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shar18December 13, 2013

We are suffering from sticker shock from Miele and Wolf products. Now considering a Jenn Air 30" convection, steam/convection combo and 36" range top. All comments good and bad much appreciated. Need to finalize soon.

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Might as well get the Whirlpool products that are the same exact thing under the skin and avoid the markup for the name. You'll still be dealing with Whirltag's godawful customer service though.

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hi shari18! I agree with livewire.. whirlpool products provide you with the same performance, at a lower cost than Jenn Air ones. If you're also looking for other options, there also is KitchenAid, They had this handsome freestanding range in BLACK, sometime ago. But it seems to have been discontinued. They still have a handful of convection ranges you can choose from though.

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Whirlpool also makes KitchenAid, just so you know. My friend bought a KitchenAid convection/induction range a year ago. it was a fairly new model on the market. She has had nothing but trouble with the oven part of it. It keeps quitting in the middle of baking about every 3 weeks. She has to trip the breaker to start it up again. It is not tripping the breaker, just doing that fixes the problem. Repairs have now been done 3 times to no avail and she has convinced the appliance place to take it away and let her buy a different brand with her refund. The appliance store says they are aware of 4 other customers with the same range, having the same problem.

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Yep, horrible experience here, too, with JA!


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sprinroz what problems are you having with your Jenn Air range? A friend of mine has a JA range about 3 years old. She just had the control panel replaced a week ago and something is still wrong. At times it works fine and the next time she is totally burning the bottom of buns and the tops are raw??? It's really hard to trouble shoot intermittent problems.

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