Where to put a trash can and servo-drive trash cans

NDSADecember 31, 2013

I am trying to figure out where to put a trash can. I thought I wanted it next to the sink (location C in the diagram). But now I am debating if I should move it to location A or B.

I think the advantage to location C is that it is right next to the sink and the clean up area. And fairly close to the prep area.

I think the advantage to location A or B is that a second person clearing the table would be able to scrape the dishes before handing it to the person washing. And then they don't have to walk around the dishwasher. FYI- I did think about moving the dishwasher to the other side of the sink, but then it will block the way to to the dining room which we use a few times a year for parties.

Any thoughts on location?

Also has anyone used a trash can with a solenoid behind it so it could be opened without having to use your hands. I think the feature is called servo-drive. Will it push an almost fully loaded trash can out of the cabinet? Sounds like a great idea when you are prepping meats and don't want to get your dirty hands on the handle to open the trash can. But I am not sure how well it really works.

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We have used servos several times for trash, they are "ok"...the problem that we have run into is they tend to lose adjustment, have had several call backs due to them not working properly and have had one customer wanted it totally disconnected

I think they are more for the smaller "european" sized trash cans and not the double 35L cans that we would typically use...that is just my opinion of course

And remember every time you lean or brush against the front it will open....

As for location, I think C would be my choice..

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I love both of my servo drive (Ikea utrusta) trashcans, one beside the prep sink and the other under the clean-up sink. It was a lot of work and adjustment getting them in, and they aren't as sensitive as they probably could be - but perhaps that is for the best, as they don't open unless we want them to. My contractor didn't really think through the design logistics carefully, it was his first experience with these, and the cabinet guys had a steep learning curve. The cans are smaller than I would've preferred, but I think that is poor design/planning and not a shortcoming of the servo unit which is strong enough to push open the drawer with one recycling and one trash can.

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Another possibility is a foot pedal. Unfortunately most (all?) of them seem to be designed for frameless cabinets so it takes tweaking to make them work in framed.

We're currently in negotiations on this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: One foot pedal option

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I can't say of the functionality of the servo-drive, but we are putting in the Ikea Utrusta with the Rev-a-Shelf doubles (one garbage and one recycle) and we're hoping for the best. :) We're probably at least another few months from it going into action at this point, so I'm afraid that I can't give any first hand accounts.

I think that C is likely to work well, although we wound up putting ours in our island since I anticipate most of my prep work will happen there.

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With two prep zones, I think you could have trash in B and C. C could have a small pull-out for wet prep that doesn't go through the garbage disposal. B would be much more convenient for prepping at the island and for clearing the dining area. Since your family room is on the other side of the table, it would be handy for regular household trash too. You have enough storage that you could devote some under-cabinet space to a second trash pull-out.

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So far I love my servo-drive! We do accidentally open every now and then but we are getting better. Now mind you I've only been in my new kitchen since Thanksgiving so I can't speak to long term reliability of it, but so far so good. The best part of it is when your hands are full or dirty you just bump with your knee and there is the trash can.

If you have room I'd put 2 trash cans in. We put ours next to the prep sink in the island and I really wish I would have had the room to put one in the main sink/dishwasher area also. But there was just not enough room in that area.

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We were thinking about putting in a Rev-a-shelf but our interior designer wondered why we wouldn't just put in a trash compactor? Honestly, I hadn't even thought of that. Has anyone considered a compactor instead? Pros/cons of each?

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aprilh - not many people put in a trash compactor any more. We have one in our basement. Back in the days before recycling, it probably made more sense - crush down the plastics, cans, etc. Now, with things getting separated out for recycling, I think many less people use them.

I don't really see that putting a trash compactor is a logical step from having a concealed garbage container unless you possibly generate a lot of garbage that would benefit from being compacted.

Also, compacted garbage tended to be quite heavy, making it more difficult to move it around when it was time to take it out.

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I have always loved a definition of a trash compactor that I once heard: It takes 50 lbs. of garbage and turns it into 50 lbs. of garbage! We had one years ago and took it out. After the first "compaction" or two, there wasn't much room left at the top for adding new garbage, unless you were constantly compacting it.

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