Knife storage- do in drawer inserts dull knives

basilnoDecember 23, 2013

We're in the process of redoing our kitchen. We definitely want to get rid of the knife block (on counter). We like the idea of an in drawer solution (out of sight and easy to lock out the toddler) but worry that most of them store knives upright. Does that dull them faster??? Anyone put a magnetic strip in a drawer?

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It shouldn't: they rest on the edge in an angled knife block, too.

Putting knives in the dishwasher is the fastest way to dull them.

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I don't know about dulling speed, but we love, love, love our knife drawer. It's one of the favorite things in our new kitchen, for both me and DH. One of my new kitchen goals was to get stuff off the counters, and we had 2 knife blocks. The drawer certainly solved the problem, and is convenient too.

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I have read that the knife blocks that allow one to store knives on their sides are better for blades, the reasoning being that there is less pressure on the cutting edge. Whatever mode of storage places the least amount of pressure on the blades is the best. I store my good ones in sheathes on their sides, and then remove the sheathes and lay the knives on the cutting board before prep. It's an extra step, but I try to preserve the sharpness as carefully as possible. It also discourages the careless users from helping themselves to those particular knives. I do also have an in-drawer knife holder, though, and admit that it is convenient.

Here is a link that might be useful: One of a million forum discussions

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Our current block stores them sideways- but it definitely needs to go. We never put knives in the dishwasher, and don't want to have to sharpen them more often.

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I've decided I don't care if it dulls them slightly, the convenience is worth it!

But to the person who said a regular knife block has the same problem, not necessarily: we put knives in it blade-up.

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If you are worried about dulling the edge, store them blade side up in the drawer insert. The blade is below the level of the wood anyway for most, if not all, of the knives.

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What dulls a knife is using it against a hard surface. Always use a cutting board when using a knife, don't put them in the dishwasher and don't let them bang against anything. They should stay sharp for home use with just an occasional use of a steel.

If the cutting edge rests against wood or plastic, it should be fine in a drawer. It's not sitting there that dulls it. It's banging on metal or a china plate or something like that (and of course, using it).

For my slicing knife, I wrap the blade in a towel and put it in the front of the drawer. There are also knife shields that you can get at the restaurant supply. I have one called edgeguard. You just slip your knife in it, and it protects the edge. (I'm a chef, so keeping sharp knives is important to me.)


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Thanks- I hadn't thought of it that way- but it makes sense- the damage from sliding it into the block should be minor compared with the damage from the multiple strokes for whatever the knife was taken out to do.

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