KA fridge - extended warranty?

LinelleDecember 10, 2012

I bought a KitchenAid side-by-side, non-counter-depth fridge in April from a local dealer. It has an internal ice maker, but no water/ice dispenser on the door. It's been great, quiet, no complaints. I keep getting notices from KA to buy an extended warranty before my first year expires. They keep extending the deadline by which I must decide. :)

What's the general consensus about buying warranties after the first year? It's $70-something.

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I can only mention my experience with my Kenmore Trio (which I absolutely adore by the way).

We did buy the extended warranty. They have replaced the icemaker, shelving on the doors, the large drawer in the fridge - all at no charge AND we were actually the ones that broke them. We did tell them that, and they said "Nope, your extended warranty covers everything, no matter whose fault it is."

So we definitely got our money's worth. And the peace of mind that comes with it.

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Linelle, find out if it is an extended warranty, or a maintenance agreement, which is what malna has. I had a maintenance agreement on my KA refrigerator, thank goodness, because I had it worked on several times.
My MA was through Sears, though, which is why I say find out what they are offering.

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These are the highlights ($72):

Enjoy the benefits of a KitchenAid Extended Service Plan!
Repair or replace - If we cannot fix your refrigerator, we'll replace it*
No deductibles - 100% service coverage for covered repairs without a deductible
Authorized service technicians - Service performed by an extensive network of trained technicians

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I'll tell you my experience, which led me to buy the extended warranty.

Had a french door counter depth, range, & DW delivered in July. Noticed right off the bat, the btm door was damaged on the fridge. No big deal, they'll replace it.

No sooner had the delivery guys pulled out the drive, we were placing the contents from the other fridge in the new one. Opened the left door, a huge spark flew out the upper hinge! Long story short, the board shorted out, compressor quite running, etc. They brought out a new fridge the following week.

It appears, there is a wire, which runs through the left upper hinge for the circuit board. The board is apparently very expensive. Kinda sold me on the warranty.

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How long for how much?

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1 year for $72. I called the local appliance store where I got my fridge and we chatted for a bit. I decided to forego the KA offer, and take my chances based on 9 months of smooth, quiet running.

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I don't know if many people know this. I just learned this earlier this week while researching appliances. When you use your AMEX, certain Visa & MC for appliance purchases the cc has an extended warranty (1 yr) feature built in as a bonus for using their card. It is for products with warranties no more than 5 yrs. The total warranty is 6 yrs for each appliance which, I think, makes the stores extended warranties unnecessary. Great savings feature!

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Years ago I'd laugh at anyone who paid for an extended warranty- huge waste of money... until they started putting computer chips in EVERYTHING from toasters to dryers to refrigerators. One of those circuit boards goes out? Nearly the cost of a new appliance in my experience. Ice makers are notorious for issues. If I can't afford to replace it fairly easily (say for less than $1000) or it's something I know can have issues (computer, TV)- I get a warranty.

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