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okpokesfanDecember 4, 2012

Hello everyone. I am cutting this close because we are almost ready for plumbing roughin but I'm having last minute jitters about my layout. I wondered if you could give me some input.

We are a family of four. I am the primary cook. Width between the fridge and french door refrigerator is 3'6". DH is wanting to move that to 4' which would make the width between my island the cabinet run with the fridge 4'6". I'm thinking that might be a little wide but thought I would ask opinions.

Any other suggestions are welcome but no walls can be moved. Thanks!

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I think that overall you'll benefit far more from having the additional 6" of space in front of the refrigerator than what you lose by having a 4'6" space in front of the rest of that run. I'd go with your DH's plan.

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Would you add a smaller sink by the cooktop?

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Is that a main traffic path past your stove? That possibility worries me a lot.

I don't see a crucial relationship between the sink area and the back wall, so think a wider aisle won't hurt anything.

I can't see the layout of the house and what rooms are in different directions, so that gives me a limited view of the situation... And you are only asking about the aisle width in front of the fridge, but also said you were open to other comments.... So here are some you are free to ignore.

Have you considered the cleanup area where you have the stove? Then a prep sink on the island and the stove on the back wall? That would make the island a fantastic prep space for stove and oven, which it isn't now. It would also protect the stove from traffic. This would make more efficient work paths when fixing a meal, and put clean up and dish storage closer to the eating area.

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Sorry, I don't understand your question.. it's all about moving the island to the right or not? I think 4' between the left cabinet run and island is enough, even though the fridge will stick out farther. I have 4' and wouldn't want more. Remember also that a french door fridge has two smaller doors, so even when open, less of the aisle is blocked.

I hope you don't mind my saying that I don't like the rest of the layout.. your island is a barrier between the range and sink. There's not a good amount of counter space with a water source convenient to the range. It just seems awkward. You take food out of the fridge, prep it next to the sink, then weave around the island to move it across that top aisle to the range? Then you go back across the aisle and around the corner of the island with your hot pot full of boiling water you need to empty in the sink? I also don't know your house's layout, but that top aisle seems like it could be a major traffic thoroughfare in your home, which just makes this setup more dangerous.

I'm not trying to be harsh, just want you to know where I am coming from. It's cheap to move things around on paper, anyway :)

SO, I would put the range on the wall with the fridge, put the cleanup sink & DW where the range wall, and put a prep sink on the island. MW goes between fridge and range, either in a shelf as part of an upper cabinet or a drawer MW below the counter.

For a bit of style, I would put a dish hutch down to the counter or a tall pantry cabinet on the right side of the top wall to balance the tall oven stack, and center the sink between them.

edit: beaten by rhome. :) Must remember to always refresh before posting.

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I agree with you guys, but DH thinks the range needs to go on the current wall because of the view from the family room (how the hood cover looks, etc). I am more interested in how it functions.

I do agree that the cooktop feels funny but had thought about putting a prep sink by the stove. Right now I don't do my prep by my stove so that isn't really as much of a big deal as having water convenient to the stove.

I will get busy looking at the different options. you guys are so helpful!! Thank you!

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I can see now what he's after. Is that doorway to the left of the stove the only entrance from the rest of the house into the dining and family rooms?

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That doorway goes to the mudroom/entrance from garage and laundry. The master, stairs to other bedrooms, office and piano room are off the family room (where I have marked as floor outlet.)

Does that change your opinion? Here is the whole first floor plan.

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So why did you pivot the island? It looks like people shouldn't stream past the stove, but probably come in and turn right. I'd want to leave the island parallel to the stove (with prep sink) and facing the family room... and put clean up on the bottom wall, although that puts it further from the dining area...but a straight shot.

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We did a mockup of that and DH didn't like it because he felt the sink looked like a separate space that was more in the family room than the kichen. I did tend to agree with him. It looked a little strange (I mocked it up in Google Sketchup)

It also reduced my island size. I could only fit an 8 ft island that way and turning it gave me a 10 ft island (which is what I have now).

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