Any suggestions on storing pots and pans in upper cabinets?

tshermanDecember 29, 2008

I am finalizing my layout and have made most of my lower cabinets drawers (never would've thought of it but I'm so excited about it - thanks gardenwebbers!) In reviewing my plan I realize I'm so drawer happy I've got over stuffed bottoms and I'm empty on top (I'm talking about my cabinets - although the Christmas cookies have taken their toll!) Anyway, I'm wondering if it's better to try and stash my pots and pans in the upper cabinets. I know Loves's2cook4six has a really cool hanging pot rack (and a really cool kitchen!) but her cabinets are custom, and I'm not. It is my inspiration though. Does anyone else have a hanging pot rack in their cabinets? If so, where did you get it - through your cabinet manufacturer, after market, or home made? I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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I thought loves2cook4six's pot rack was so great that I shamelessly copied it. The only kind of cabinet you have to have is one that will fit the 36" rack. Mine is a corner cabinet with a 26" opening so the rack extends into the blind space. That would be a problem if I had more pans, but the ones I use regularly are easily accessible, and there are a few that I hardly use that hang in the blind space.

You can get it at the Container Store. It is designed to hang from the ceiling, but mine is just attached to a shelf.

I keep my dutch oven and stockpot in a drawer under the cooktop. I haven't used my pans since we moved in because I have an induction cooktop that was broken during installation and the replacement hasn't arrived yet.

I have lots of drawers, too, which are being fully used. The top halves of my wall cabinets are almost all empty because I can't reach all that way without a ladder and I don't have enough stuff to put up there anyway.

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Sally - thank you! I don't have the final dimensions of my cabinets, but 36" sounds large for my small space. Since you've seen it up close and personal, do you think it would be possible to trim the CS's "ceiling mounted pot rack" to what ever width we can fit? Is it just a wooded bar with the track in the middle for the pot hooks, or is there a metal track? I'd much rather have my plates in the bottom drawer and the pots hanging above... and this would be a great solution.

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It's a low-tech solution, but I currently store my saucepans on one shelf of a 30" upper cabinet. (I have dishes on the bottom two shelves and had the top shelf empty, so thought about what often-used item(s) I could store there. I just put the pans on the shelf, side by side, with their tops on. I can store five small saucepans this way.

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That rack is so COOL! Love it! Very clever

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I don't think the track is metal. Here are some close-ups:

The only problem you might have with cutting it are the metal pieces on each end that hold it the correct distance apart. I looked at it carefully, but I just can't tell if it is something that could be taken apart and put back together. The rack is very simple, though, and maybe you could attach the two pieces of wood with the hooks between them directly to the underside of the shelf WITHOUT the metal pieces. You could even just install some hooks alone there if you don't care about sliding them back and forth. If you have a big enough cabinet and don't have too many hooks I think that would work fine.

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Mine was trimmed by the cabinet maker to fit a 30" cabinet. I have 8 hooks as we turned the two used for actually hanging the rack so they could hold pots. Sally probably added the two optional hooks for 10.

Here is a link that might be useful: Container Store Pot rack

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A quick installation question: Are these just screwed to the shelf above them or is there more to it than that?

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And this is what it looks like now as dh made some lid storage that fits on the RHS under the smaller pots.

I also wanted to mention that the cabinet maker cut off the end and then re-drilled the holes for the metal brackets. The actual pot rack is bolted to the shelf above and can be adjusted up or down by moving the shelf pins and thus the whole shelf.

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Homepro mine are bolted to the shelf and really tightly at that too. The result is that I can't move the hooks so had to make sure they were where I wanted them. Adjusting them is a PITA butI did it once and now all is good.

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Thanks Loves2cook4six!

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I love the ingenuity on this forum--these are great!

I had a pot rack above my sink in my old kitchen and have been lamenting its demise. I will definately see if this can be done in my new kitchen!

tsherman: I googled pot racks and came up with a smaller bar. There are several kinds on this website (never have used anyone of these)

Here is a link that might be useful: 20 inch long pot rack

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Thanks sally123, loves2cook4six and kandt! The pictures are really helpful and make me confident we can make this work in our space. I am so excited about the idea of getting my pots stored neatly next to the range out of the way! Thanks again!

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