Kitchen design advice please!

livingreen2013December 5, 2012

Hi all! Here is our current and latest kitchen design. I'm curious to hear opinions about the finishes. Specificially, beadboard or no, "x" design in upper glass cabinets or no? Thank you so much for your designer eyes! :)

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I like the beadboard, and you seem to have "just enough" of it. I think this line drawing makes it "stand out" -- it's more subtle in real life.

I'm not loving the Xes on the upper cabinets. Between the beadboard and the ceiling beams, I think the Xes are just the one step "too much". I'd choose plain glass.

I'd definitely use a nice colorful, fluffy curtain on each of these three windows -- don't go bare, as seems to be popular these days. You have lots of hard space here, and that'll add a bit of softness.

Also, I'd keep the backsplash simple.

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I love the beadboard, not overdone, a nice accent. I do not like the X's on the glass though, too busy with beams and beadboard. I think a plain glass would be prettier. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

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Thanks for the comments! Would you like this look better? Or go just glass?

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Also, here is our currrent color scheme. Countertops in Praa Sands, the green/blue glass as accents, white cabinets, biltmore subway tile around exterior perimeter, and the smaller mosaic as an accent above the range, with darker brown wood floors and beams, and rubbed bronze penant light fixtures...

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Like the others, I prefer the plain glass because I think it ties in with your windows better and because it will allow your other accents to stand out more.

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Thanks again for the feedback! Would you go with a clear glass or a different texture in the glass? Thanks again!

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Any other ideas? Texutred glass vs. clear glass? Are you liking the beams? Thanks in advance :)

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I'd scout around:I believe different beam dimensions are available. What is your ceiling height:I'd go for fewer beams,spaced apart more,and each beam chunkier in dimension than what you have. I don't think the beadboard above fridge works.....keep that door matching the pantry setup to the right of fridge.I'd eliminate the glass uppers on cabinet left of fridge-let that be a tall cab with regular doors for extra storage.Then all the cabs around fridge have similar doors and you can work on the glass at the other far as which glass,etc..I'd go simpler but really it's personal preference. It'll be less busy and less of an issue anyway if the fridge surround doors are cleaner in style and all similar. I'm not sure I'd do dark wood beams,especially with the number and spacing you show- if spaced apart and fewer,then perhaps. I think a medium tone would be as dark as I'd go.Do you think the countersupports on island could be chunkier and put a third one in the middle....the island grabs a lot of "feature" a good way,mind you.

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herbflavor- thank you so much for your thougts! I really appreciate it. I think I agree about the amount of beams and the spacing. I've always liked them feeling chunkier, and the amuont of them is becoming overwhelming to me. I've seen some beautiful homes on Houzz that pull off beams beautifully with much less of them. The ceiling heigh is 10 ft., so we definitely have some room to play with. I'll have to look into farther the wood tone too- good point. I'm also thinking the same about the beadboard above the fridge. I don't know that we necessarily need any focus to be drawn up there. I'll have to look into it all more. Thanks so much again!

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If I read correctly, the beams are going to be stained, not painted?

I think a kitchen with that much detail can be beautiful if it's monochromatic. If there will be a lot of contrasts, then less detail is better.

Your color scheme looks pretty monochromatic, but you've got a lot of texture going on there with the beadboard, tiles, etc.

Which "detail" are you most in love with? Which one could you lose and feel ok?

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I agree with Herbflavor - the beadboard above the fridge is distracting. I would limit the beadboard to the island. I like the X's in upper cabinets. Are you doing panes in your windows? If so, be sure to add the winow panes to your design picture and see if you like how it looks.

How thick will the beams be? I am planning to stain mine, but haven't dared yet. I have fewer beams and they are large and a dominant feature in the room. I think dark beams with a dark floor and white cabinets is a great look.

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Here is the latest rendering- let me know if the "toned down" version works better. Thanks again everyone!

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