Does Anyone have White Conestoga Cabinets???

kpowersDecember 16, 2011

I am getting my cabinets from Conestoga and I am debating between whites. If anyone has Conestoga in either Crystal White or Frosty White, can you post some pictures please? I have door samples, but it is just not enough for me to make my decision. My ideal color is between these two colors, but of course they don't have it. One is more of a pure white...kind of egg shell, the other is more creamy.

Here are the samples against honed carrera.

Has anyone been on the fence between two whites before? If so, what helped you reach your decision? Does anyone have any regrets with their wishing they went more creamy or more white?

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Can't help with you a specific answer to your question, but just be sure you take the door samples home and look at them under your actual lighting conditions -- I was shocked at how different mine looked at home versus the showroom!

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I know! I have had these doors in my house for over a month and I still can't pull the trigger on one over the other! It's so hard to imagine what a whole kitchen will look like in either color when they are just small samples.

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What type of countertops have you been dreaming of? If you have a certain stone in mind that might help you to make your choice. Maybe you could start thinking about that and see which one looks best with it? Might give you a place to start. What is the overall style you are aiming for? Sometimes that helps to pin it down a little bit more. Do you like a really crisp look or a softer look?

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From the picture I like the look of the door on the right with that piece of marble. It is whiter.

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Thanks for your responses. For 3 years I have been going back on forth on whether to get honed carrera (which is in the picture above). I love, love, love it, but fear the maintenance. I want an honed or satin look, not polished. I also like the nordic black antiqued but that is on the other side of the spectrum. I had black before and I'm not sure I want to go there again, despite what a great perfomer nordic is. Just can't seem to nail my stone down. I love wood too...see...I'm all over the place. I tend to lean toward the whiter one day, then the next, back to the creamier I go.

Here are some renderings of my kitchen to be...white, inset shaker style cabs. Going for a cottage/coastal look.

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Considering Conestoga Cabinets...who are you ordering them through? Is it an online dealer?

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A couple of the cabinets I actually purchased were from The Cabinet Joint and The Cabinet Authority, who both do RTA Conestoga. They have both been fantastic and I love the cabinets. I needed 21" deep kitchen cabs, so bathroom vanities wouldn't work. Oh - and I originally ordered from the 'Joint, but ordered a 2nd from the 'Authority by mistake. [LOL] Shows you how they can be interchangeable.

Anyway, something I learned is it's easier to coordinate things with some form of off white or cream than it is with an actual bright white. A granite installer accidentally demonstrated this to me and I've run with it ever since.

Since it sounds like you appreciate both cabinets, have you considered just throwing a dart? Sometimes the least scientific method is the easiest!

I really do love these cabinets. I am saving to buy another from them shortly. I want to move my microwave cabinet to under my peninsula and install a 3-drawer between the other 2 I have. That set forms the base for my future credenza.

I look forward to seeing your kitchen. You are choosing some of the most lovely materials!

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If you decide on marble, then go with the whitest of the two. If you want to explore other counters, than you will be able to coordinate more choices with the creamier color.
A question. If you are really not happy with either, why go with this company? Ther are so many out there and most have more than two shades of white to choose from.

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if you want white, go with the white. The creamy white, even though it's NEARLY white, will never look white to you.

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kpowers-did you notice your frig and wallovens switched positions in the 3D? Its a little hard to tell but with either one positioned there, would there be clearance for traffic to go around you if the appliance doors are open?

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I do.... Frosty white, with Cambria Torquay. Went with Cabinet Joint (Brian) and was delighted with the process and the product. Their doors are FABULOUS.

Not finished yet, but getting closer....

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Brian helped me at the Cabinet Joint, and Rich was at the Cabinet Authority. They have both been SO patient, given the fact I dream a lot and ask for prices. I'm sure there was some relief that I finally bought something! [LOL]

I have more planned, but gotta save.
I think they and their products are great.

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Hi All - thank you so much for your input. Since posting, I finally settled on the Frosty White.

Mobydog...I am also ordering through Brian Long at the Cabinet Joint. He has been great and very patient with me!

Oldbat2be...thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to see pics of Frosty White. It makes me feel even more sure that I have made the right decision on the whites. Not nearly as stark as I thought it would be. Please send more! Your kitchen is INCREDIBLE! So happy to connect with someone who has the same cabinets. Did you assemble and install yourself? If so, how did you find the process? Also, love the Torquay. Is that honed or polished? Do you love it?? Have been dreaming about honed carrera forever but have been hesitant over durability issues. But if Torguay gives the same feel without looking 'fake'...then I want to explore it as an option.

ellendi...thank you so much. I am one of those 'must do it myself types' and Conestoga's quality can not be beat for RTA.

Boops2012...I realized after I posted this that I put the wrong image in...I didn't think anyone would notice!! I have been debating where to put my fridge and wall oven. The clearance is 42" between the front of the fridge or DWO to the peninsula and I have been simulating it at home to see how it feels. I actually will likely put the fridge at the back now and put the DWO where the pantry is (further down toward the living room). That's how I feel today anyway...any input is very much appreciated. Thank you for calling attention to it!

buffetgirl...that is so right on... thank you for that reinforcement! I kept coming back to the truer of the whites and kept thinking the same thing!

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you're so welcome. I wish someone had said that to me 4 years ago. I have glazed white. While I do love my kitchen it's one of the things I regret, not going with what I had originally wanted, white.

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You're most welcome and many thanks for the kind words. We're getting there... Assembled, ourselves. Really fairly straightforward, once you get the general concept (which is slightly different for each cabinet type). Not that there weren't a few tense moments (when glue is drying and you realize you've got the wrong piece in place). I had my builder's crew hang them and do most of the trim work (this is what takes so long). Torquay is polished. Note that it doesn't photograph all that well but I love it in person.

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Late to the party again :) very nice kitchen. I put in an order of Conestoga cabinets on Friday, waiting to hear back today.
I bought all unfinished. 5 cabinets hard maple paint grade painting 3 antique white to match my upper oak cabinets I painted antique white, and 2 base cabinets we are adding to our island that I am painting SW seasalt to match the rest of the island.
All the other base cabinets I went with Cherry and will be staining some shade of Walnut since I couldn't afford the upgrade of Walnut for all the lowers.

I was also thinking of Cambria Torquay but wasn't sure how it would go with the antique white cabinets. Still haven't decided on what backsplash.

So good to hear even more good things about Conestoga's cabinets.

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