Almost Finished- Light and Dark Kitchen with White Alaska Granite

brianadarnellDecember 3, 2011

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed so much to this kitchen. I learned so much and made so many wise decisions because of information I gained on this site. I found this site just as our new build construction began and was able to utilize all of the wonderful information into my kitchen design for function, even though I already knew exactly how I wanted the kitchen to look.

We ended up completing the house project ourselves so finalizing the kitchen and getting settled has taken some time. Hosting Thanksgiving for 14 was a major catalyst in the effort to at least get our main floor permanently decorated. Now the only thing missing is the barstools!

from the great room

Side by Side Refrigerator- Love it. I hated the previous french door refrigerator we had. So happy to go to the side by side.

Angled Corner cabinet- I know these aren't popular, but the storage is fabulous for all of our stemware.

Cabinet on the back of the island- its amazing how much fits under there!

Microwave cabinet- Since we don't use the microwave that often, I'm glad we hid it. With our open floor plan, I didn't want it visible from the great room and dining room except when in use.

5 Piece Drawer Heads- these were an upgrade, but I love the way they look.

Drawers, Drawers, Drawers- Love them! I had a lot of drawers in our old house and went with all drawers this time except for the sink base and the corner susan.

Pantry- Custom designed the shelf layout.

Lower Corner Cabinet-


Dining Room Table- just off the kitchen. Thanks for your help on selecting the table. It was delivered just a few days before Thanksgiving. It has one more leaf that we take out for everyday use.

Some details:

Kitchenaid Appliances-

Refrigerator: KSC525MVMK

Wine Cooler: KURG24RWBS

Dishwasher:KUDE40FXSS panel ready

Range: KDRS467VSS

Lights: International Lighting 23341057 London Mist Four Light Seedy Glass Bell Pendant

Backsplash- Horus Cristalli Crackle Subway in Bianco

Knobs and Pulls: Alno Creative Inc knobs:ALN56206 1 1/4" / pulls 3 1/2" cup pulls solid brass in barcelona finish ALN56510

Faucet- Moen Brantford in Stainless

Disposal- Insinkerator Evolution Series

Sink- Blanco Silgranit in Biscuit with Offset drain Diamond Single Basin #440196

Granite- White Alaska/Delicatus

Cabinets- Brookhaven in Antique White for Perimeter and Matte Brown with black glaze for the island. Door style is edgemount recessed

Floors- 5" wide white oak quartersawn vertical grain with glitza (no stain)

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Oh, it looks like home! Absolutely classic and beautiful. Good job!!

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Oh my goodness, it is so gorgeous, everything goes perfectly with everything else. Cngratulations! I saw your granite on another thread a minute ago and was wondering what it was. It's beautiful, goes so well with the creamy cabinets.

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So beautiful! I love the hidden it a spacesaver?
How do you like your wine cooler? Does it make a lot of noise?
Such a lovely and classic space.

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Hi briana...

Thanks for ending the suspense! I love it all...I can now see what my kitchen will look like in about 20 years when I want a change and I paint my cabinets!

Really like the niche behind the range..wish I had known about cute.

I like how you use your upper corner cabinet. I just bought some extra glasses for the holidays and didn't think to store them in my corner cab...which is pretty empty right now...gonna steal that idea.

Your pendants are gorgeous...Backsplash too..

I'm done gushing for the moment..

Big Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen..


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It was so exciting to see your kitchen as ours will be very similar. Same granite...light perimeter...dark island. I love it. It's gorgeous. I love how you used the corner upper cabinet for your stemware. I hadn't thought of that and we have two corners that I feel just collect misc stuff. I think I have found a new place for my glasses!

I love the pendants above the island. Can you tell me the dimensions of your island. I want to do a larger pendant but think my island is going to be a bit too small. I'm assuming you have 9 foot ceilings?

Congratulations on a gorgeous kitchen and enjoy!

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Congrats, you guys. Thanksgiving must have worked like a dream in there. It's so nice when people know just what they want going in. That confidence really shows. Happy cooking!

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It's beautiful... congratulations! I particularly love the stone and the contrast of the painted and stained cabs. It looks especially nice when the stone is the same on both tying them together. GOrgeous floors too!!

