Replacing Tableware - White Plates

oldbat2beDecember 2, 2012

For everyday meals, we are currently using a mixture of plates from two settings, both of which I dislike. One is chipped (clay base, used way too may years) and the other is simply not to my taste.

I would like to get dinner plates and soup bowls, in some new/different pattern. I like the simplicity of white. So far, the Nantucket Basket pattern is the lead contender.

It's been forever since I've looked at tableware, so I'd appreciate input on your favorite white patterns and sources for buying. Reasonably priced would be a lovely plus :)

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I bought and returned 5 place settings before I decided on the Court set from Crate and Barrel. I also wanted the square because they work as nice serving dishes and dual purpose is great with a small kitchen!

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I plan on getting "winter frost" corelle. Lightweight, durable, reasonably priced.

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I bought the Pottery Barn Emma in a mixture of their yellow and white pieces. The only thing I don't like about them is that the dinner plate is heavier than I wanted. However, after looking and looking I loved the look the most and the yellow ones are a GORGEOUS shade : )

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Bernardaud Louvre. It's a white pattern, but each plate in the set has a different relief pattern around the rim. I would post a photo but I'm not sure how on my phone- I am a longtime lurker who finally joined so I'm still figuring out the forum :).

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Plainer design, but I went with crates of dishes from a restaurant supply store. Cheaper for more dishes than Williams Sonoma and the like. I did this about five years ago and they have held up very well and I have plenty of plates, even for parties now.

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There was a recent posts on this topic and many liked Crate and Barrel or Williams Sonoma.

Now if you want something exquisite and all white - Rosenthal Magic Flute China - The story of magic flute is embossed in the edge and scripted in gold in the back -

These are not your everyday plates but they can go into the dishwasher!

If you decide to go square - make sure your MW rotate - that was another point in the previous post -

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Fishies- I bought the Emma plates over ten years ago in a beautiful yellow but I had an awful times with chipping. Maybe they have a new manufacturer now? You haven't had any issue with them? I would love to get more of them.

Oldbat- I second the votes for crate and barrel. Bought 25 of their white buffet plates for last year's Christmas dinner (wanted a break from washing china) and we loved them so much we use them for everyday. My husband a d mom are notoriously right on things and so far not one chip. Well, except now I've just guaranteed that one of them will break something....

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I have the Corelle "winter frost" and really like them. After years of heavier plates that always chipped or plates that got those light gray lines on them from the dishwasher (even though they said they were dishwasher safe!) from places like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, I am thrilled with these. Bonus is that they are light-weight, stack "flat" so they don't take up a lot of space in the cabinet, and were inexpensive.

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We went out to dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant and they had very nice white plates and bowls. Turned one over--Crate and Barrel. They must be pretty tough for restaurant use.

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Same as cry...only I was lucky to get them at 2 different places that were going out of business. $1 a plate for most. I also got a bunch of rectangle and squares of different sorts. Lots of silverware that is quite heavy and simple pattern and 12 wine glasses and steak knives. So watch for restaurants going out of business and check the supply houses. Best deals. c

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secondhalf- I haven't used them yet. I'm afraid of chipping b/c I've seen mixed reviews but I also spoke to a few people who bought them recently and haven't had an issue. Hoping they are ok! : )

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I'm also a Corelle fan. I have the white Vive Enhancement dishes and plan to buy them again when they wear out. I do have some chips on the underside of the plate edges. They are so easy to load in the dishwasher and to put away. Previously we had Pfalzgraff stoneware which was way too heavy for everyday use IMO.

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Got tired of stoneware chipping and the silverware marks on them. Bought a full set of Mikasa Antique White china off of Craigslist. Tough stuff, doesn't look like it, love it.

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Just lost a detailed post. Drat. Here's the crux of it. If you're smitten by the brilliant white of your Wedgwood choice, I doubt any other manufacturer will please you as much. I have Strawberry and Vine, and none of my other patterns are as white. One relative has many Louvre pieces, chipped and stained, but she has always had funky dishwashers and is not extremely careful. Villeroy and Boch makes a similar pattern, Cellini, which often has price reductions. My V&B Amapola has been my go to pattern for everyday living with a large family, kids' friends, etc., for 30 years and has just begun to show wear, so I trust that manufacturer. V & B has other all white patterns, also.

