OT: How do you clean fingerprints off glass pendants?

ck_squaredDecember 17, 2013

Hi everyone,
My GC is having a professional photographer out to the house on Thursday to take photos of our kitchen. When Sparky installed the pendants, he got fingerprints all over the clear glass globes. What is the easiest way to clean them if I can't take them down? I'm afraid using Windex or similar will streak them but maybe I just need to be careful.

Help! And thank you.

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I don't have experience with the glass globes, but I've found that just a damp microfiber cloth works very well (without any cleaning product), even on dirty windows. Then follow up with a dry microfiber cloth.

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I use Windex wipes on my glass shades. I do hold the shade with a paper towel while I wipe with the Windex so I don't get my own fingerprints on the glass.

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Hope's Perfect Glass wipes. Available at the big box stores and BB&B.

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Ditto Badgergirl. It takes some practice to clean glass shades.

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Do it when the sun is not shining in on them. Method glass cleaner does not leave streaks.

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Duck Dynasty boys would say turpentine.

My windex seems to do diddle squat .
Maybe rubbing alcohol which also works well on the stainless steel subzero door.

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