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Very nice! Lots of nice details!

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Beautiful! I am still trying to assimilate all the details, but wanted to ask how you did the niche recess behind your range? Is there a plastic mold that was tiled over? Also, what did you use for your hood innards?

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I love this! It looks terrific.
I'm considering the Edgemont door too with the upgraded drawers so I'm really excited to see it in full layout. I was worried it might be too fussy, but it's not at all.

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I love your kitchen!! I'm planning something similar in style and color.

Questions: How big is your island? Do you have 12" deep cabinets backed up to 24" deep cabinets in your island? I've been trying to configure my island and can't seem to figure out the best look, but I like the size/shape of yours. I also like the storage you have under the counter.

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Thank you so much for posting your kitchen! It's lovely! I'm so glad I saw this! Our layout will be almost identical to yours except I think we'll have an extra cabinet on the range wall and our island will be turned so that the long side is parallel to the range wall. We're also doing a beverage fridge (drawers probably) on the sink side of the island but a microwave instead.

I've also been looking at Kitchenaid appliances. How are you liking that range and the dishwasher so far? We've been looking at the french door with the pro handles though. What did you dislike about your french door?

Love your kitchen!

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You did a beautiful job! Lovely, lovely, lovely!! Wish it could be mine...

I have 2 questions:

I have been considering that range - how do you like it so far?

What are the dimensions of your kitchen?

Thanks for sharing...

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Donnakay, bigdoglover, rosie, remodelfla,catmom, - thank you!

Westtoeast- Love the beverage cooler! It has three temps which is great for soda/beer, red and then white wine. The areas are separated by gasketed shelves which is nice. It doesn't make a peep. I've never heard it turn on. For the microwave, it is a spacesaver micro by GE. A pyrex dish can fit inside if you turn off the turntable.

KA- glad you like the stemware storage. Let me know how it works out. Its great if you have tons of the same glass. no fishing! Your kitchen was a huge inspiration to me. I couldn't get my DH to like Bianco Antico or Delicatus in the granite yards. When I showed him your finished kitchen, he was sold. so thank you!

Dolode- the island is 48" deep by 84" wide and the ceilings are 9' even. I got the pendants off bellacor if you want to look up the dimensions for comparison.

Scrappy25- the hood insert is a Broan. It was expensive, but it seems to work really well. My only comment is that the under the hood lights produce some heat.

Chiefy- let me know if you want any more details. We switched to edgemont at the last minute before ordering and I'm so glad I did. Hollister678 had used the edgemont door and was the reason I switched. Have you seen that kitchen?

Mercy- Exactly. we have 24" deep cabinets on the "front" and 12' deep on the "back" under the overhang. Its great storage! The other thing you could probably do is a 24" with bookshelves on the ends or something to utilize the space under the overhang.

Babs- love the kitchenaid appliances so far. Dishwasher has been great and even has an adjustable top rack which is nice for larger things on the bottom rack (cookie sheets, etc). The only thing that surprised me was at Thanksgiving. I did a pre-thanksgiving mock up with the oven racks and the roasting pan. Its pretty much impossible to use all three racks in the oven at the same time with the locations of the slides on the sides. If they had mounted the bottom shelf just one inch lower, you would be able to get pyrex on the topmost mounted shelf. As is, you can't fit pyrex there because they run into the heating element. It wasn't catastrophic and we got around it. It is just a once or twice a year pain. On the french door refrigerator, I loathed it. I hated that you basically had to open both doors for access into the fridge and then you had to try to hold both open as opposed to one. I also hated the chest style freezer. I make a ton of things from scratch and then freeze them for week night meals. The freezer became a heaping mess in no time. Ice cream containers did not fit easily, which was a big problem in our house :)

Domino- see above about the range. Dimensions are approximately 14X11.

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Your kitchen is so warm and inviting! I am loving the niche above the range and that gorgeous backsplash tile. Beautiful!

/you have great taste in sweet tea vodka, BTW :) Their distillery is right down the road from me.

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Scrappy- I forgot to explain the niche. When they were framing the house, we framed out the niche with 2X4's and then when the tile guy tiled the backsplash, he wrapped the niche in either drywall or green board before tiling. There was no plastic mold because we had to decide on the size and spacing, etc.

