Removing stickers from New Dishes... Tricks?

2LittleFishiesDecember 6, 2012

I'll be removing many stickers from dishes, bowls, glasses and am wondering if there any any tricks of the trade other than hot, soapy water and a plastic scraper?

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A warm soak should do most of it. Any residual glue can usually be taken off w rubbing alcohol.

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Oil will help get rid of the residue.

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Goo gone. Rub it in well and remove, then wash the dishes. If the dish can be heated, you can try heating it on the stove or microwave to somewhat melt the sticky glue and try peeling it off. I have even tried pointing a warm hair dryer at the sticker.

Sometimes it leaves a ghost image of the sticker that is very annoying - you can feel it and know there is no sticky residue.. But you can still see the impression of the sticker.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Odorless mineral spirits...a quick rub with that stuff on a paper towel and the glue and residue comes right off....then wash as usual....we use that to remove sticky stuff on many things as it doesn't damage the finish's also good for cleaning spots on olefin or polypropylene carpets.

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I had never heard of this stuff before, and quite frankly I'm surprised that you can just buy it...Naptha. I used it to remove the excess adhesive when we tiled...I was told there is nothing like it for removing stickers too. It's sold at Lowes (HD) right next to the paint thinner, etc.

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Give it a blast with a hair dryer and it will loosen the glue and peel right off. Let your blow dryer rest after a few so it doesn't overheat.

I see lalitha posted this. That's what I get for skimming replies. ;)

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lighter fluid is the same thing that is in liftoff, and works really well to get stickers off.

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I usually use olive oil on the left over residue after washing. It takes a bit of patience and time sometimes but it works. I've tried peanut butter also. Always wash again.

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i.e. a solvent.

I use goo gone, I've used vegetable oil, I've used everything listed here. I've also just stuck 'em in the DW and picked the pieces out of the filter later.

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I always do a warm soak. That can be a pain though when doing a whole new set of dishes!

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I second the blow dryer method. On my own dishes I used a scraper too, the single edged razor tool. Wouldn't do that if they're curved or on the top, though.

For any remaining residue (doesn't usually happen with the blow dryer, but other times), I spray with lemon Pledge and let sit a few minutes and it comes right off.

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OK.. I just got reminded by DD8 that the "sequence" matters as it is best to use the blowdryer to peel off the paper and expose the glue remains when can be gently removed with googone. I also want to note that while you may be tempted to gently scrape.. do not.. sometimes the glue is gone but the gentle scrape marks remain forever.. especially on metal and glass.

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Don't light a match around Naptha. Highly volatile. Used for fuel in camp stoves. Some forms carcinogenic. Paint remover.

Not something I would use on dish or glassware.

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BAKING SODA!!!!!! Seriously - it works wonders. Sprinkle a bit on there and rub - comes right off and it's usually on hand!

Good luck!

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good ideas above.

non-toxic non flammable approach:

1.take whatever cooking oil you have in the house - olive, vegetable, doesn't matter.
2.rub oil on sticker or goo left by sticker
3.use edge of credit card, plastic spoon, or thumb nail to scrape off
4.warm water and dishsoap will remove excess oil

this works with any sticker residue anywhere. the oil incorporates into the sticky stuff and makes it easy to remove with no sticky leftovers.

Goo off and chemicals like that contain solvents that are teratogens (cause birth defects) and/or carcinogens (cause cancers). they are also more expensive.

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Thanks everyone! Great ideas! : )

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goo gone. a tiny bit, rub it around, then put in the dishwasher (which I do anyway with any new eating thing).

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cottonpenny- Put them in the DW with the stickers still on? (after applying goo gone)

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+1 for goo gone, that stuff is amazing. A small amount should take it off with just a little rubbing, then put in the dishwasher after that to clean and sanitize thoroughly before use.

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Elraes Miller

WD40. It works on a ton of things, removing stickers is one of easiest with it. I use it for a lot of things that can't be removed under normal circumstances...markers, pens, car scratches. Easy to wash off afterwards. Not on fabrics though.

This works so well for me in so many situations that I decided to run a search on uses. The website has more than expected. Not associated with them, just years of us.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2000 uses for WD40

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When do we get to see your new dishes?? Enjoy them in the best of health!

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