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chasent77December 8, 2012

Thanks to everyone for great ideas I discovered here during my kitchen remodel. One remaining issue with our cabinets is the dishwasher panel. We have an 18" Bosch and partial overlay cabinets. We received a panel that was exactly the height and width of the DW face (17x26), because our cabinet sales guy said that what the cabinet manufacturer (Diamond) specifies for a Bosch of that model and our type of cabinets. The problem is that if I were to affix it, the dishwasher face would sit exactly flush with the panel, which would be odd on the sides because one could specifically make it out, and further, if you look at the cabinet run, you have other lowers that are 29 or 30", and this one hobbit size cabinet face that is 26". This has been elevated at the kitchen place and the cabinet company, but I am not sure why this is such a big deal and they don't understand what I am saying here. We have another bosch elsewhere where the cabinet face has about an extra inch on all sides, and a few inches on the bottom. Is there something I am (or they are) missing? I've attached a picture (I know the height and placement of the DW needs to be tweaked when the panel is installed).

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Are you sure that dishwasher is installed correctly. It looks like it is sticking out too far. Did the white trim/seal or whatever it is called come with the dishwasher. I have a Bosch 24 inch panel ready and the full overlay cabinets. The panel for my dishwasher was made to exactly fit the face of the dishwasher. My dishwasher has black seal/trim on the sides not white it is barely noticeable. The installation instructions are the same for the 18 or 24 inch panel ready. As you know it should look like this

Perhaps the appliance forum could help with your question

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I think you are saying you want the panel to be slightly wider than the dishwasher door. Is that correct?

If that's what you are saying, you don't want a the wood panel to extend beyond the door size, because you increase the possibility of water damage to the panel.

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Recently did a job with an 18" paneled DW-Many mfgs of 18" wide DW's changed them not long ago so that they don't take a full height panel (now are ADA compliant). Looks like yours is one.

I had tried to configure panels for a Bosch on that job and was unable to get the correct look. When making the panel longer than the DW it would end up hitting the DW The only way around was to add an accessory panel below the door to get the look correct. Client decided on a SS in that case, think it was also a different brand

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Circus Peanut

If that's what you are saying, you don't want a the wood panel to extend beyond the door size, because you increase the possibility of water damage to the panel.

Hmm. My Bosch panel was about an inch bigger than the door on the three top sides (not the bottom so it could swing shut). If we had cut the panel to the same dimensions as the door itself, it would have been far too narrow & short and would not have covered up the dishwasher unit edges. As it was, it was still slightly too narrow but too late to bother changing it.

FWIW we didn't notice any water damage in the 4 years we had it and used it daily.

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badgergal, the dishwasher is intentionally sticking out far so we can use it until the panel is placed on there. It may also need to be adjusted up or down depending on the outcome of the panel. I do want the panel to extend beyond the door sides, though. I guess the goal here is to have the height of the panel match the height of the door on left side.

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We have partial overlay cabinets and the Bosch integra with panel. We made a frame on which the door panel sits...with exposed sides consistent with the rest of the cabinets. The edges are flush with the adjacent cabinets. I will try to post a picture but it keeps coming out upside down...not sure why. Also the dw isn't fully installed yet. Sorry pics are so big!

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