HSW- thank you! are you on John's Island? I went to CofC and visit Kiawah often!

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Great pantry! And the kitchen is simply beautiful... Beautiful in it's simplicity and clean lines and choices that give such a nice, bright feeling to the space. If I had to do my backsplash over, I think I'd do something like yours.

I expected dishes in your hutch...Where do you keep them? I like the solution for your microwave.

I also really love the profile on the inside edge of the cabinet stiles and rails. A nice variation on the Shaker style.

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Rhome- thank you for the nice words. The dishes live right below the hutch in the deep drawers. I had no uppers in our last kitchen and so we had to keep the dishes in a deep drawer. I designed this kitchen with that in mind and located dish storage right next to the dishwasher which is so amazing!

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brianadarnell, we are just over the Stono at James Is. (just a 3-4 minute drive to the Fat Hen). My husband and I both went to CofC, too (though I was a transfer from a women's college)!

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I love those floors!! It brings a warmth and hominess to the entire space.

Your corner cab: I like that use of space. I think the trick with those inside corners is making them work for you. By going with a smaller diagonal corner cab, you've minimized the hard to reach "wings" of the cabinet and left room for straight-on cabs on either side. Using it to store your stemware works perfectly for you.


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One more question, Briana. How tall are your ceilings and how tall are your upper cabinets?

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Wow! Love your island. Great look and very spacious. Enjoy!

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brianadarnell, I just love your kitchen so much! The cabinets are the perfect white! The counters are so gorgeous! The floor is amazing! The island really adds to the beauty of the kitchen. The backsplash, especially over the range, is perfect for your kitchen! I love the pantry! I love the fixtures. I love the pan organizers and a place for the microwave.I love the natural light you get in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

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P.S. I love the angled corner cabinet which is much better than the blind corner cabinet I have. You can see everything in your cabinet when you open the door and it is a perfect place for your stem ware glasses!

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My favourite look for a kitchen - white/creamy perimeter and stained island with wood floors. It is beautiful. Enjoy!

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I really like your tile niche and how you had your hood blend in. The overall look and function are nicely thought out.
Putting glasses in the corner cab is a smart idea. It will hold them fine and you will probably rarely need the ones all the way in the back. It saves on an insert or losing the space from one. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the smart choice.
I wish you many happy meals and memories in your new kitchen.

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Thanks for the appliance info. See, I had such qualms with our side-by-side that I'm scared off from them! We never had good luck with freezer storage in that darned thing either. And anything wide in the fridge, forget it! So that's why we're considering the french door this time. I wish there was a "perfect" fridge out there!

I'm also doing a niche over our range. How deep did you have them make it? That's something I'm not sure of. I can play with the length and width I suppose. But I don't want to mess up with depth!

I'm saving your kitchen for future reference. I cannot get over how similar our layouts will be. Even our islands are close in size...we're 48"x 84" (or 90"...still deciding on that) too! We are having 10' ceilings in our house though.

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Lovely and functional! That's the best sort of kitchen. Hope you're enjoying it!

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I have been searching for a pic with this backsplash, wondering how it would work with my delicatus granite! It looks great!

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Enjoy your beautiful kitchen! I have pantry envy.

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Beautiful kitchen! I think I have the same teapot in blue :). Enjoy your new space!

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Great kitchen! Congratulations on such a beautiful job. The island with that gorgeous black glaze is particularly stunning. Love it!

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Your cabinets are gorgeous. Since the color is Brookhaven's, any idea if there's a BM equivalent?

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Love everything about your kitchen. My colors are the same in the kitchen except I have the walnut floors. I just find the soft white cabs and delicatus/alaska white to be a calming kitchen. I envy your breakfast area windows. They are really nice. It turned out beautiful.

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HSW- so funny! We love the Fat Hen and the Wild Olive too!

Suzanne, Dilly, Lynn, Blfenton, Dianalo, mmhmmgood, newchapter, Milehighdiva, elba, taggie, and maggie- Thank you so much for the compliments!

Linelle- I think the equivalent to my cabinet color is Acadia White. I say that because my whole house is currently painted Acadia White and its a pretty close match. I am getting tired of what I call my Vanilla House, but we haven't had the time or energy to start on paint colors yet so for now, the cabinets and walls blend.

