Trash pullout under sink

fishymomDecember 7, 2012

We currently have a trash can pullout in a 21 inch base cabinet to the left of the sink. In the new kitchen, I would very much like to have a 3 drawer base cabinet where the trash pullout is, which would really only leave under the sink for the trash can. Our sink base is 36" and we have not decided on a sink yet. The trash pullout now opens into the entry to the kitchen from the family room, moving it under the sink would allow easier access if the trash pullout is open. We are empty nesters, our youngest is in college and only home for holidays, our oldest has graduated and moved into the working world 700 miles from home, so it is usually just the two of us. The main drawback I can see with the under sink trash pullout is accessing the trash while someone is working at the sink and I am willing to live with that to have the extra drawer base. Are there any other drawbacks I should consider? Thanks!

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Kathy Rivera

There are a few threads that talk about this - I know b/c I've read them all! :) I plan to do it in my reno (some day!) b/c I have a small kitchen and cabinet space is precious!

Try the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trash Pullout under sink

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We've got a trash pullout under our secondary sink and it is just fine there. Ours is a drawer with a full-height door used as a drawer front. I didn't set this in stone until the plumber had made sure the pipes would clear the back of the drawer. In fact, since my cabinets are from IKEA, I didn't even install the drawer until the plumber had finished hooking up the sink -- I had the flexibility of installing the door either way, as a drawer front or with hinges. If the drawer hadn't fit under the pipes, I would have put the door on hinges and used a trash pullout behind it (or just stuck the trash can in there without bothering with the pullout).

In the old iteration of our kitchen, the trash was underneath the only sink, and it was a PAIN because we were always having to ask each other to scoot over whenever we needed to throw something away. It works well in the current kitchen partly because there are two trash cans (the other is a pullout to the side of the big sink), and partly because we have two areas to work now. That means DH can make coffee -- and dump the grounds in the trash -- without getting in my way when I'm prepping at the other sink.

In the old kitchen, I actually decided that having a freestanding trash can would have been a lot preferable to having it under the sink. We didn't have a space to put one that wouldn't have blocked a cabinet or a door, though. It really just depends on your layout and preferences.

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I had a trash can (non pullout) under the sink in my previous and did not care for it because there really wasn't room to move over out of the way when someone else needed to throw something out.
I eagerly anticipated having a separate pull out in my kitchen remodel but couldn't do it because the cabinet where I was going to put it had a curved door on it.
I am happy to report that having the new pull out under my one and only sink is not a problem. I often have it pulled out while I am prepping and find it easy to put things right from the in sink cutting board into the trash. When I am doing clean up it is also easy to scrape into it on the left, quick rinse in the middle and into the dishwasher on the right. I also have plenty of room to walk past the pulled out trash bin.
My pull out is Rev-Shelve's reva-motion gas spring assisted, easy open, soft close model. It works great. I often find myself closing it by just giving it a light push with my knee.
You do have to watch out for the depth of your sink. The trash container that came with the pullout just fits under the sink. There is no room to spare. I was glad I didn't have to go look for a different size container. The good thing about being such a close fit it that there is no room for garbage overflow.
Here is a picture of mine:

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Thanks for the link KathyNY76, I read through that thread and I'm still unsure! In this photo of the old kitchen, you can see the entry to the kitchen from the family room. On the floor to the right is the dog's food and water bowls, so navigating around the open door is tight. I don't store a lot under my sink, there are containers on the doors that holds gloves, dishwashing liquid, stone cleaner and all purpose cleaner. The fold out trays above hold sponges, brushes, etc, so really the only thing under the sink is the dishwasher tablets, cooktop cleaner and some dishtowel rags. I know I would have to loose the left door container and relocate the corner shelf, but I still think I would have enough room under the right side of the sink for the stuff I keep under there. Besides the sink base, I only have five other base cabinets, so I really hate to lose one to the trash can. Ughhh, my head is spinning with all these details!

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Badgergal, that is just the set-up I have, happy to hear it is working well for you. I am going to check out that Rev-a-Shelf model, thank you!

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We needed our trash under the sink too. Ours was complicated by the fact that we also wanted recycling under there and our first-choice sink with an offset drain wasn't available for a couple of months, and we didn't want to wait that long. Our plumbing is squeezed as much to one side as possible, and we have a garbage and recycling pullout behind a door-fronted drawer on one side. We also have a garbage disposal under our center drain. This all fit in a 36" sink base. I'll try to post a picture later.

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I used morton5's setup in the linked post above as an inspiration for my sink.

I have a 36" sink base from Ikea and a sink with an offset drain. I think a full pullout (with the door attached to the base of the pullout) would have been better than what I have now, but I'm still happy to have the trash & recycling under the sink rather thank using up another cabinet for the cans. DH and I don't generate a lot of trash so the small Ikea waste cans work for us. From Kitchen

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Ooohh... thanx for the pic post badgergal! I think you just freed up a 18" cabinet for me! Yes!

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@rivermom - have you looked at the Kohler 'Riverby' sink? It is a single bowl if you are so inclined. (link below) It has an offset drain on the right.

That would leave a lot of space under the sink for a trash can on the left,without the plumbing in the way .

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler 'Riverby'

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We have the small under sink trash cans from Ikea. We are also empty nesters and although there are instances when one of us is at the sink and the other wants to access the cans, it just doesn't happen that often. I just can't see giving up an entire cabinet for trash. Our ikea containers are smaller than annkathryn's and mounted in a pull out that fits the 2 containers - front for trash, back for recycle. I personally like having the smaller waste cans; I empty them every morning when I go out with the dog and they are the perfect size for grocery bags, no need to buy trash bags.

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they are the perfect size for grocery bags, no need to buy trash bags.

I use small kitchen garbage bags. My town and the neighboring towns either have already or are in the process of banning plastic bags. They're a hot commodity on freecycle now.

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We've had ours for over a year now and really like it. We have the occasional sink dance, but it's not a major inconvenience where the person using the sink has to stop. We have a 36" base. I think it would be more of an issue if the base were any narrower. As someone noted above, be mindful of the plumbing and electrical arrangement underneath.

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annkathryn, even plastic trash bags? What are you supposed to use instead?

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Another drawback ... we are having a very hard time finding a decent sized trash can that will fit under our sink cabinet. Either they are too wide, or too long, or too tall. Or if they fit within our LxWxD dimension contraints, they are waaaaaay less than max we can fit and therefore way too small.

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I should clarify that what's banned are plastic grocery bags and other plastic single-use bags, not regular trash bags.

My trash cans are from Ikea and are good for 2 people but would be a bit small for a larger family.

Length: 11 "
Width: 8 "
Height: 15 "
Volume: 4 gallon

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea trash/recycling can

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why can't you install the door to the pull-out drawer like this? that's what I'm planning to do w/ my under 36" sink cab.

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huango yes, I could do that, similar to my 15" pullout by my stove. I'm not sure if the handle would have to be centered, which would mean moving the one on the other door below the sink as well. For now it's ok but changing the door mounting is always an option.

(The doors in this picture were adjusted after the picture was taken and aren't as wonky as they seem).

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