Tall pantry pullout: Hafele or Rev-a-Shelf?

athomesewingDecember 27, 2013

I have read on this forum that Hafele tall pantry pullout was built, "like a tank", so I specified it for one narrow tall pullout pantry cabinet, much like a2gemini's (photo linked below)

The cabinet maker claims "people have had us remove those (Hafele), they are too hard to pull" and that he prefers Rev-a-Shelf, however will put in whichever we specfiy

I am not convinced that Rev-a-Shelf is better. Hafele is rated for 330 pounds capacity, and Rev-a-Shelf considerably less capacity, I think it was 250.

It would be nice if we could see and compare both, or either for that matter.

Can anyone speak to the quality of either brand for this application?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tall Pantry Pullout Example

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Sophie Wheeler

Hafele. Without a doubt.

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Thank You!!!

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We installed Rev-a-Shelf in June 2012. It was back-ordered for several months while they worked out the kinks in their new design. Our custom cabinet company installed it and it wouldn't run straight and smoothly on the track. They had to send it back to the company, and then they built me one. I did like their maple shelves. Hopefully they've improved the design

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Thank you may_flowers, for your input. Hope your custom unit is working well.

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Works great! The Rev-a-Shelf had one centered bottom heavy-duty glide. There were no glides at the top, just two bumpers to keep it from hitting the sides. My custom unit has a pair of Blum glides under the top drawer and bottom drawer, which are fixed into the frame.

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My cabinet guy is having us get Richelieu tall pantry. Have you looked into that brand? I haven't seen much posted about Richelieu, but I got the impression that they were good.

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Hafele is not the brand, they are a distributor or various brands...same a richelieu

The rev-a-shelf version I have used in the past is made by a Italian company called compagnucci

The other manufacturer is a German company called Kessenbohmer

Hafele and Richelieu sell both, Kessenbohmer and compagnucci (labeled as Rev-a-shelf)

My opinion the Kessenbohmer system is much better, and you will obviously have to pay a premium for it...approx twice the price

They can both be a little temperamental, I have noticed that if you don't pull the unit totally out when you open it that the soft close mechanism tends to "lag"...meaning when you go to shut it, it could get hung up

Also another thing I have learned, if the cabinet is installed with leg levelers make sure they put a center support in right below the center mounted slide....took me a few hours to figure that one out!

Good luck!

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I need to look but I think ours is actually kessenbohmer
it doesn't hang up but if i pull hard it can rattle the tall bottles on the top shelf

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It was my understanding that Häfele uses the products made by Kesseböhmer. And Rev-a-Shelf is mostly Compagnucci. General consensus with various cabinetry people we talked with through our EXTREMELY long info-gathering period was that Häfele would beat out a Rev-a-Shelf product just about any day in terms of quality of construction and overall use. But, you typically pay a premium...between the two, usually Häfele is 1/3 to 1/2 again the price of the RaS products.

Looking at the picture of a2g's unit, I would say that's a Häfele/Kesseböhmer unit.

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Thanks ajc71 for letting me know that Richelieu sells both types. I confirmed with my cabinet person what type he was thinking about putting in my kitchen. He also highly recommends Kesseböhmer.

A side question about the pullouts...what width do you recommend? My guy was suggesting a 17", but that seemed really big when I was measuring the boxes in my currently pantry. I was thinking that a 13 or 14" might be better since there will be less rattling. Any thoughts?

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I have the kessy book in front of me and the basket widths are for a 12",16" and 18" box...well that is the min width of the cabinet that each basket will fit in

We have found that the wider (and taller) you go they do get a bit more "wobbly"....I have a pair of 18" X 90" pull-outs in my kitchen and the 14 year old twin boys are forbidden from opening them!

If it is in the budget you certainly can not go wrong with any of the kessy products

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Thanks everyone for the information, I appreciate your time.

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