Just posted a layout on the Gallery page

subonimDecember 19, 2013

Just made a post on the Gallery page with images looking for input on our new kitchen design.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Post

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This is a better place to post a layout. The gallery page is more for completed projects, or discussions about a popular topic, like pantries.

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Fair enough, I'll post here as well.

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Image 2

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View from the great room

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Looking from fridge to oven wall

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Looking from ovens to fridge wall

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Looking from ovens to fridge wall

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Rangetop toward sink/breakfast nook/out to great room

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Hi! Is this new construction or a remodel? With all those big windows in the dining room, you must have stunning views, and a ton of natural light!

A few things jump out at me. First, where will you keep your dishes? It doesn't seem like there's a lot of space near the dishwasher.

And I'm not fond of the cleanup sink out on the peninsula. You'll have to be pretty diligent about keeping that area cleared off, since you can see it from (I assume) the living room to the right. That big angled corner contains a lot of inefficient space.

Are you planning for seating at the peninsula? Do you need seating, with a table right there?

Where does the door next to the pantry lead?

You have a couple of base cabinets with doors instead of drawers (under the cooktop, and to the left of the ovens). Unless you have a specific need for a base cabinet, you'll find drawers much more useful.

How high are the ceilings? Is there a reason you aren't running the cabinets all the way up?

Where will the trash go? Since your prep and cleanup zones are so far apart, you could use trash in each area.

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How big are the aisles? I like having space to move, which for me means minimum 40" walkways & 46" in front fridge, sink, and other appliances. Lots of folks go smaller and like it, and you may be one of them, but undersized aisles make me really uncomfortable, so I would forego the island if it came with aisles Assuming you keep the island in the middle, do you really need a prep sink? How often do multiple cooks work together in your kitchen? It's very close to the main sink and it takes up a lot of space. If you're willing to forego the prep sink, might you consider a moveable island?

Another issue is I see is the DW - it appears to interfere with the pantry door and there appears to be a relatively long walk to plate storage, which makes unloading more difficult.

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I think the table will be very tight even without bar seating.

Can you leave the top wall empty and move the fridge to the cooktop wall (if windows can be changed)? Maybe something like this. I'm not sure you can have seats with traffic passing and cleanup sink.

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My apologies for taking so long to answer questions. Worked overnight the day I posted and then drove to the mountains where my internet is spotty to say the least.

Thank you all for the input. I'll try to answer everyone's questions in order.

Annkh -
1.) It's new construction, a semi-custom build. Builder had a plan picked out for this lot which is in the very desirable neighborhood where we want to live. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are 20-80 yrs old and new construction is hard to come by. This was a small old home on a large lot. Builder tear down and split lot into two smaller lots.

The initial floor plan was very traditional and compartmentalized, we modified it to try and make it as open as possible which is why we have the sink in the peninsula like we do, the sink now looks out toward the breakfast nook and great room.

2.) Re: dishes, will likely keep them in the cabinets above the DW

3.) Re: visibility of the sink - my wife is a clean freak, regardless of where the sink is it will always be clean. She is the driving force behind wanting to be able to see out into the great room from the sink and is fine with the upkeep.

4.) Seating at the peninsula - maybe. As others mentioned, that is the tightest spot right there. We may make the peninsula less deep to open up the walkway there

5.) Door next to pantry leads into the dining room. There will be a butlers pantry with built in kegorator to the left as you walk out that door and then into the DR

6.) Agree totally on the drawers instead of base cabinets. The actual cabinet design is still in flux, this layout is mostly to finale appliance lay out, aisles, and the overall cabinet space.

7.) 10' ceilings, running cabinets all the way up is cost prohibitive

8.) Pull out trash cans b/w the sink and DW. Thinking about trash in island as well, but thought that a disposal in-sink may be sufficient there


1.) Aisles range from 39-41"
2.) My wife and I often cook together and do a lot of prep. There isn't great counter space by the main sink and then its a far walk to the ovens and range top. I do think we want a prep sink in the island, how large I haven't decided yet.
3.) DW and pantry door will interfere if both open, hopefully this won't be a common occurrence. As mentioned above, dishes to be kept in cabinets above DW.

The table in the drawing is actually wider than what we have in that space, plus we have a bench for the back side that can go right up against the wall. I think we'll have about 8 inches more clearance b/w the peninsula top and the chairs at the breakfast nook table than what the drawing shows.

Thanks all for your input, keep it coming!

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