Deguilio for Kohler - sink reviews?

ItsMeDebieDecember 24, 2012

I'm in the process of planning a new build and have fallen in love with the 43" wide Kallista Deguilio prep/work station for my sink. I just don't seem to be finding any reviews on this sink, and before I drop $3K I'm going to want to hear some experienced opinions! Has anyone used this sink or seen it in action? (Yes, I have searched here, but perhaps I'm not using the right key terms)

I have another question too, relating to that. The sink is 43", and I was planning on a 10' island so that I don't have to have a seam in the granite. However, a 12" island would be preferred with this size sink to allow for adequate work space. But, a 12" granite span requires a seam. Ugh. Or not? I just can't picture a seamed island for some reason.

Thanks in advance for input!

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Ack! No one has heard of or used these sinks?

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No experience, sorry. I did take a look though and it is lovely, truly lust-worthy. It is a lot of countertop real estate however. Do you have it to spare? Will you use this sink for prep and cleanup? I would love this sink as my clean up sink, but I don't really enjoy prepping at the sink, much prefer to rinse at the sink then move to the island counter to prep. Also, are you good with the sharp corners, I think they are called 0 radius?

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I'm going to drop it into a 12' island, so I do have the real estate available. However, I'm really interested in reducing the island size to 10', so that I can avoid seaming the granite.

I don't have a problem with 0 radius.

It is lust-worthy, isn't it? I'm in love

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I have seen and kicked thentires of the sink and also spoken to Mick de Giulio about it. To me, it is the ultimate, best designed sink on the market. The quality and detailing and consideration of function are unmatched. The drain placement, pitch that makes it drain perfectly, the use maximized by the sliding elements that do double duty. Its huge and deep, perfect IMO. He worked on refining it for several years. I don't have the real estate for it but if I did I wouldn't think twice. BTW it's manufactured by Kallista, Kohler's premium brand. It is expensive but I would rather spend on that and great tile than other things. It requires a sprayer. Go for it!!! and please post pix.

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It looks fabulous, give it a try! How deep is your island? Sinks are usually the easiest places to hide seams in a counter.

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I am also considering this sink for a new build kitchen island. I found the 33" version in a store so was able to look it over pretty thoroughly. It is beautiful. The finish (to me) has a soft matte look, and the sink looks... graceful? I don't care for stainless sinks, yet the 45" version of this sink is now on my short list of 2. The other sink on my short list is the Blanco Silgranit Super Single which is what I have (and like) in my current kitchen.
I'm wondering if the ledges on the De Guilio sink would be difficult to keep clean? I will be using this sink for prep and for cleanup.

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Sorry, I lost track of this posting, my apologies for taking so long to get back to it.
Chris, my island is 12 x 5, I believe. One side of the island will have banquette seating, each end of the island will have placement for three chairs.

Rococogirl - how cool that you've spoken to Mick!

Ott2 - I have not had a chance to see the 33" version. I saw the full size at the Merch Mart in Chicago and instantly fell in love. I will happily skimp on something else in order to get this sink. I am a rather dedicated cook, happily spend days fiddling in the kitchen. Plus I'm a rather anal neat nik. I think this sink would make my life so much easier as far as prep is concerned.

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Here is Roc's take of Mick's House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year. If you scroll to the bottom, there is a link to an video interview of Mick:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen of the Year

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it is amazing but VERY expensive so perhaps there aren't a lot of reviews because during the budgeting process most people have to scale back here and there along the way and the sink is one area to do that.

I had also looked at early in the design process and didn't have the real estate or the budget. Wish I did though as I would go for it in a heartbeat

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Thanks, Allison. I'll check out your link.

Mamadadpaige - I know. It's very pricey. I hate to drop the dough if no one has first hand experience with it.

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