Painted Barker cabinets

bonsDecember 21, 2012

Has anyone used the painted Barker cabinets? They just started offering a paint finish in the last few months, and I'm considering the using the doors for Ikea cabinets. I'm wondering about the quality of the finish.

I considered Scherrs but they don't do a painted finish.


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I'm considering Barker too. On their website someone just posted pictures and feedback in their forum section of white painted cabinets. They look very nice. Check it out!

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I thought that Scherr's did do painted, too.

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I just talked to Leon from Scherrs today and he said "we're custom, we can do anything you want." Odd that painted wouldn't fall under the 'anything' part...?

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I ordered doors and cabinet fronts from Barkers that I painted. I was very happy with the quality and service. Doors were unfinished, but very smooth and solid.

Good luck!

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I didn't see anything on the Scherrs site about painted finishes so I assumed they didn't do it. I will look into both Scherrs and Barkers to get estimates.

I most definitely am not interested in painting myself.


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Chad Barker is absolutely fabulous. I have "paint ready" door/drawer fronts and the quality is superb. My only hesitation for Barker's painted cabinets is that they only offer it in SW Pure White - which is a very stark white for most people. If they used BM, say Super White, I probably wouldn't have hesitated.

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