Help with coordinating DR light for this pendant?

autumn.4December 16, 2013

I am working on choosing lighting for a new build. Both dh and I like this pendant - we are planning on 3 of them for a 9' island. The kitchen is open to the dining room (and the living room but that will have cans in it an a ceiling fan). Ceiling height is 9' throughout.

I like a lot of different things so I think it would be hard for me to peg it. I don't tend to lean toward contemporary or modern or country. So I guess that leaves transitional/traditional? We are not formal.

Where is the best place to start - trying to find a complementary shade shape? I like drum lighting but have a feeling that doesn't match at all. I have surfed through pages and pages and pages of lighting and I don't feel any further ahead in this process!

Any tips from anyone on finding a cohesive fit? I thought I'd try kitchens before home decorating but if I am in the wrong spot let me know! I appreciate your time and thoughts.

edit: Budget is $150-200 range.

Thank you.


Link to the pendant:
Quoizel Grant Pendant

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i don't know but I think we are doing that pendant too (or maybe the larger size but only 2 of them). I haven't decided on the finish yet, I do love the darker finish also. In my mind I was thinking of some kind of barrel style fixture for the dining room.....not sure if that 'goes' or not.

edit: no that's not the exact pendant but it's close. the smaller size looks more similar than the larger sized pendant does. The one I like is Landmark Chadwick collection. i just realized you also said something about drum style. I would love to hear more about that matching or not.

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illini-ID suggested 3 12" pendants for a 9' island to be sure the task light is enough. These are only 8" but I think they will be okay. We will have cans in the kitchen as well. 12" seems really large to me. I will check the landmark too. :)

I kind of thought the base of this light would match in style but it's for the foyer and not really the same line of sight so I am still stuck for the dining room!:

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Autumn - that is a nice looking pendant, I like it a lot. I have no suggestions for your dining room but I am interested in hearing what the experts say since I am also shopping for island pendants and dining room light. This building a house thing is becoming really difficult for meâ¦. the granite kicked my butt today!

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First, the second pendant you chose in this thread is not going to give you more task lighting than the first because of the diffusing shade. I would think it would offer less if the bottom of your first choice is open. In addition, task lighting will also be affected by how much general lighting you have. Do you have cans? If your island is about 36 s.f., and you need somewhere between 50-100 lumen per square foot for task lighting, you need around 2700 lumen give or take depending on supplemental light. You can achieve 2700 lumen with three, 60-watt bulbs. Some of the new bulbs can give you more lumen. You could get three, 1000-lumen bulbs and be at 3000 lumen. IMO, you're fine with your original pendants. :)

OK... as for the fixtures, I sure hope a drum matches because I'm doing roughly the same thing in my bathroom. I have three fixtures going in:

I do think a drum could work in your dining room if you pick the right one. And, if you LOVE drum lights... you can absolutely make it work. For me, I have black window frames and door handles, so that white drum in nickel ties with the white and nickel of my fixtures but that black stripe and stem piece pulls just a little of my black accents in. And, the fact that it's a flowered shape gives a more retro/old fashioned feel. For me, it works. :)

So, now I'm going to give my .02 about finishes and metals. You want things to refer to each other and tie-in but when everything matches "too well", I think you end up with a very manufactured and "showroom" space. Some people like that but for me, I want depth and character. I think that's achieved by mixing metals and finishes and sometimes even styles. I wanted my space to feel like it evolved over time and I didn't just pick a collection and fit the whole house. That said, it can be a balance to get a good fit and not a hodge-podge BUT if you're careful about having elements tie together, I think it works beautifully.

You've been trying to "match" your fixtures which is making your brain hurt. I would suggest looking again at the fixtures that make you swoon and get a top 10. See if when you look at them, do any of them have that vintage feel? If they do, they very well may fit perfectly with your vintage pendant. Maybe there is one you like with the same type of schoolhouse shade but it's in a bronze finish? Do you have black or bronze anywhere else? Would making that fixture bronze or gold make it POP and be the star amongst everything else that's satin nickel? Am I making any sense?

Why don't you link a couple that you've fallen in love with?

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Oh, I just realized that second light is a foyer light that you're trying to match, not the replacement 12" pendant. My bad. :D

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carol-sigh, yes. I'll be struggling with that over Christmas break I am sure! Good luck!

dutty-that's the thing. I haven't fallen in love with ANY dining room lights but I HAVE fallen in love with that pendant and I am thrilled that DH likes it too! :)

I will surf some more and see if I can't find a list - at this rate 10 may be impossible though. ;)

We have pretty much all brushed stainless or nickel going on right now. I haven't chosen cabinet hardware yet.... I am not opposed to ORB, like it but don't know where I'd stick it.

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Yes... you need to find something you love because so much could go with that pendant! How big is your table? Do you like "old fashioned" chandeliers?