Cellini (V&B)

Louvre (Bernardaud)

Strawberry and Vine (Wedgwood)

Anmut (V&B)

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sb959 - I like the square plates too, but already have some large and small ones, so think I'll go with round.

debrak_2008, purplepansies, corgimum thanks, I will look more closely at Corelle, am not familiar with.

2LittleFishies - at first glance, the Emma is a match to a mariposa platter I have which I adore (and baby to no little extent). I'll be interested in hearing about durability of the pattern.

texas_cajun - welcome! Really like the pattern.

crl_, trailrunner: I've been looking up restaurant supply stores in the Boston area. Will enjoy making a roadtrip to see what they have.

a2 - ack! Remember, this is the one ogling expensive fridges in her spare time. There will be no magic flutes in my china cupboard. (Neat to see though). Good point about the MW, we have the drawer, so I'm all set.

secondhalf - like the selection online at Crate and Barrel and price is fine but would need to go visit the store in person.

may_flowers: (Were you born in May? I was, it's definitely the best month!) Good for you! I always like knowing what the pattern is (when I like the set) but don't always risk sneaking a peak.

sandra_zone6 - like the Mikasa Antique White. Very classic and simple. Craigslist is a good idea, too.

Just checked my local craigslist and am almost tempted by this Toille de Jouy/Wood & Sons (now down to $100): (OK it's not white but there's white in it :)

kitchendetective - Thanks!! I hadn't seen the Strawberry & Vine before, that is really pretty. Good to know about the Louvre pieces. Like the Anmut too.

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Stick with porcelain and avoid stoneware, or you'll be unhappy again before long when the stoneware, inevitably, chips. Porcelain's much more durable, especially if it has rounded edges.

I'm fond of our heavy, chunky plain white diner-style dishes that came from Williams-Sonoma (made in China) sometime in the 1990s, because the sizes are much more reasonable than most of what's on offer today -- 9.5" dinner plates rather than the 11"+ whoppers. Easier to keep serving portions appropriate, easier to wash and store.

For a bit more dressy look, I've been impressed at the durability and attractiveness of some white Portuguese porcelain plates I got to blend with inherited china. They are the Basket Weave pattern by Vista Alegre, with a slightly scalloped edge and alternating basketweave and smooth panels. Not sure if it's still in production but it's one of the more affordably priced patterns available at Replacements. They have something of the same effect as the Nantucket basketweave, and are brilliant white like Wedgwood.

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We got our V&B Anmut set a few years ago (during a really great sale plus coupons plus 15% off for opening an account at Bloomingdale's. Gotta love great deals and opportunities!).

It is a simple, classic, and elegant set of dishes, and is surprisingly stronger than it's delicate look would imply (apparently bone china is sturdier stuff than one would think). It can easily be dressed up or down . We got the mugs for ours, rather than the cups and saucers. DH and I both love how they look, and how comfortable the handles feel in our hands.

It's a creamier white than some of the other white sets we were considering, so that is something to keep in mind with any set you look at. Compare different sets not only for style, feel, weight, but also shade of white, if that matters to you. I thought I'd prefer a "true" white, but ended up liking the Anmut's "warmth" better.

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hi oldbat...

I love my Ikea Arv Plates. They are very nice quality and the price is spectacular. I use them everyday as well as for special occassions. This picture shows a dessert bowl but they actually have a really nice soup bowl as well. If you click on the link check out the other images of the Arv soup bowls as well as the price.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea plates

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I just replaced ours last week with Mikasa "Stanton" plain white with a "diamond" texture pattern on the edge. The plates sparkle beautifully when you use them. So far as I can tell from internet search, they are only sold at Macy's. They are bone china, dishwasher and microwave safe. Very reasonably priced (have been on sale the last couple of weeks). Only sold in sets of 8 place settings.

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I really like the Nantucket pattern you posted.

YOu may also want to look at Mikasa Italian or French Countryside.

I love the simpleness of white!

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OldBat - I knew you would appreciate it even if not functional for everyday use. My DPs gave me their set and I plan to use it this evening.

