side of cabinet pullout--have you seen this?

raee_gwDecember 26, 2013

I thought that at some point I saw a pullout designed to go on the upper side wall of a cabinet, a narrow and long basket to fit in between wall and, say, plumbing. The mechanism attaches to the wall on only one side. But I can't find one now.
Has anyone seen it? TIA

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Sophie Wheeler

All pullouts need a 3/4" side panel if they are installed on an end or next to an appliance. Now, there are "message centers" that are 6"-9" deep that are designed to cover a cabinet on the end.

Innards. You can see why it has to be installed between cabinets, or between a cabinet and a panel.

See the panel on the right hand side?

Between two cabinets.

Message centers.

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Thanks, Hollyspring. No, what I am picturing is shaped rather like the little baskets that you can suction-cup or hang with a hook to the side of a sink or inside the door, to hold sponges etc, but it was a pullout that attached to the interior side of the cabinet.
I have a pullout basket on the floor of the undersink cabinet, but I had just a smidge too little room to use the type that has a narrower upper tier. I thought that I had seen something that could work in that little space, but can't find it now.

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Hollysprings - great answer and pictures! Where does the unit pictured just above the message center attach (it looks like top and bottom?).

Related - why do some of the Rev-a-shelf pull-outs state that they're for new construction only? Can the above pull-out be installed in my 6" cabinet (4.5" inside width) if the cabinets have already been installed?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-a-Shelf pull out

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We have this one from Lee Valley and love it. I installed it myself - easy peasy. It turned a useless tunnel of a cab into a very useable canned food cab.

Here is a link that might be useful: pull out shelf

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Here's mine, not sure if this is what you are talking about.

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Thanks all -- Daisychain01, that is what I am talking about! Extra thanks! Maybe I could use that on one side of my base corner cabinet, too.

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modern life interiors


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