Please HELP!!! Angled Power Strips-

chris82December 12, 2012

Can someone tell me the difference in the AP Series vs the TR series angled power strips besides the actual dimensions? I was about to order and now I am confused if I need the bulky TR series.

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Another question I have is do most people run the angled power strip the length of thier cabinets or could I go with a shorter one and center it?

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Not an expert here, but it looks like TR series are Tamper Resistant and according to their site "Tamper-Resistent Receptacles meet 2008 NEC code." So maybe checking with the building inspector to see if he/she requires tamper resistant outlets would be a place to start? Or your contractor if you're using one.

I ran mine the length of my cabinets, but again depending on your own needs for outlets, and/or your ability to meet code minimum distance to outlet from the particular part of the kitchen you're talking about you may be able to go shorter.

Guess this was all a very word way of saying, "It depends...."

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