On the more functional level - I have a set of Villeroy and Boch for 17 years. It is porcelain and i don't have any chips in the set. My husband "creased" one 6 inch bowl and I finished off the bowl by dropping it setting up my kitchen - what are the odds of dropping the same bowl that was creased (in reality it was cracked but not all of the way through.

Then when my giant drawer avalanched - well pulled out from the cabinet - not one of the V&B pieces was injured! Wow

Mine is not plain - but wish I went with plain at the time but too expensive to replace especially since totally intact!

Let us know what you decide!

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Haven't read the entire thread--but wanted to say I LOVE my "Aspen" plates from Crate and Barrel.

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I'll be the voice of dissent: Don't overlook stoneware. I've had my Pfaltgraph (off white) for 22 years now, and it's still in great shape. We've broken a small platter and several cereal bowls. One cereal bowl has a chip. Other than that, in spite of the fact it's seen daily use for more than two decades, my stoneware is in great condition.

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Pier 1 porcelain plain white--don't remember the pattern name--was cheap ($4 per dinner plate, as I remember). My recommendation is mixed:
It is a little heavier than the Pillivuyt plates I have.
No chips at all, and my husband rinses them and puts them in the dishwasher. He isn't used to granite counters yet, so that is a high risk activity.
I love the plain white. It mixes well with several other dishes we use.
The plates are showing scratches after about a year of use. (Steak knives!) Only noticeable if you look for them.

I agree with the person who said avoid stoneware and get porcelain. I really like Apilco and Pillivuyt, (from Williams Sonoma and sometimes from BB&B) but they are both relatively pricey. Durable as anything except cast iron, though.

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Thomas for Rosenthal Loft dinnerware is beautiful. It is white porcelain with concentric circles that are very subtle. The pattern is very elegant but it can be used for everyday as well, and is microwave safe. Check it out at Bloomingdales. It is not terribly expensive if you can get it on sale.

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I bought these as soon as we were done with the remodel. I like them because they are sturdy and durable. I might note that when I first put them in the dishwasher I panicked because I didn't think the dinner plate fit because of the lip, but I made it work and it hasn't been a problem. I like that it has a small lip because it is great for pasta as well.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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One potential problem with the Nantucket Basket pattern is that it can get dirty and hard to clean those dimpled areas in the outer rim.

I'd try to get bone china plates- they're thinner but also stronger and more durable.

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I bought Villeroy & Boch's Naif Christmas years ago when DH and I were able to collect it form an outlet store. I loved looking at the other bone china patterns and decided then that I wanted to someday replace my everyday pattern with bone china. A year or so ago, I finally got the Hotel Collection from Macy's. It has a wonderful feel to it. It is light, yet very strong and very versatile. They make a large variety of pieces in round and square shapes so you can get the size and style bowls and cups you like best and do round, square or mix and match. Don't buy it unless it is on sale, because it soon will be. I bought it on sale and opened a new account -- got an additional 20% off.

Macy's also has their Cellar porcelain china as well as a Martha Stewart pattern (maybe more than one) in all white and a number of the name brands. Lenox's Tin Can Alley and the companion pattern are nice -- I've bought those for wedding presents.

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For everyday dishes, I use Alaska dinnerware from Bryan China Company.

They are restaurant quality and can go from freezer to microwave without any issue and hold up to very hard, clumsy, teenage boy use.

Reasonably priced (I buy pieces by the case).


Here is a link that might be useful: Bryan china

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I was using Mikasa Bone White China, "Sophisticate" until I saw the plain white, thin, lightweight, strong, Corelle. Using Corelle ever since. I love it.

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I replaced all of my stoneware last year with Crate and Barrel's Aspen. This year I decided to buy a few extra plates and use them for the big Thanksgiving dinner as well, and am selling my "good" stoneware. (It also was white, but had Terra Cotta on the outside) So far the Aspen is holding up beautifully, and look nice on the table. I'm happy.


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My everyday dinnerware is the Wedgwood Nantucket Basket. It's very tough (I have never had anything crack, chip or break in over 10 years) microwavable, DW-safe and gorgeous (IMNSHO ;)). You can find it anywhere from Belk's to at reasonable prices (especially this time of year, during department store sales).