I didn't mean ORB for any particular reason, it could be brass, or iron, or glass, or chrome. I just mean, don't let finish stop you from falling in love. If you see something that makes you gasp, "ooohhh, I love that"... don't stop yourself by saying, "oh, it doesn't come in nickel" because everything doesn't have to match. :)

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As yourself, I worked real hard to pick a breakfast area light. While the kitchen is fairly traditional, I picked a a drum chandelier with glass crystals on bottom. The morning light really catches them and the evening dimming draws your attention again.

Here are some from Bellacor Lighting with free shipping (searched drum pendant sale):

Alisa Polished Nickel Four Light Pendant with Shades and Crystals $218.50 + 10% off

Chris and Smith Madison white 3 light pendant-$280.50

Three-Light Pendant -Brushed Nickel With White Marbleized Glass $226.10 + 10% off

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellacor lighting sale:

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dutty can you tell me more about the second fixture/sconce you posted? I love it! I need 4 such sconces for my bathroom so I'm trying to find one like that that's not too expensive.

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dutty-I love your choices - the first wall sconce reminds me of my pendant. Our table is 48" round (wish we were getting a new one as now I prefer rectangle for our new space but that is not going to happen any time soon). So if our dining space is 11x14 I think I need about a 24" fixture - yes? It is open to the kitchen and slightly to the main living space so there is plenty of other light around it as well. I need to get out there in the daylight and snap a few pictures.

sparklingwater-thank you! I like the first and the third but I think dh will think #1 is too formal with the pleats and the crystals. It might be nice to have a little bling though since I am the only girl in the house! I will check your link. :)

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Autumn, I think the suggestion that you look at searches of your lighting perameters on several different sites and pick out what you like, what you instinctively react to, it'll help you make your decisions.
If you open a Pinterest account you can set up a board for lighting, then add the PinIt icon to your tool bar. Then start searching the lighting stores online, and everytime you see something you find interesting Pin It. Even if it's way out there, so long as it fits into your budget and size perameters, Pin It. Then go to your pin board and you'll have all the choices you like in one place. At that point you can start by eliminating the ones that don't appeal upon second glance. The nice thing about the Pinterest is that if you click once you stay in Pinterest, if you click twice it takes you to the original website so you don't need to worry about trying to remember where you found something.
It's easy to go through literally thousands of lighting choices in a couple of hours that way. Ask me how I know, :-)

Then once you narrow it down to a few, if you're not feeling confident you can come here and ask opinions.
I did that too, and ended up changing out my entry light, my powder room light and my kitchen pendants. But I'm really happy with the end result.

Here is a link that might be useful: pinterest

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mlweaving-you have twisted my arm! I have tried to resist 'one more thing' to try to keep up with but that sounds very handy to have it all in one place AND to be able to double-click back to it when I am ready to buy. I have some time off during the Holiday's and I'm going to give it a shot!

So you are set on lighting now? Missing you on the build board. Things still moving along?

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This doesn't help you with your dr light, but I saw this kitchen on Houzz today and thought of you. Notice they're mixing polished nickel, satin nickel, and brass. Also notice the backsplash. I like the overall look, and I think this is what you're working towards. It's interesting too that they used all knobs, and no pulls.

Traditional Kitchen by Las Vegas Building Supplies

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Thank you mlweaving. I have been busy pinning on and off all day today. :) Thank you for the picture-it is very close to what I like. Interesting about the knobs. I am leaning toward all pulls. Hmm.

So what did you use to put all of your pinned lights into one pictures? Just powerpoint and save as an image?

I have a couple I have found - any comments?

I liked this one immediately but hoping it's not too formal looking?

I like this one as well but the reviews are that the shade is more cream than white so I'm not sure about that:

And the pendant:

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illinigirl - Sorry to be so long getting back to your question... hubby's on vacation so we've been tooling around with the kids. :)

That sconce is from Hudson Valley. They have a lot of old retro feeling lighting options. Some options are EXTRAORDINARILY over-priced (my first choice was over $500 for a sconce!!) but this one was more reasonable. And, it's grown on me so I like it even more now than my "first" choice... so nice when that happens!

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I like the first one. It doesn't look formal to me. It's more traditional than than the second one. What is your dining room furniture like?

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Hi romy-thanks for weighing in. To answer your question - 48" round oak table that we hope to refinish and hopefully purchase new chairs to liven it up. It's a bit too country but it's in great shape so I can't justify parting with it. One of those purchases you buy when just starting out and then you look back and go? What style is this? Not mine! LOL!

I actually made a new thread with narrowed down selections that I will link so others will post there instead. Another GWer actually did a few mock ups for me and that has been helpful to actually see it too.

I love your tile by the way, it is so beautiful!

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Break Lighting Vote Anyone?

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