Do cabinets come with doors installed (or hinges)

cathy725December 19, 2012

I apologize if this has been asked before. I searched here and the internet, but couldn't find an answer.

When you order cabinets do they come with the hinges already on the boxes or are the entire hinge and door assemblies put on by the installer.

I ask because when we sat with KD, DH had them switch some doors from left to right open. He is VERY concerned that we make sure all the doors for the cabinets open in the direction we want.

I thought that the installer would put doors on and have them open whichever way is in the design. So how is it done?

Is cabinet door opening direction determined when cabinet is ordered or when it's installed?

Thanks! We don't want a mistake and since we just put the order in we can make changes if needed.

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It depends on the cabinet line. Some cabinet doors are "reversable" and the boxes are drilled on both sides. These are usually the inexpensive lines that may need to be assembled in the field by the installer. Some are not, and must be ordered correctly from the beginning. Most of your mid and upper end lines will be this way. Those that are reversable will have square doors, and will need cover plates to go over the hinge drilling in the opposite side of the box to make it look cosmetically attractive.

That's not to say that if you order a door hinged the wrong way that your installer can't rebore the box and move the hinges to the opposite side if the door is a square one, but it never looks as good as the factory bore for the most part because it can't be done "flat" under a drill press.

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Our Thomasville cabinets came complete - doors and drawers all installed. We took them off while installing. So yes, it's important to get the hinge direction right.

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Thanks! I'll double check!!!

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