Please post pictures of your cookbooks in a corner cabinet

peridot44December 10, 2012

I'm planning to put my cook books in the wall corner cabinet. It's a doorless asymetrical cabinet that will also store/display my white Corning ware.

I can't decide if the cook books belong on the lower shelf, or the top shelf. Or maybe books on the short side of the cabinet and Corning on the long side.

Appearance is more important than utility in this case. I use the Corning and books equally often. So appearance beats ergo in the tie-breaker.

Please share your photos and/or thoughts. Thanks.

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peridot44 - Not quite a wall corner cabinet but I LOVE this. It's a combination bookshelf, place for my keys, phone, answering machine and pocketbook. DH has two upper shelves too :)

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Again, not exactly what you're looking for. This is a wedge shape cabinet in our island where I keep the cookbooks most often used.

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Mine is kind of a corner, I think. Hope this helps.


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Thank you all for your pictures. Maybe I'll be the first attempt this type of storage/display. I'll show my pics when done.

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Not mine, but I found this somewhere. (sorry if this belongs to someone). Love this, plan on doing exactly this.

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It's been awhile since I've posted pics...curious to see if this works.

I've yet to take good photos of our finished kitchen. We've long ago rearranged these shelves, but I love this little nook in our kitchen.


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Just came across this, from an old thread, owner unknown.

Still doesn't look exactly like what you described, but maybe it'll help. : )

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Great suggestions! I am wondering the same thing. I would like to have some storage for cookbooks- I like the wedge shape shelves in nhbasket's kitchen above.

Anyone else want to share photos of where you store your cookbooks?

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