Using Ebay to buy appliances-something weird is going on.

alex9179December 27, 2012

Hi all! I realize this isn't an Ebay forum, but I can't seem to connect to theirs to ask my question.

I won bids on two appliances right before Christmas. One made me very nervous because it's quite a bit of money and it's a wall oven. I've never bought anything like that on Ebay. So far that transaction seems to be fine. I was able to pay via PayPal and I have an estimated arrival date.

The second was for a Breville toaster oven. It's part of my "poor man's" version of double ovens, LOL! This one is weird. I wasn't able to complete the transaction because the seller's PayPal account "can't accept my payment". I sent two messages about the issue before the seller responded with,

"sorry my paypal limit I will create one new item for you, you will add the card and buy it help me ok?"

I don't really understand what this means. I clicked "pay now" and I'm still getting the same message about not accepting my payment. I sent the seller another message about it. I think this person wants to circumvent Ebay, which I won't do.
Should I ask to cancel the transaction if the account remains inaccessible? Is that OK to do, or does it reflect poorly on my feedback?

I just should have gone to BB&B with my coupon! :)

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I would definitely not continue with the transaction. I would contact both eBay and Paypal about it.

Usually on eBay ads it says where the item is located. Does it say?


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Yes, South Carolina. The seller had 100% positive feedback, although less than 100. The wording of his message raised my brow, but I have an issue with short-cut communication.

I'll let him respond to my last query and follow through with reporting it if it's still suspicious.

Thank you for responding. I didn't want to jump the gun because I don't use Ebay that often. I would have felt bad for causing a stir over something minor.

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I also would contact ebay CS. They are normally pretty responsive.

I had bought something from someone with a high FB, and then I never got it after she said it shipped. I emailed her several times for a tracking number, etc., and never got a response. Turns out she had supposedly been ill, but I still never got the item and waited almost 2 months later. Ebay/paypal refunded my money. So, yes, things can get fishy even with a supposed reputable seller. Other people also left negative FB around that time as well.

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My DH manages our Paypal account but I know there is a limit you reach and then you have to sign up for some other something. I know my answer is vague but DH is out shoveling and I don't want to interrupt his progress to ask what the other something is. We are almost at that limit.

Also, his communication sounds like English isn't his first language.

But contacting Ebay and Paypal would be the way to go.

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You can call PayPal yourself and talk to them.I have before. Their phone number is on ebay. Could be something simple. Maybe he is up to his limit.Ask him to explain it so you can understand what he means.

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Limit to accept money?
I've been using eBay since 1996. Paypal since its inception. Never had to deal with such a thing.
"Help me out?" no.

I'd forward it all to PayPal and eBay. They take fraud extremely seriously, to the benefit of all.

You have a limited time to contact PayPal if someone falls down on the job. I thought it was 45 days, but it might be 90. I think I'd find the item with another seller, even if I had to wait.

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Sounds fishy.

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I asked him to elaborate and ebay says to allow the seller 1-2 days to respond, so I'll wait and then contact PayPal if it isn't resolved. In the mean time, I've checked periodically to see if I can make payment and it still won't accept it. I am getting reminders to pay, though! They need an "it won't let me" button.

I've pretty much decided to write off getting the item and am going to pay a bit more and purchase it locally. I've never had so much trouble giving someone money!

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Honey, why would you keep trying to hand this person money when it stinks like 3-day old relatives?


At least you have an idea of how much you could get it for when you go shop locally.

Save your money to spend it where you can shake a hand, get a receipt, and have it in your home within the week.

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Curiosity killed the cat! LOL! I'm clicking to see if anything changed, but I didn't intend to confirm. I guess I can't believe that someone with such good feedback would flake.

Oh well, live and learn.

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Talked to DH. He said once you spend $10,000 with Paypal you have to verify your account by providing bank information instead of just credit card info. Totally ridiculous IMO.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, you have to verifty the bank account. And if you have a joint account with a spouse, and that spouse has already used that bank account to verify their account, they won't let you use it to verify yours. And so, I remain unverified, despite using PayPal for over 10 years.

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