Farmhouse sink and garbage disposal

Linda37160December 23, 2012

Ok I am going to have the one basin farmhouse sink. Would you put in a garbage disposal in that sink or do without. I do have a half sink on island which I think you might put one in but it is on the otherside.

Any ideas Linda

I have a 2 basin sink now. I guess maybe I would just have to recondition me on that way I clean up. lol

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A garbage disposal should go on both the cleanup and the prep sinks unless you are on septic.

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I have a garbage disposal on my farmhouse sink and have had no issues. I had to purchase a deep flange in order for the disposal to be installed on a farmhouse sink properly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deep flange

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We have a garbage disposal on our single basic farm sink. It is our only kitchen sink. We are on septic. It works fine as long as you are careful to put only the little bits down the GD.

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If anybody needs a deep flange, let me know, I have 2 left over; I will put one or both on ebay.

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Thanks for the replies. Farmhouse sink gets the garbage disposal.

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