminding me about needing the dedicated circuit. If I do use the roaster, I will put it downstairs in the basement to cook because it takes up so much space.

Does anyone know why my reply has all those strange marks in them? I was having trouble getting it to post and was surprised at how i looked when I finally got it to go through. It did not look like that on preview.

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The ham was moist, juicy and delicious! I had the roaster sitting on top of the washer down in the basement. It was a great location - easy to get to and out of the kitchen.

BTW, I'm glad Cj mentioned using a thermometer. I inserted the digital thermometer before putting the ham in the preheated roaster. The ham heated through quickly and then I kept it on low until I was ready to bring it upstairs.

Cindy, thanks for the ham recipe. I have it in my file and will use it the next time I bake a ham!

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