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NDSADecember 18, 2013

I am redoing my kitchen and I am debating on using 3 or 4 drawers for the cabinet on the left side of the stove/oven. (Currently the photo shows 3 drawers) I plan on storing baking pans and corning-ware in it. I like using 4 drawers since I won't have to stack the dishes. But I am concerned that in the future the drawers won't be deep enough. Currently the inside height would be ~3.5", ~5.4", 5.4", 5.4". (I do have some flexibility on the sizes). If I did 3 drawers it would be ~3.5", ~9", ~9". Also on the wall perpendicular to that cabinet there will be a 3 drawer unit for pots. So would it look weird that one side has 4 drawers and the other has 3? Or should I just do 3 for both like what is shown in the picture?

Also any other feedback on this design is also greatly appreciated!!! I am also debating on whether or not to bump out the cabinets above the microwave like what is shown in the picture.

I am new to this website, but have gotten so much good information from reading other people posts. I look forward to the feedback.

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I have two 4-drawer stacks alongside my range. The inside measurements are 3 1/4, 4 1/4, 4 1/4, and 6 1/4. My pots and pans are unstacked with lids turned over in the 4 1/4 and the 6 1/4. I nest some of my glass bowls, baking pans, and Corningware casseroles, but I really hate taking everything out to get to the one on the bottom. It would drive me batty to do that with everything in a deep drawer.

I like the bump-out over the microwave to break up the wall of cabinets. I have a small U-shaped kitchen and the row of cabs sometimes feels oppressive. I'd put an easy-reach corner cab in your upper so the cab door won't be in your face. It's easier to find your stuff in an easy reach than in a diagonal cab. I like the cleaner, more modern look too, especially in a small kitchen.

I wouldn't divide that top drawer in the base cab near the fridge. It loses space to the drawer sides. I'd use interior dividers to separate items.

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I have both 3 and 4-drawer stacks. Here is the bottom drawer of a three, for cake pans and pie plates. 9" wouldn't cut it, however - this drawer is 10.5" usable height. The middle drawer is not as tall, and is used for frying pans. My cabinets were custom built, which allowed me to have different drawer heights in the stack.

This isn't the best perspective, but it shows 3-drawer and 4-drawer stacks on each side of the corner.

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Worry about width. How wide is that? 30"? Look at the interior width of the drawer. It's as important as height. What size baking pans are you needing to store? How wide are they? Will they fit two to a drawer side by side? Three to a drawer? If there is space left over from fitting two to a drawer, it's wasted space unless you can fit something else in there with the baking pans. So, you might do a drawer stack wide enough for side by side storage, and then do a tray base for vertical storage of cookie sheets next to it.

Also, where will you store your cooking utensils? Ladles? Turners? Giant spoons? The top drawer would be the best location for that usually, with the second drawer for the gadgets like the garlic press or citrus zester.

Personally, since I have casserole dishes of all sizes, I'd find the deeper drawers more useful, since I could both stack the shallower ones there, and it would actually fit one of the deeper dishes that wouldn't fit in a shallower drawer.

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Visually I think one 3 and one 4 will look fine. My only concern is that the 4 will have very shallow drawers since the drawer & hardware takes up a decent chunk of space.

For my big skillets and stuff I'm putting in one really deep drawer so they can go on their side w/ dividers and then two shallow drawers above it.

It's still a work in progress, though, so I can't personally vouch for it. :)

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The width of the cabinets next to the stove would be 23" (since it is face framed cabinets, the inside dimension is 17.75"), The width of the 3-drawer cabinets next to the fridge would be 34" (28.75" inside)

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What do you mean by "easy-reach corner cab"
Also we are going to do just one drawer on the top in the base cab next to the fridge. We lose a lot of space if we break it up, so we aren't doing that.

Also when i said baking pans - I mean 13x9 pans, 9x9 pans etc. My baking sheets/trays will be going into a 12" cabinet.

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NDSA, this is an easy-reach upper cabinet - it is 90%, instead of the angled front that you show in your drawing. The door is hinged. It is much easier to see - and reach! - the items in an upper corner cabinet.

I went from 2 diagonal upper cabinets (or caverns), to two easy-reach, and I couldn't be happier. The diagonal corners had more shelf space, but it was much harder to get to anything not right in the front. I was amazed at how much junk I found that I didn't even know I had, when I emptied those cupboards prior to remodel!

Diagonal upper cabinets can be a lot more functional with lazy susans built in, but they do take up some vertical height. I asked for an extra shelf in one of mine, so I didn't have to stack things.

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I have a 23" 4-drawer (inside is 20"). It is frameless construction. It's amazing what will fit!

My top drawer has gadgets. All my other glass pans fit in the other three drawers--stacked 9 x 13 and smaller rectangular, 4-piece stacked bowl set and another set of stacked bowls, four Corningware casseroles (2 stacked), stack o' pie plates, colanders, loaf pans, square pans, and custard cups. A few other odds and ends. My cutting boards, trays, and cookie sheets are in a small cab over the pull-out pantry.

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My cabinets are being installed as I type... (Big day!)
To the left of the stove - I did 3 drawers - one for utensils and two for pots and pans. As I will be putting in induction and will be using cast iron / Le Creuset - I had the two lower drawers made with extra reinforcement for the heavy duty cookware. Down the run I have a 4 drawer corner stack - the drawers are smaller and will be for knives, zesters, peelers, mandolin, etc. anything for prep work.

Good luck with your project!

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beach, mine are being installed as I type too! (Lucky us!)

OP, I actually decided where everything would go (in what drawer/cabinet) in advance, and measured both height and width. My bottom drawers are slightly taller than the middle drawers, which are taller than the top drawers. I just wanted to be able to fit both my biggest soup pot and my biggest casserole dish (on its side).

I have no 4-drawer stacks - I just decided the loss of space was inefficient so I went with all 3-drawer stacks instead.

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I have all 3 stacks
I think if I did it again, I would stay with 3 stack but keep instead of a 6, 10, 10, I would consider a 6, 8, 12 so I could more easily store my taller items.

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