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annkh_ndDecember 8, 2013

So how happy is everyone with their new kitchen, after using it for a few months (or longer?) What do you like best, and what would you do differently?

I'm thrilled with my new kitchen. My favorite thing seems to be whatever I'm using at the time - the trash/recycle cabinet, the sink, the deep drawers, the super susan, the knife drawer. In 3 months, I still have empty cupboard space - in part because I added extra shelves in many of the upper cabinets.

DH does most of the cooking, and loves the built-in cutting board, which is between the sink and stove. He wishes there was another one between the sink and fridge, for chopping salad ingredients or other things that don't go to the stove.

The kitchen stays much cleaner and tidier than before, because there is a logical place for everything.

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We are approaching our 2nd anniversary with this house, and it's renovation. I appreciate the layout every day. Cleaning is WAY down my list of things I like to do, but at least loading and unloading the DW is easy in this kitchen. I do at least one load per day. I MUST keep the walnut counters wiped up, to prevent damage.

I really like the appliances we chose. They are a contrast to the almost craft-like , handmade quality of the cabinets, and the heavily patina-ed antique table that is my "island".

I wish I could get a few details finished up. I still need the lights installed over the table, and the trim strip under the cabinets installed. Plus the caulk is seperating on the ceiling, and needs to be reworked. My cabinet maker went out of business, so these details are up to me.


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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

"My favorite thing seems to be whatever I'm using at the time - "

Three years down the road, I am still in love with my new kitchen. Of course there are things in hindsight I would do differently but compared to what I had......WOW!! This one rocks! I smile every day when I even think about it. And to have everything in that room instead of the garage and basement is just too wonderful. I am thinking about rearranging a couple of cabinet contents and switching drawer contents around. I have to think it through before I start. I was still working when I did my remodel but I'm retired now. Mine was the most low end remodel on here at the time. No granite, no stainless steel appliances, no tile backsplash, kept my vinyl floor, and kept the basic floor plan. Got rid of the peninsula, oh happy day! Big single bowl sink that all the roasting pans and cookie sheets will fit into easily. Big box cabinets are all of one piece and I don't have to crawl on my hands and knees to get anything out of them.

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I think I have postpartum depression. Wife loves it, I get complements left and right, but all I see is where I wasted money, where I should have spent more money, and where the contractor wasn't as good as he seemed to think he was.

Fortunately, in the back of my mind I know this was a trial run. Within the next year or two someone will hopefully buy the house in part because they think the kitchen is great, and then I'll move on to create my real dream.

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Although I was quite happy with my kitchen's last incarnation, it was due for a 25+ year makeover and freshen up, more than likely the last one for us.

"My favorite thing seems to be whatever I'm using at the time"... so true for me too, but if I had to do a top five short list, here it is:

  1. Bluestar Range - WOW! what more can I say?
    2. Soapstone counters - why didn't I know about these thirty years ago?
    3. Silgranite single bowl sink - after a life with double bowl cast iron and stainless - another WOW!
    4. Replaced pull outs with drawers. I realized not long after I installed pull outs in '86, that opening doors to then open drawers was double work, should have changed those long ago.
  2. Liebherr refrigerator - love it! ...although I must say the 1981 built in Amana it replaced, was still running strong, and almost sad to retire it, and I honestly can't tell if food stays any fresher with all this fancy new hi tech...
    Runner up - removed a pair of doors from our everyday dishes much simpler than opening doors all the time, and we like the way it looks too!

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