Any owners of Danby all-fridge and/or all freezer?

laughablemomentsDecember 4, 2012

Hi All,
I just figured out that Danby makes a 17.7 cu. ft. all fridge that looks pretty nice, and the reviews seem decent overall. Any longer time owners around that have experience with these units?

Here is a link that might be useful: Danby all fridge at H. Depot

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These were in the running for me but the problem was the depth and the side clearance requirements. If that isn't an issue for you, I think for the money they are good little units.

We have mostly danby units where I work, not this exact model however... they've been in at least 5 years now. I don't know of any that have had problems, the interior lighting is good, glass shelves, decent crispers. If they'd have fit I would have seriously considered at least the all fridge.

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Thanks for your input, Deedles, it's encouraging.

Is there something I should know about the side clearance requirements--what are they? I went back and looked at the specs, and didn't see anything about it? Do they need a lot of space to the sides?

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As I remember, the side clearance was wide... like 4". I couldn't afford the space (+ the depth). You have to look for clearances in some of the manuals either on the Danby site or AJ Madison...

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Thanks, Deedles, I've off to do some more digging at the sites you mentioned. : )

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I know that you are looking at the Danby, but I really love the Frigidaire all-frig. We needed counter depth though.

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I had a smaller, all fridge when I was doing my prolonged kitchen renovation. It was fine, especially for a small fridge but it did need a fair amount of air circulation around it according to specs, and would not work closely boxed in very well, because of this, I would think.

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