Kindly return my sanity--floorplan check

laughablemomentsDecember 12, 2012

Let's give this another shot. I looked at theanimala's 99.627% finished kitchen and thought, "Hey, that's nearly our layout!" This plan keeps most of our kitchen intact and just finishes it off. Is this a workable solution?

I'm thinking of adding an undercounter wall oven as well. Where is the best spot for this?

The good, the bad, the ugly?

Remember, family of 9, oldest is 12 and 99.627% (sorry couldn't resist) of our meals are home cooked, from scratch, including all bread making, canning, etc.

Thanks! : )

The preview is looking very blurry. The picture is crystal clear in photobucket:ät=Kitchendec12-12-12.jpg#!

Here is a link that might be useful: My unfinished kitchen's beautiful fraternal twin?

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IMO, you need to be able to reach both dishwashers at once from the sink where dirty dishes gather. This wouldn't work for us. Not that it'd be impossible, but way more of an aggravation than necessary.

I also don't like the relationship of prep space to the stove.

I can't remember the plan in detail, but am pretty certain I preferred where you were headed previously. In this one movement in the aisles gets very convoluted with task traffic and open appliances that will be a hassle in your full and busy kitchen.

Will your table really be 4 1/2 ft wide and 7 ft long? ;)

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I was soooo hoping that this might work, since it would please DH to no end to not have to tear everything out and redo it. But that certainly could be outweighed by years of having to live with the final product.

Yes, the table is 50" x 83".

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That's your kitchen table, not the dining? Wow!

Sorry not to love it. This plan has counter where you don't need it, and is short on workspace where you need it, besides probably traffic issues. And the stove is at a busy intersection of 2 main traffic paths.

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