Good luck, I like your style!

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OB2B, let me first say that I love you (your generosity and encouragement to all!) and I love your kitchen. I know you're looking for white, but Noritake Colorwave appears pretty white on the eating surface - the underside is any of a multitude of colors. The image below shows Chocolate, in deference to your beautiful backsplash, and while it is Stoneware, it's reasonably light and fine textured but tough as nails. I have it in Blue and it's fantastic stuff. There are absolutely no embellishments on this plate but color, which you've already said you don't want. But it comes in white too. And with a rim if you want it. It's a little more contemporary than any of the other suggestions. Be sure to let us know what you pick!

Here is a link that might be useful: Colorwave

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Decision made and order just placed! Thanks all, this was enormously helpful to me.
Bellsmom - I'm so glad you posted. I really enjoyed looking at the Pillyvut (I have some bakeware pieces of theirs but didn't know the brand), was very much tempted by the Apilco Eclectique but ended up selecting the Apilco Beaded Hemstitch pattern. (20% off coupon at W-S and free shipping helped).

ellabee - I liked the Basket Weave pattern by Vista Alegre too. Good point about the plate size and serving portions. I feel one can fit more on square plates so this was another reason I opted for round.

cat_mom - V-B Anmut was definitely in the running, very classic and simple.

kitchenaddict - thanks for the picture, 18 pieces for 39.99? Bargain of the century!

a2-I still can't believe nothing broke, wow! Lucky you with the magic flute plates, don't store those in the big drawer, please!! PS - did I miss your reveal or are you still planning it??

mrspete - I had Herend Village Pottery and it is chipped almost beyond recognition. I will be THRILLED to pitch the pieces I have left over :) (Always good to hear the other point of view though!)

eam44 - thanks for the kind words, always like seeing what you come up with too! I liked seeing the chocolate (sigh, My Brown Kitchen, such a thrilling title).

brandy5, gsciencechick, mjsee, nycbluedevil, annsch, marvelousmarvin, lascatx, doc8404, westsider40, cj47, hsw_sc - thank you ALL! I really enjoyed looking up your lovely suggestions. (Hope I didn't miss anyone)

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Just lovely!

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Very nice decision. I love my white plates, had someone over for dinner, in the dark and mysterious dining room...she asked what my china was. Hah, I told her they were my everyday dishes. I love that white can be dressed up or down.

BUT this reminds me...I have to bring up all the Christmas dishes from the basement! I thought I was done decorating. Oh well.

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I love your plates! Enjoy!

I never thought I would like white dishes. I had Pfaltzgraff for many, mnay years. The silverware marks drove me crazy. When I replaced with the white Mikasa china, I was surprised how much I truly enjoy the plain white. I use mine for everyday. They can be dressed up for more formal occassions so I don't have to pull out my good stuff.

I hope you enjoy your white set as much as I do - they are beautiful!

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Ohhh, I love the Apilco that you picked. Beautiful!

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I love your choice. Please post how the plates feel when you get them. How heavy/ light are they. They look really classy. DH loves the lightness of correlle but I really want to get something else porcelain :)

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Those are very pretty. I like the detail (even though I went absolutely plain -- probably due to the ones with the dot that I'd been disappointed in). Enjoy them.

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I love those! Those were actually amoung my first choices, but when I thought of getting a place setting for 20 and using them for both 'everyday' and 'special occasion', I backed out of it due to the cost. So pretty! I hope you enjoy them.


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Congrats on the lovely decision. Do report back on how the Apilco wears. I was going to add this pattern to the list of possibilities. I think that I will do so, even though you've made your decision, because other readers may be in search of versatile white china patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedgwood Intaglio

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Who knew there would be so many stylish choices in white? I swear when I got married there weren't near this many to choose from and they were all very clunky and just not that attractive! I'll be bookmarking this for the future...our wedding dishes (14 years old) just won't give it up. Sigh.

Thanks for posting kitchen detective - I love that pattern.

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I have a rather ignorant question to ask --> What is the difference between usability and dishwasher cleanability of Porcelain, fine Bone China and Glass like Corelle?

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