Foregoing the Granite Backsplash

emcsqDecember 20, 2012

Based on our preferences and good advice on GW, we are going to forgo the standard 4" granite backsplash in our kitchen remodel. We aren't sure what kind of backsplash we want, so we are going to paint and live with it for a while. However, when we do ultimately put in a backsplash, we would mostly likely do it along the two long walls of the L-shape (i.e., behind the sink and cooktop). My question is whether it will look OK to not do any sort of backsplash behind the angled cabinet next to the refrigerator.

Also, we are planning to do a vanity with matching granite in the powder room adjacent to the kitchen. Should we skip the backsplash and sidesplash there? We are worried that kids washing their hands in there without a backsplash will ruin the walls, and we definitely do not plan to put tile or any other type of backsplash in the powder room.

Here is a link for our layout:

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Post with Kitchen Plans

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Hi emcsq...

We actually used the leftover granite and leftover backsplash material in our powder room. If you are "worried about the kids" and the water damage than I would say you should put a backsplash there too. Maybe you will have leftover tiles, like we did. It was just enough material and it was great to be able to use it up and not waste it!


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Back again..

I just looked at your other thread to see your layout. I don't think it would look terrible to NOT put a backsplash near the angled cabinet and fridge, however, I don't understand why you wouldn't. Is it to cut costs? I wouldn't think that small area would be very costly to tile while you were tiling everywhere else.

If it were my kitchen I would tile there as well.

It looks like you are going to have a really nice functional kitchen!
Good Luck!


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Thanks, KA! I like your powder room. I couldn't visualize the tile in the powder room, but your picture looks like it works well.

The question about the angled cabinet area isn't about cost. Just that it is a small area that won't be used for cooking and won't really be exposed to water. I guess I was just trying to figure out if it would look right to put a small tile backsplash there, or if I should just stick with paint there.

Can you tell me what tile and granite you used? Your color scheme is similar to ours. I am looking at New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia, or maybe Giallo Ornamental. Do you have any kitchen pics up on GW?

We are DIYing this remodel, and after all the decisions on layout, cabinets, etc., I am finding the "little" things like lighting, sinks, and backsplashes require just as much work as the big layout decisions! I don't want to make a mistake with tile. In so many ways, it would be easier to take the 4" granite backsplash, but we don't want to have any big regrets...

Thanks again!

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Did you order these cabinets already? Personally, I would do another pantry cabinet in place of the angled cabinet. I think you'll need more storage than you'll need a small counter space devoted to one function--a coffee pot. It's far from a water source and the base cab is probably going to be used for trash. Think of all the things you could store in a pantry with pull-out shelves instead.

I think that diagonal upper near the sink is also going to feel oppressive. I have a small U-shaped natural cherry kitchen with a 40 inch wide peninsula. I put a lot of thought into the feel of all that wood cabinetry and peninsula counter space in a small kitchen. So keep your lines clean and unfussy. Go with the lightest color for your countertop.

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The cabinet to the right of the refrigerator (as you face the fridge) is actually a full 15" pantry with roll-out shelves/drawers from Ikea. We also have a small closet pantry off one of the adjacent hallways.

We did actually think about a pantry there, but ended up moving it to the right of the fridge. The angled cabinet came from my desire to "fill up" the wall space to the left of the fridge as much as possible. We went with the angled because it maintains a 36" width of access space into the kitchen (for safety and accessibility). I hope that I explained that well--does it make sense?

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May Flowers, is there a picture of your U-shaped kitchen somewhere? What would you recommend in place of the upper corner cabinet? Just regular wall cabinets?

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Yes, I would do just regular 12 inch wall cabinets and keep it nice and clean. I didn't want the big overhead box shadowing my corner counter space, and I didn't want a hinged door with an easy reach cabinet. I know most people prefer the easy reach, but it would take away from my cabinet on the wall near my fridge. I chose a blind corner cabinet with a 12 inch door. Small, but it's useful enough for paper towels, cat food, and glassware I seldom use.

I would enclose the entire fridge wall in pantry for a more custom and modern look. You didn't get much feedback from your old thread, so maybe you should repost if you haven't bought cabs yet.

This is the best photo I have of the entire kitchen. I hope you can see the corner well enough.

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hi again emcsq...

Since cost is not a factor then if I were you I would tile there as well. Although you say it isn't a major splash area, it is right next to the fridge...Wouldn't that be a place where one might pour a glass of juice or milk? I would think so...In my house it isn't uncommon for some knocking over of glasses while pouring or some sloshing of pitchers of liquids...etc...

Here is a picture of my kitchen...The granite is Delicatus White (aka Alaska) and the backsplash is Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble..

If you click on the picture you will get to see more pictures of my kitchen in my photobucket album.


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Your kitchen is beautiful! We decided to replace the angled cab to the left of the fridge with another 15" pantry with pull outs. So, no counter three and backsplash problem is solved! I will try to update the sketch up files in the next day or so. Thanks!

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kitchenaddict - this is totally OT, but can you tell me where you found your kitchen towel holder? It's pretty much what I have in mind for ours, but I haven't found one yet.

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hi andreak...

They are hard to find these days...Got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond quite a few years ago and haven't found one like it since. Saw something like it online once...


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