Babs- thanks! The niche is approximately 3-4" deep. Its a tile and a half deep which kind of bothered me, but we didn't have a choice once we selected the subways for our backsplash. You should base the depth on your selection of tile if you have it.

Westtoeast- our cabinets are 42" tall and our ceilings are 9 ft. I wish we could have stacked cabinets, but it would have been cost prohibitive. I'm 5'7" and I can't even reach the top shelf of the 42" cabinets.

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Wow!!! Everything turned out absolutely beautiful!!!

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Andi K- thanks so much. You were such a big help, especially most recently on the table. Your saved photos were always so great.

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Briana, this is really a lovely kitchen. The stove treatment--the hood, the niche, all come together so well that it is truly a star. You have such warm colors with your wood floor, the granite and the island finish.

I am wondering about your window--with that view of the trees outside, I would keep any window treatment minimal, if you are even planning one. Of course, I kinda like plain windows, so maybe I'm biased.

Again, great job!

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What a lovely kitchen! It seems to be a perfect blend of beauty and brains (so very nice to look at and so very practical for real life living and cooking). I'm going to bookmark this and come back to look at it in more detail when I have time(babysitting DGS this week while his folks are having a much needed get away).

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Classic and beautiful. I have the same range - you will love it! Congrats on being done!

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colorfast- I haven't decided on a kitchen window treatment yet. We actually haven't done a single blind or anything since we moved in. I like the lime green tea pot as an accent color and was thinking about doing a simple roman shade or something with a little pattern. It definitely won't block the view, except in the morning when the sunlight shines in so bright you can't even see!

shmeal- thanks so much.

Pipdog- thank you. Your kitchen was a huge inspiration to me. The finished pics came up when I first joined last year. I actually had been planning on getting a cooktop and wall oven, even though I knew I really wanted the pro range. When I saw your range, it put me over the edge and I was able to convince DH. So glad we changed our minds! So thank you! Your kitchen is beautiful! And so is Pip!

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Wow!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! You must be happy with how everything looks!

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Really tasteful and beautifully done! Love your tea kettle pop of color. Well done!!

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Oooooh, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I love, love LOVE your granite, those pendants, that niche, YOUR PANTRY, and your microwave cabinet--for starters!

What a wonderful kitchen--and just in time for the holidays! :^)

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tinker, cjc, and shelayne- thanks so much. Shelayne- I keep telling my husband that if I'm ever missing, look in the pantry. I joke about hanging out in there. Food, water, bathroom right next door. And I'm in love with it.

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What a beautiful kitchen. It's so calm and peaceful. I love the way you worked out the moldings. It adds interest. congratulation.

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Gorgeous!! Love, love, LOVE it - from the cabinets, to the granite and the beautiful seeded glass lighting - it is Beautiful! Many you enjoy countless years of happiness in your lovely new kitchen! :)

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Beautiful! Love the pendants, the niche above the range, the color of the island and of course the granite (I'm biased because I have the same granite)! Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Can I ask you yet another appliance question? We're definitely doing a beverage center of some sort. I've been eyeing up drawers but they run around $3k. I looked up the number for yours and it doesn't have the separate zones. The zoned ones are numbered very differently. The ones that look like yours are numberd KBCS24...

The KURG24RWBS had just a knob on the very bottom below the door to adjust temperature and it looks like no digital display.

Do you find it keeps canned and bottled drinks very cold? I'd like one where we can store a few bottles of wine at a bit warmer of a temp but keep cans and bottles very cold.

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Babs, Did I use the wrong model #? Oops. Ours has three different temperature zones. The differentiation occurs through gasketed shelves. The coldest zone is on top. We use this section for beer, seltzer water, etc etc. The warmest zone is used for red wine. My husband always puts his beer in the freezer for a minute from this cooler, but its definitely cold enough for soda and my seltzer water which I love really cold. Our knob is not all the way to COLDEST and our temps are 40, 50 and 60 respectively.

A friend didn't want to get this one because you can't control the different temperatures to a "t", which is true but theres definitely a difference AND the added perk over a wine cooler is that the top zone (which is the largest) is cold enough for food storage during holidays, parties, etc.

hope that helps!

