any reason not to buy the ge cafe double oven gas range?

smaloneyDecember 8, 2012

My ancient gas range died yesterday and I have to get a replacement ordered this weekend. The back story is that my kitchen is pre-remodel, mostly because it's the most problematic space in history and I've spent a year and a half thinking about what can be done about it. Something will be done about it this spring (we're on the East Coast and my husband won't contemplate any major work during cold weather!) While I would have preferred to wait until the remodel to make appliance decisions, a gas leak yesterday (and some other upcoming stuff, including a kid having surgery next week) is now forcing me to make a rapid-fire decision. The kitchen is currently a narrow galley that is also a traffic route from the front of the house to the living and dining rooms. While I hope that I will be able to improve the layout, I'm not sure how possible that will be - we're on a slab and the room is bounded by utilities and load-bearing walls, and every contractor I've had in here just shakes their head and says there aren't a lot of really good options.

So with all that background, can anyone offer quick feedback pro or con on the GE Cafe double oven gas range (CGS990SETSS)? I've been eyeing this for a long time and it would suit my current predicament since it is a freestanding range with a slide-in look. (The ancient range is located next to a wall at the moment, which rules out any "real" slide-ins. The wall and/or the placement will definitely change in the remodel, but that can't happen in the next two weeks.) I'd prefer the least deep 30" range I could find, which looks to be the Bertazzoni, but there was recently a review by someone with a lovely kitchen here that has persuaded me that is not a good alternative. Any other issues with the GE and/or alternatives to consider? I've read a lot of reviews, with mostly pros and some cons, but would love any feedback from the real experts here. I'm going to cross-post on the appliance forum but this one tends to be more active, so I'm hoping for advice in the next few days! Thank you in advance!

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I did a very thorough gas range investigation earlier this year. I cook a lot. I don't do a lot of stir fries, but I do a lot of canning and boiling, bringing back up to a boil is important to me. I also bake my own bread, make my own yogurt and dehydrate my own fruits and veggies.
I considered the Bertazzoni, the GE cafe double oven, the Electrolux and the Bosch. I ruled out the Berta, which I loved, because the oven temp. doesnt go low enough. I ruled out the GE because the big power burner loses a lot of power on the conversion to propane which is what I have. I probably would have gone with the Cafe if not for that. There is something about the double oven though too. In one model, the one with the small oven on the bottom, the bottom oven is only 110 volts and so people don't like the way it cooks, this is not an issue on the version with the small oven on the top.
FWIW I went with the bosch, I love it.

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I did the same thorough research this summer...and I went with the Electrolux Icon. For many of the same reasons...but I fell in love with the Icon's ball-bearing racks. And the fact that it has real knobs...not electronic controls.
(I can't remember why I ruled out the Berta--maybe the open burners? I know I wanted sealed burners.)

Mine is straight gas--not dual fuel. I love it. Heats quickly, evenly, and the Thanksgiving turkey turned out great. And was easy to baste...because of those full extension ball-bearing oven racks!

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I have a different model in the Cafe line...the dual fuel C2S985SETSS. This is the one with the large oven above a shallow baking drawer. It is wonderful! I have propane and the loss of power reported with the propane conversion did concern me. However, the burners still have much greater power than on my old GE Profile range, such that the sizzle continues when I stir fry; and the simmer is low enough to keep a sauce simmering without burning. These were the two demands I had of my stove top -- for grilling, I go outside.
I use the baking drawer for pies (Thanksgiving), cookies and casseroles, and as a warming drawer.
I did consider the model you're looking at. I chose the larger oven to have plenty of room for turkeys and multiple dishes, and it works well for that. I also was not comfortable with opening the oven door down to the floor. But maybe the larger door would get in your way?

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We remodeled our kitchen in 2009 and went with all GE cafe products. We regret it everyday and have separate issues with each of the products.

- The GE cafe 30" stand alone oven with warming drawer - while one of the burners is super powerful, the smallest burner is useless. And every time we use the warming drawer we blow a circuit (not the oven's fault but worth mentioning).
- The over-the-hood microwave....we have replaced it x2. Each time the touch screen panel has gone out because it cannot take the heat from the range.
- The fridge continues to make ice even when the ice maker is full and something inside the fridge makes a loud clicking/banging sound (just one bang) several times throughout the day. It is so loud that it makes us JUMP.
- The dishwasher spills water on to the floor but the seal is good. Frustrating.

We have had GE repairmen out several times and they each have stated that they have never done as many repairs as they have done for the Cafe series.

They are beautiful but I swear I will never purchase appliances from GE again.

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No problems with my GE Cafe all gas range. Using natural gas - no issues with power. We have the small drawer that is fine for what it is. Oven temp even.

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I also have the GE Cafe duel-fuel with the large oven and the shallow baking drawer. I almost got the one you're considering, but decided one large oven was much better than two smaller ones (at least for my household). We love to cook and need to fit a big turkey or roast in once in a while. So far I love my new range! But it is only a few months old so I'll have to let you know down the road (I know, that doesn't help you right now). Good luck!

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We recently purchased the Cafe double oven range, but haven't used it yet (kitchen remodel is scheduled for Feb.) I really wanted a double oven range, I liked the idea of the power burner, we loved the look of the range, and a good friend has been pleased with her Cafe range with warming drawer. Cons were that it got mediocre reviews from Consumer Reports. We also considered the Kitchen Aid and the other GE double oven ranges, but ultimately decided to go with the Cafe. Sorry I don't have firsthand experience with it yet!

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Thanks so much to all of you for your feedback! especially because I have admired each of your kitchens, those of you who are done and have such beautiful end results (@msjee/@cluelessincolorado/@AboutToGetDusty, for example)...I have been locked in truly ridiculous analysis paralysis about the whole kitchen for way too long. So it's excruciating but probably quite healthy to be forced to make an almost overnight decision about a range. I think the smaller oven and the slide-in look but freestanding logistics of the GE Cafe makes this probably the best option for the current narrow space. But I'm glad to hear that it has enough good features that I won't regret it come spring, when it's time to rip out the rest of the kitchen! Thank you, and hopefully this will be the push I needed to just commit to a plan!

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Smaloney, once you start, it's hard to stop ;-) For us, it all started exactly a year ago, with a broken dishwasher and a a barely-working range. "Analysis paralysis" became a fury of planning and activity! Good luck :-)

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I have the exact same kitchen and exact same question about the ge cafe oven. I am so curious how you like it. Please let me know!!

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