Rolling ladder experience? Rules?

kitchendetectiveDecember 15, 2012

Have you any experience with rolling ladders in kitchens, laundry rooms, or pantries? Are they more of an obstacle or an aid? What are the guidelines (or hard and fast rules) about clearances, wall support, or etc.? Anything you'd like to say about the topic?

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I looked in to the rolling ladders for my bookcases upstairs in our attic space. They are made to order with very specific hardware and they have a complex set of measurements that they need . The web site that I looked at has gorgeous of art really. They are priced accordingly. It was going to be close to 2k..and that was 10 yrs ago. That is why I have an antique English library ladder instead. There is a pretty long lead time also. I am linking the company I was going to use. Good Luck ! I still wish I could have had one. c

Here is a link that might be useful: rolling library ladder

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Hi, Trail.
I did look at Putnam about nine years ago, when we designed the library. What I'm wondering about now is whether anyone has practical experience with rolling ladders in kitchens, specifically.

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My dad's pharmacy (vintage 1880s) had a rolling ladder in the rear storage and compounding room. He kept the seasonal store decorations up there.

Rule one of rolling ladders: They are always in front of the lower cupboard you need to get into, because you are using your lower cupboards for the things you use a lot.

Rule two of rolling ladders: It's hard to climb them with the item you need to retrieve or store in your hands, because they have narrow rungs and a steep incline. You need to use your hands for stability. You need someone on the ground handing it up to you.

Rule three of rolling ladders: No matter how many times you have walked past it, you will trip over it at least once a week.

They are the subject of many wistful Pinterest pins, but they are way more romantic in someone else's French garret than in a working kitchen.

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LOL. Kinda' confirms my fears, especially Number 3!

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In a little used library, they can be a charming but expensive touch. In a hard working kitchen, they are ALWAYS in your way.

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I installed one in a workshop converted into a studio apartment, to provide access to the sleeping loft and the upper deck of storage closets.

The ladder is usually in front of one of the closet door to the left of the bookshelves, except when someone has clamored up into the loft; then it is all the way to the left. I have had two different tenants in there, and neither had a problem either using the ladder or with it getting in the way.

Hope this helps.

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