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I know I have posted before, but I just love your kitchen! It is definitely one of my inspiration kitchen designs!!

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Thank you! YOUR kitchen may have just saved me over $1k!! I was all about drawers before!

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Babs, you're welcome. Just so you know, we only got the bev cooler when we found out about the KA Rebates. Have you seen that? We ended up getting $800 in rebates! Definitely check that out!

Mercy- thank you! I saw your layout post last week- so exciting!

Bella, Kitchenkrazed, and sixty- thank you!

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Beautiful kitchen, Love the dining room table. Where did you get it? We are in the middle of a major remodel, cabinets are scheduled to be installed after Christmas!

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Gorgeous! So crisp, clean and pretty.

Who makes your fun tea kettle? Love the color!

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Rtwilliams- The dining room table is Pottery Barn. Its called the Hayden table. The chairs are not the matching ones but instead cordova.

Madeline- thank you! The tea kettle is le creuset. It comes in a bunch of colors and is a great tea kettle. We use it twice a day and love it!

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Beautiful Kitchen!! We're in the initial planning stages ourselves for building our retirement home. Planning on wood floors and off-white cabinets with a dark island. I think the combination is unbeatable.

On the floors, who makes them? They're gorgeous!

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How did I miss this ???

Gorgeous! Congrats-you must be thrilled. Love the niche, love the pantry, too!


PS- I'm loving the color of the walls.


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Was I in a coma in early December? I don't know how I missed this!

Congratulations, it is beautiful!


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I really love your chosen stone and the thicker clean profile of the molding. Love the color of the stained island too. It's so satisfying when your kitchen comes together as you dreamed! Enjoy making wonderful memories in your new kitchen!!

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Yesterday I was at Jo-Ann fabrics, and there was a couple near me with a sample of White Alaska. I asked them what it was because it was so stunning in person. Congrats on such a fantastic kitchen!

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Very nice! Not sure how I missed this either... glad someone brought it back to the forefront to be ogled. I love the granite choice, and your hood is fantastic! The tea kettle is really fun too, a great little splash of colour. Congrats!

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I missed this, too! This is a beautiful kitchen! Warm and elegant, yet so functional! My layout is similar, except our stove will be on the other side of the sink/"L". The niche behind your stove is perfect... makes me want to do the same! I'm also doing an appliance garage (on the other end of the counter)... love the look of yours. I like how you went dark on the hardware, instead of chrome/nickel/stainless. And that pantry!! Everything looks perfect and I'm sure you will enjoy many, many years of happy cooking and entertaining in this space! Congratulations!!

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Brianadarnell, not renovating related, but I made the carmelized onion pizza you recommended from the Bobby Flay cookbook, and WOW. Thanks for the heads up. I also made the crab cocktail for NYE.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous and oh wow you have so much storage. Congratulations.

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I love this, so so pretty. That niche behind the stove is such a great idea! And this sounds silly, but I love the lime green teapot. All is nice, tranquil, and then BAM - green teapot. Perfect splash of color and fun.

I think I am looking at the same granite, but by the name of Ice Brown. In some of my "research" it looks like it may be one and the same. It is nice to see that it is so lovely installed.

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Very nice kitchen. Can you tell me what size cabinets are on either side of you range? I have a similar layout that I'm remodeling and was wondering if you feel that there is enough space on either side of your range. Also, what is the size of your base blind corner ? Thanks

    Bookmark   April 26, 2012 at 9:16AM
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I too am wondering about the size of your cabinets on the sides of your range and if your refrig is counter depth or full size. Just lovely all around!

    Bookmark   April 26, 2012 at 11:46AM
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Aries- did you get my email? I missed the posts here.

The cabinets on the sides of my range are 18" and 21". The refrigerator is CD.

Hope that helps!

Barstools being delivered in a few weeks so I'll post an updated photo then!

    Bookmark   April 29, 2012 at 7:57PM
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I'm really late on this, but what a lovely kitchen. I love the individual choices - and the final look. Congrats!

    Bookmark   May 23, 2012 at 12:48PM
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I know this is late, but I am wondering which pendants from belacor you chose here. i love them! (i have searched but can't find them in the millions of pendants on their site :) )


    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 9:35AM
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