What exactly am I missing ??? UCL

BerlinGirlDecember 15, 2012

Moved from the Lighting forum, appears to be no activity over there in the past week at all except for me...

Help please, I ordered these Kichler Lighting LED fixtures for my under counter lighting...thought I was getting everything, but I didn't. I can't source them locally I've found. (My KD had ordered some others from Lowes that were 1 1/2 inches high that I refused to let the electrician install and returned myself.) So what do I need now?? So I've got six of these and six holes and wiring drilled into my under cabinets now. I want them all connected with dimming capability and hardwired. Help...I am clueless and this is the last thing done in my kitchen remodel and my electrician is waiting to get to work. Thanks!!

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Your electrician doesn't know what's missing?


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No Nancy, he was looking over my shoulder when I ordered these from Amazon, he said it looked good to him. I am thinking now he is just used to installing the old fashioned under cabinet lights and doesn't have experience with these. This area is pretty much the end of the road (literally) and not many options due to living in a fairly rural state, but he was prepaid by my GC so I am doing my best to help this process along. (besides the fact DH and I are working 60+ hours a week at our jobs at this point in our lives where many our age are planning retirements) Even the KD I talked to a number of times about lighting didn't really understand the difference between warm and cool...I've been coming on here for answers...

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I have those same lights in a different color. When I saw the wire cable sticking out from the walls, I wondered how in the heck they lights would be installed without the wires showing and how they would all be connected to one switch since the cabinets were on two different walls.
After the cabinets were in the electrician did drill holes in the back bottom edge of the cabinet and pulled the wire through it. The electricians did provide the metal connectors the are pictured below. It does indicate on the Kichler website that accessories parts are needed for the lights. The metal connectors are the parts needed. Your electrician should have them or they are readily available at a hardware store.
Here is that part

And here is the connector installed

This picture shows how the electrician put the cable through from one cabinet to the next

Here is one of the lights installed. According to the Kichler installation instruction the lights are to be installed at the back of the cabinetry. Most people on this forum say that undercounter lights should be installed towards the front. We followed the manufactures instructions and I am very pleased with the light that the fixtures provide.

So I think any qualified electrician should be able to install you UC lighting correctly and have it work off a single switch. By the way, I decided not to bother with a dimmer and don't think it is really needed. I find the lights are plenty bright but not too bright that I would want them dimmed.
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Do you need a transformer?

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Berlin girl, I just found the receipt for my Kichler UC lights and see that mine are a different model number than your. Mine are # 12056. They have a built in transformer. If yours don't have it built in then you will indeed need a transformer too. But again, any qualified electrician should be able to figure out what is needed. If yours can't, then it's time to find a different electrician

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Thanks so much Badgergal!!! You have been a help! Thanks to davidtay too!!

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According to the info at Lighting Direct, you need a separate power supply and cables to interconnect the lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: More Info

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