undertone ad !! stupid in the extreme !!!

trailrunnerbikerDecember 20, 2012

STOP!!!!! I have a Mac and NEVER have a problem with ads. But this is AWFUL !!! Stop it NOW!!! c

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For those of us running Adblock, what are you talking about?

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There is an ad that out of the blue pops up and covers the entire screen. Not just the little annoying ones that pop up when you accidentally are over a key word with your cursor. Seriously, just comes out of nowhere and poof, GW disappears.

Hate this.

It is annoying. Feeling your pain trail.

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I hope these companies realize how much dislike these advertising tactics earns them. Wait, dislike is much too mild of a word; derision, scorn, loathing, contempt, these words are more accurate.

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"STOP!!!!! I have a Mac and NEVER have a problem with ads. But this is AWFUL !!! Stop it NOW!!"

OH I AM SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED THIS. I thought I was clicking on an ad by mistake when it first happened. and happened. and happened.

Agreed. Get rid of it.

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On the one hand, ads are what financially fund (support) this site, keeping it free for all of us. Keeping it free makes it available for sharing and use by so many more people, resulting in a larger vault of knowledge. Just sayin' ... And for the record, I hate ads, too, but I understand why they exist.

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Adblock person here.

I cannot get over the fact that iVillage keeps permitting these ads, as though we won't notice, or we'll be so thrilled that we'll click thru and they'll earn millions of pennies for millions of click thrus.

Why not at least let us view and use our content, so those who do enjoy the (free) content will stay?
Spike used to run this on donations for a long time. I'd be willing to return to that...
But I know that's never popular.

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I wrote GW and got an immediate response and the ad was GONE as fast as that. Thank you GW !

cavimum...agreed....but look to the right...komen cure ad is small and yet still there if I want to read it...not forced on me. I can choose or not. I don't need to be beaten over the head with ads. Subtle is better.

Perhaps you aren't old enough to remember the subliminal ads in movie theaters. The hid Coke and popcorn ads so you never knew what you were seeing but then you had a craving for that particular food item...very sneaky. Of course they were out-lawed. So now we get "in your face ads ". Give me subtle any day :) c

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yes trail runner you are correct. We don't need to keep the site free by allowing ads that block the entire screen and look like you have been consumed by a virus-not once- but every time you click to open a thread.

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Thanks for clearing that up. There's a reason I run Adblock. As far as ad revenue goes, I get that. I read several websites pretty much everyday, so when they ask, I kick in my $!5 or so. I even sent Wikipedia a small amount as I check things there at least a couple of times a month. What I can't stand, though, is exactly what you said - ad material that blows up all over content or those horrible blinky things. I used to have to physically cover blinking ads up in order the read the adjacent content.

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There are a lot of products and services on my list to never buy or use BECAUSE of their irritating 'in my face' ADS! There are several on TV these days that instantly turn me off to their products.

I don't understand anyone who is 'smacked' in the face with one of these ads and says 'oh goodie! look at this wonderful product/service. I'd better order it ASAP!'

I go so far as to tell others how irritating the product or service ad is. No one needs MORE intrusion into their life.

I'm not getting whatever ads you are, but whatever the product it'd be at the top of my 'never buy' list. Ads like that turn me off to ANY product by that company.

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